Impressive Pharmacy Personal Statement

Tips on Creating Quality Personal Statement for a Pharmacy School

Impressive Pharmacy Personal Statement

If you decide to get education in the field of pharmacy, you should write a pharmacy personal statement. As such, you should be aware of the main tips on how to write the statement effectively so that it wins attention of the audience. Check out the main guidelines below.

Why It Is Important to Complete a Top-Quality Pharmacy Personal Statement

When one applies for a pharmacy school educational program, members of the admission committee consider his/her GPA, test scores, work experience, and other factors. A perfectly written pharmacy personal statement also plays a central role in future success. This admission paper helps the committee get to know the applicant not only from a professional but also from a personal perspective. Test scores as well as GPA are only numbers that can still be improved, but the personal information shared with the committee helps to have a clear vision of who an applicant is as a person and whether he/ she has enthusiasm towards studying in this field.

Although students spend days and even weeks composing their essays and thinking how to write a pharmacy personal statement, the admission committee members spend about 3-10 minutes reviewing it. For this reason, it is necessary to grab attention of the committee and make impression on them from the very beginning. A winning personal statement boosts your chances to surpass your competitors.

About 50% of applicants do not get accepted into pharmacy programs they have chosen. The majority of them have high entrance examination scores as well as undergraduate GPA. Still, it is important to take into account that grades are not the only thing that plays an essential role in the application process. A big role in the whole picture is granted to recommendations from professors. Well, it is the personal statement that forces the admission committee to decide whether an applicant will enter the school or not. Usually, they want candidates who will succeed in this profession, and that success requires persistence and dedication.

When you are looking for some pharmacy personal statement prompt, you should realize that you need to convey an idea to your audience as to why this profession is your life’s pursuit. This important question has to persuade you to make notes of each reason which arises in your head. Sometimes, people make such decision because of a combination of things, so your personal statement can explain these unique factors. Your essay will provide a stronger effect if you describe numerous factors brightly and clearly, emphasizing certain life experiences that have brought you here. You need to do our best so that the target readers can fully comprehend the factors provided.

What is a Pharmacy Personal Statement?

Pharmacy personal statements belong to the category of academic writing. Specific focus of this paper is on your character and professional traits. When you have to write this essay for academic purposes, consider that many universities provide specific requirements for its structure and format. If there are no guidelines provided, you should follow some general standards when working on your statement. You may mention your educational or professional background and experience. You can state essential reasons why you would like to pursue a career in pharmacy, or why you decide to apply for a specific educational institution. Also, you can specify how you plan to contribute to the profession or the research field. You should also mention whether you have ever had some internship or volunteer work.

When including any information about your strengths or attributes that make you a good professional, you need to focus on how they are relevant to the position. You have to make emphasis on the qualities that make you stand out of the crowd. You should support your qualities with vivid examples from your everyday life or professional activity.

Some of the essential attributes are:

  • ability to maintain focus;
  • integrity and honesty values;
  • personal skills;
  • communication skills;
  • leadership skills;
  • teamwork skills;
  • motivation and result-orientation;
  • empathy;
  • organizational and management skills;
  • dedication to work and diligence.

All these qualities may make you an outstanding candidate for any pharmacy educational program. If you structure your personal statement in a good way, the chosen educational institution will invite you for the next interview stage.

How to Begin

It is important to start looking for a pharmacy personal statement template well in advance. It is advisable to start with the pharmacy personal statement introduction a month or so before the submission deadline. Manage your time wisely since nobody likes to be pressed for time.

There are some questions you should answer before looking for the pharmacy personal statement guide. Answering the questions will help you comprehend your own decisions regarding the chosen career. These questions are the following: Why pharmacy? Why pharmacist but not a medical doctor? What inspires you to get this degree? What experiences forced you to select a career that intends to help other people? What makes you stand out as a candidate? Which qualities do you have that should make the admission committee interested in you?

What Are the Underlying Tips to Consider:

  1. While writing a pharmacy personal statement essay, you need to keep your outstanding attributes in your mind. Specifically, explain to the admission committee how you are different. So, make sure to share some personal facts about yourself.
  2. Think of your former work experiences related to pharmacy practice. If you have not worked in this field, consider some other work experiences that might be relevant, especially when it comes to working with patients and include them into your personal statement. These can also include such qualities as attention to detail, perseverance, care giving, integrity, interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, leadership, and others.

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What to Write

First, enable your target reader get to know who you are. If this involves sharing some personal stories, do not be afraid to provide some. While writing all this, think whether you answer the question “What is a personal statement?” This essay is some kind of your monologue to the admission committee, which means you have to do your best in explaining who you are.

Second, explain why specifically you are applying for this course. This is the part where you have to describe your interests, ambitions, and expectations about the subject. Include discussion on why being a pharmacist is important to you. To write an impressive personal statement, tell the admission committee whether it has been your life-long dream or whether there has been certain experience that forced you towards this path. A lot of pre-pharmacy students do certain activities like volunteering at a pharmacy or working in the local hospital during summer. A good personal statement should contain this information. Do not simplify any former experiences you had.

