FAQ section contains answers to most popular questions

General Questions

What are the principal responsibilities of your writing agency?

Our major mission lies in fruitful cooperation with every customer. Being divided into several departments responsible for writing, editing, and quality control, we work consentaneously to find the most appropriate experts according to your writing demand. We render around-the-clock support to be ready to answer any inquiries from customers that live in discrepant time zones. Our agents are in charge of creating significant updates on every alteration of the order status. Besides the creative work itself, we provide meticulous editing services and profound plagiarism detection carried out by a multi-functional similarity-checking tool.

What kind of papers can I order from you?

EssaysMasters.com is one of the best custom writing companies offering writing services to students from different parts of the world. Here, at our website, you can order any papers starting from high school level and ending with doctoral papers and dissertations. We are ready to work with orders of any size and complexity, as we have a team of professional writers who know everything about writing. All of our writers hold Bachelor, Master’s and PhD degrees and are specialists in different field. All you have to do is to provide writing instructions and wait until the work is done.

What can I do if a paper should be improved?

We offer our customer free revision option! If you think that the paper is not good enough, send us your comments and revision instructions within 48 hours after deadline expiration, if the paper is less than 20 pages and within 30 days, if it is 20+ pages.

Do I have a chance to ask for a free revision just once?

No, you can ask for an unlimited number of free revisions within a free revision period.

Can you work on my urgent order?

Yes, our company has vast experience in dealing with urgent assignments. We highly recommend you contact our support managers to make sure your paper can be completed.

My online test will last for an hour only. I cannot find such an urgency option on your website. Can you help me?

The successful completion of your test will be possible if there is a writing expert, who will be able to cope with it on time.

Order and Delivery

Can you describe your ordering process?

All you have to do to get your professionally written paper is to visit our website and click the link that will lead you to the order form. Our order form is designed in such a way that it will help you provide all necessary information for order completion. We ask our clients to check their contact information thoroughly. Sometimes, there is a need to contact a customer to ask for some clarifications to deliver only superb papers. For this reason, we need the contact information to be correct and valid.

I have some problems with paying for my order. Can you help me?

We don’t work with the customers’ payments directly. Thus, if you are having any payment issues, you need to try another debit/credit card or another payment system and try to pay for your order once again. If the problem remains, you need to use another device or browser. Feel free to get more details by communicating with our support managers in our Live Chat.

Where can I find my paper?

You can download your paper from your profile. To do this, you will need to go to the My Orders section and select the Files tab. Besides, you will receive a link to your order through e-mail. Click on this link and download your paper without any problems.

I have made a mistake when selecting the urgency for my order. Can I get my paper earlier? What am I supposed to do?

Yes, we can follow your request and provide your paper earlier. However, in accordance with our policies, you will need to pay some little compensation for the urgency change. The amount of compensation will depend on the deadline you need. For example, if you have placed your order with a 3-day urgency but you want to receive it in 24 hours, you will need to pay the price difference between these two urgencies. If you are not sure about the amount of compensation to be placed, feel free to get in touch with our support representatives and they will gladly assist you.

Should I provide my phone number?

Although it is not obligatory to provide your valid personal information, we strongly recommend you to do it as it will significantly facilitate our cooperation.

My tutor has asked me to add one more page to my paper. Can you do it for me?

Yes, you are free to place an additional order. To do this, you will need to click on Additional Order next to your order and submit the order form. The system will redirect you to a regular payment page and your orders will be linked together. Besides, you are free to ask our support managers for assistance and they will help you place an order.

Will you deliver my paper on time?

Yes, timely delivery is one of our primary guarantees. No matter what urgency you choose when submitting your order form, you can be sure that we will stick to it.

The order form is being reloaded multiple times after I click “to proceed with my assignment”.

Double check whether you attached any files with an unacceptable format. Your attachments may be large. If you still have to share some significant and excessive material with your writer, then send the email with those documents to our support agents or to your chosen expert directly.

Where is the final version of my project placed on your website?

You will see your order being conveniently located on our website in your personal account. Find the paper by following the sequence: “My orders” – “Completed orders” – “Order ID”. The finished composition will be attached to the sector “Files”.

Questions About Our Writers

Can I communicate with the assigned writer directly?

The answer is “yes”. We understand how critical it may be for you to contact your writer and provide some additional information or clarify some urgent and important issues. As a result, we give our clients a possibility to send materials and messages directly to the writers.

Is it always easy and fast to find the most suitable writer for every unique order?

We cannot promise that every writer will be found within the exact time frame. Some orders require particular specialists, which may be busy at a certain moment. Still, we work every angle to find the best writer for your requirements promptly. Usually, we need several hours maximum to match a perfect specialist with your order. We guarantee that the found writer will be qualified in your sphere.

I liked the quality of my previous order. I obtained the highest grade for it, so now I want the same person to be my preferred Writer. Do I have to pay extra for such an option?

Yes, projects completed by preferred writers cost 30% more, as we assign only those professionals who are qualified experts in your sphere. You will get an individual creative assistant from the list of our top-rated writers. After your order is fulfilled, it will be checked via a reliable plagiarism detector based on in-depth algorithms of content analysis. If you know who your preferred writer is, it is favorable to order VIP writing help right from the start.

Is the assigned writer responsible for proofreading?

Although every writer rereads the paper he or she wrote, the final version is polished by our editors. Even professionals may not notice some stylistic and contextual drawbacks of their originally written work, and then always need someone to look at the composition from a fresh perspective. Besides, you can order additional VIP services of the advanced proofreading – and your work will be improved by linguistic perfectionists. If your project should embody an advanced level, then it is advisable to include an extra editing service. Choose this option among the available ones, and become one click closer to a meticulously proofread essay.

Do your writers take projects of advanced sophistication?

Our writers are professionals, and they can adapt to average levels of complexity as well as to the highest ones. For instance, there are many experts who work predominantly with Ph.D. projects. Other writers are responsible for business-level assignments. If you have doubts whether we have a suitable expert for you, please elucidate the scope of your work beforehand. You can simply email us with your order-related inquiry.

Pricing and Payment

What about prices? Can I afford ordering papers from you?

We never claim that we offer the cheapest services in the industry. It is caused by a simple fact that we offer high quality services and high quality, as you know, costs money. However, we can confidently state that we offer affordable and competitive prices considering the high level of services we provide. Ordering papers from us, you will get plagiarism free, customized and unique papers that worth only the highest marks. On the other hand, you can always save money and order cheap papers from some other company. In such case, ask yourself if your saved money will help you save your reputation and future career. The deal is that the companies that offer low prices provide their customer with low quality writing. So, think twice before making the biggest mistake in your life.

Why can't I pay for my order?

If you see the “Authorization failed” error on your screen, you need to try using another browser, device, processing company, or card. Alternatively, you may contact the payment processing company directly.

I have already paid for my order but the system is still asking me to pay.

You need to check your e-mail for a receipt and forward it to us. Make sure to check your Trash/Spam folders. If you haven`t received your receipt, you will need to contact your bank and forward your bank statement to our financial department. In case you have neither a receipt nor a bank statement, it means that your payment failed and you need to pay for your order once again using another card/browser/payment processing company, etc.

I have just received a notification regarding my order being refunded. How long should I wait for the compensation?

The usual refund takes about a week to be implemented. In case there are no hindrances on the side of your bank, you may receive your refund in 3 days.

Can I request a discount on my order or discuss an alternative pricing option?

Although our rates are fixed, you can get a discount as a new or a returning client. In special cases, when the work has to be lengthy, you can request your personal discount. Address our Customer Care regarding the possible bonuses. They will calculate the discount based on your activity.

Security and Quality Control

Can you guarantee customer’s satisfaction?

This is a top priority for us! To make it happen we, first of all, hire only professional writers and editors who make ordered papers perfect. Moreover, your orders will be assigned with writers who are real specialists in specific fields, so that the customers could be sure that they will use a professional approach towards the order writing. Second, we deliver papers written exceptionally based on the instructions and materials provided in the system by our clients. If the customers give us sufficient time to complete their orders, there is no chance that we will fail to deliver paper prior to the deadline. Timely delivery, plagiarism free content, free revision in case our writers fail to meet the instructions – it is only a short list of benefits you get while placing your orders at our website.

Can you guarantee plagiarism free content of paper?

Our task is not only to deliver a paper to the customer. Our task is to make our customers happy and make them eager to come back to us for help again. For this reason, we guarantee that papers we deliver are original and written from scratch. It is not a style of our writers to copy/paste information from some sources and pretend it to be a great piece of writing. Besides, we punish those of them who violate our plagiarism-free policy. To make sure that the paper is “clean” we use modern plagiarism detection software. Moreover, it does not report plagiarism check reports to any database, which is extremely important for many of our customers. Be sure that our scans will not be found anywhere.

To prove that our papers are 100% free from any plagiarism, we provide our customers with free plagiarism report. However, in case you insist that the paper was plagiarized, you may ask for refund of your order. In such case, you will have to provide valid proof of plagiarism and our Quality Control Department specialist will check your application within 3 to 4 business days. In case you request is reasonable, the order will be refunded.

There are also cases that students send us papers for editing or review. In such case, your task is to provide requested services only. We will not be responsible for plagiarism found in such orders, as our writer was not the one who wrote those pieces. Nevertheless, we can provide plagiarism scan reports for such orders, if you find it necessary. To avoid misunderstandings in cases like this, we recommend you treat any writing assignments with utmost seriousness and responsibility!

How do you ensure the authenticity in my project?

Our writing agency is devoted to original creative thinking, which is displayed in every work we produce. In order to make our authentic strivings enhanced, we signed the contract with an advanced plagiarism detector. Thus, our proofreading professionals check every completed paper via an effective tool that discerns similarities and highlights the percentage of coincidences. Whenever we get even a slight percentage of accidental plagiarism, we rewrite those sentences and scan the work anew to make sure that it is authentic. Obviously, our writers do not copy the material of other experts without references, but minor typos, such as failing to cite the sentence properly may result in unintentional plagiarism. For this reason, we check every composition and improve it if it contains such nuances. Our partner PlagiarismSearch is our guard of authenticity. Unlike Turnitin, it does not save the scanned works into their database, so it is reliable and efficient for everyone who produces written content on a regular basis.

Do you guarantee grades?

No, we cannot guarantee any grades because each tutor judges differently. Nevertheless, we guarantee supreme quality and top-notch support.

How can you fuel my confidence by ensuring that my paper will be of the highest quality? Can you work, aiming for a specific grade?

We cannot guarantee to land you a certain grade, but we can reassure you that none of your customers received low marks after our specialists completed their assignments. Our standards of pencraft are supreme, but we cannot influence your professor’s decision regarding your grade. To alleviate your concerns, we can state that all our writers are qualified professionals, holding Master’s and PhD degrees in versatile trendy disciplines. The level of customer satisfaction proves our successful cooperation and individual approach to each work. If you want to look through the excerpts of certain projects, please visit the page with Samples – the work you will obtain will be even better than you expect.