It is also important to highlight the major reasons why you are suitable for the position you apply. So, describe all relevant skills and strengths that can help you achieve your goals. While writing a personal statement, you can add any paid or volunteer work if it is relevant to pharmacy. In case there are too many of them, it is reasonable to choose the most significant ones and just briefly mention about the others. When you demonstrate that you realize how complicated the chosen path is, the admission committee will know that you are aware of all challenges. By demonstrating your commitment to this profession, you will also be able to prove how rewarding this job might be.

When working on a general personal statement, it is important to include your future goals after the completion of the pharmacy program. If you need to produce an impressive pharmacy school personal statement, indicate where you would like to stay and for how long, what you are going to do first after the graduation, and how you are planning to maintain your passion in pharmacy.

How to Write

If you think you need some personal statement help, the first thing you should do is organize your essay following your plan. In the introductory paragraph of your personal statement, introduce yourself and briefly mention the themes or topics you are going to cover. Make sure to elaborate on each theme clearly and provide a conclusive statement for each of them. Maintain a coherent flow between topics to make your writing more effective. The concluding paragraph has to smoothly connect the entire essay together. If you face difficulties with summarizing the essay, you have included too much information in it. So, you should refocus on a couple of major ideas. If you read a good personal statement example, you will see that it is important not to stray from the topic. Thus, avoid adding fillers and unnecessary information. You should be specific, clear, and direct.

When you look at personal statement tips, most of them highlight that outlining truthful ad reliable information is very important. You are taking full responsibility for every skill you describe in the pharmacy personal statement. Please keep in mind that if you add many irrelevant skills to your personal statement, it may have no effect.

When applicants are writing pharmacy school personal statements, each of them tries to stand out other competitors. You are providing an essay that should help the committee get to know more about you and your skills, goals, and abilities. You can include some personal anecdotes and witty phrases, but be careful with your humor as not every member of the admission committee has the same sense of humor as you do. It is recommended to present information in a witty but intelligent way.

Try to keep your pharmacy personal statement simple.. Writing in a complicated manner can result in a “show-off” impression to the committee. So, read some pharmacy school personal statement examples that are full of enthusiasm and originality. If you write in a similar way, you will see that your personal essay for pharmacy school will come out really engaging.

Some applicants neglect to proofread their personal statements for pharmacy school. Never omit this reviewing stage. And no, five times is not too much. Make sure to read through the essay several times in order to double-check content as well as structure. Ask some of your friends or family members to read your pharmacy school essay and comment on it. You can also ask your English professor or anyone else who is good at writing, to review your personal statement for grammar, spelling, and punctuation flaws. It may sound pretty obvious, but keep in mind that inadequate proofreading can become the reason of failure.

Avoid copying and borrowing others’ works as you may risk your career by doing so. It is always sound to learn some pharmacy essay tips and produce your own unique personal statement.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Pharmacist Personal Statement

If you have no idea how to write a personal statement for pharmacy school, be sure that it would be helpful to rely on some samples that were previously written by writers who are experts in this field. Below you will find the list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to the underlying principles of writing a pharmacist personal statement.

What to Do:

  • Be sure you devote enough time to the pre-writing (preparatory) and writing process. You should manage to gather all the needed information as well as cover the subsequent writing steps.
  • Consider your target audience: specifically, think about your readers when you decide what vocabulary to choose – the text of your statement should be well comprehensible.
  • Pay specific attention to proper sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, as well as the writing tone and style. It is important to double-check this piece of writing before submission because the writing mechanics provides a strong impression on your readers.
  • If you have spotted that you lack some knowledge, skills or practice when it comes to structuring your piece of writing, be sure that you can enroll on some online course and practice more.
  • Pay attention to the structure and development of ideas in your personal essay pharmacy school. Like any other essay type, it should have a proper structure, well-developed paragraphs, and sufficient evidence.
  • All your thoughts and ideas should be presented in a logical and appealing way that keeps the audience interested.
  • Be honest when providing some personal experience examples since deception and insincerity are easy to reveal.
  • Highlight your future goals. When writing a personal statement, it is obligatory to specify what goals you aim to achieve.

What Not to Do:

  • Do not repeat the same ideas throughout paragraphs. Try to be unique and original.
  • Do not exceed the total word count limit. Some students mistakenly claim that they prefer to write more than less. So, neither of these options is preferable.
  • Do not write in a hurry. Manage your time in a proper way.
  • Be clear and specific when you provide arguments as to why you are interested in the profession.
  • Do not use any fillers or additional phrases that provide no informative meaning.
  • Do not make the essay overly emotional.

Your main focus should be on your personality as well as professional identity but not on the profession you are applying for. So, try to make sure your admission committee gets acquainted with you. Identify the core aspects of your application that will also demonstrate that you are worth the position. Specifically, mention the time-management techniques you possess, honesty and sincerity of your actions, as well as relevance to the position.

Keys to Providing an Amazing Pharmacy Personal Statement

  1. Start early enough as it may take much more time than you have previously thought. So, you should distribute your time for preparatory, writing, and editing stages.
  2. Show commitment to the profession. If you have chosen to be a pharmacist, you should demonstrate that you have serious reasons for that. Emphasize that you perfectly realize all possible challenges of the profession and briefly mention how you are going to cope with them.
  3. Provide strong and clear arguments when it comes to justifying your choice of profession.
  4. Mention your background education or former experience that you had. Applicants with some volunteering experience will be more preferred for the position in comparison to those without any experience. All this information will demonstrate that you are a motivated person.
  5. Organize ideas in a logical order (in some cases chronological order is preferable). Your reader should understand the central thread of your narration to be able to get your viewpoint.
  6. Try to catch readers’ attention starting with the opening paragraph. You need to provide some interesting fact that will maintain attention of the readers. You may even start in a creative and unusual manner.
  7. Pay attention to the structure of paragraphs. Specifically, make sure each paragraph starts with a topic sentence, where you provide your main idea. Afterwards, provide examples and illustrations, which should serve as supporting evidence. After that, finish the paragraph with a closing sentence that wraps up the main idea of the information presented.
  8. Use transitions between ideas and paragraphs to pinpoint the connection between them.

One may be in real despair trying to provide an excellent-quality personal statement. When people are searching for help, they turn to online tips found in different sources. In case some people have recommended you to do something that is provided in the list below, they want you to fail:

  1. Provide a list of grades from your transcript. There is no need to mention any information from your transcript as the admission committee has access to such documents. So, they will check the credibility of this information. Instead of focusing on numbers, provide more information about your personality.
  2. Use fillers. Fillers are words and sounds that add no meaning and information to your piece of paper. In oral communication, people may be prone to using fillers but when it comes to academic writing, be sure that fillers simply add up to the necessary word count. Try to avoid unnecessary and irrelevant transitions.
  3. Never mention any accomplishments that are irrelevant to your major or subject area you are interested in. So, if you have some achievements in golf or even in rocket science, these aspects would not add any competence to your main area of expertise. Be as direct and specific as possible. Focus on the skills that come in handy for a pharmacist. Do not make your personal statement overloaded with useless details.
  4. Plagiarize. Never plagiarize because your personal statement will not be positively graded. A personal statement is by no mistake caused «personal» since it requires your personal opinion and reflection on certain matters. Upon personal statement completion, it is recommended to scan the text via anti-plagiarism checker. So, do not risk your academic reputation.
  5. Focus on controversial topics. Do not raise any problematic questions or issues. Some of the topics are offensive and not ethical, so they are not worth discussing. The statement should focus on the applicant’s personality.
  6. Apologize. Some students have a tendency to apologize for potential mistakes within the text. It is not a recommended action. Never do that. Do not draw attention of the committee to any fallacies or drawbacks. Even if you lack some experience, there is no need to mention it.
  7. Discuss money. No, no, and no. Is money the main reason why you are applying for a pharmacy position? If you demonstrate that you are driven by money and have no personal interest in the sphere, you will not be a successful professional and you will not be content with the profession.

Look at our Example Personal Statement for Pharmacy

Draw inspiration for writing your pharmacy personal statement from our examples and learn from other students who have already applied to university. We hope that this Pharmacy Personal Statement sample will be helpful for you in the process of writing your own statement.

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How Can a Degree in Pharmacy Help Me in My Future Career?

If you are going to acquire education in pharmacy, consider that there exist a variety of different career options. Check out some of the opportunities below.

Positions that relate to your pharmacy degree:

  • hospital pharmacist;
  • community pharmacist;
  • researcher in pharmacy.

Adjacent fields where your degree will prove to be useful:

  • higher education lecturer;
  • scientific writer;
  • sales representative in the healthcare sector;
  • clinical research associate;
  • pharmacologist;
  • researcher in life sciences;
  • toxicologist;
  • liaison in medical science;
  • product development scientist;
  • process development scientist;
  • regulatory affairs officer


You are now well aware of various personal statement tips, components, and steps to writing it. So, you should not have any difficulties getting into the desired school. Your personal statement essay enables you to introduce yourself, present your professional and personal traits, and demonstrate your strengths in the pharmacy area. What if you cannot manage this admission essay on your own? In such a case, there is no need to struggle with the assignment alone. Our professional team of writers can help you complete a supreme-quality personal statement. When you ask our expert writers for professional help, you will be able to achieve all your goals with ease. Entrust your complicated assignment to our professionals and impress your admission committee. The pharmacy profession has always been prestigious and honorable, and if you are really committed, you should apply. Good luck!

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