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Market Segmentation

Analytical Business Report Introduction In the current market dynamics, one common feature within all markets is the increasing competition as long as more players are getting into the market. This aspect has brought a serious challenge to the management since every organization tries to establish its present in the market. To ensure a stable position … Continue reading Market Segmentation

Create a Restaurant

Concept of the Restaurant The future restaurant is going to be an organic one, which means that it will care for the environment as well as the people and will be specialized on the organic foods produced without the use of harmful substances and additives. Nowadays, the deficit of natural products that does not have … Continue reading Create a Restaurant

Group Productivity

For any organization to attain their set objectives, there are essential aspects that need to be well-defined. They will ensure a smooth workflow and good time management to hit their productivity target. Communication and conflict resolution are also aspects that need to be taken care of. This helps to avoid conflict cases, and if they … Continue reading Group Productivity

Selective Perception in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Abstract The concept of selective perception implies ignoring some suggestions because they do not appeal to clients positive attitude and beliefs. Indeed, selective perception plays an important role in advertising and marketing because it relies on the cultural and social sensitivity of clients and other stakeholders. When it concerns selective perception in the sphere of … Continue reading Selective Perception in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Leaders and Leadership Essay

very organization resembles the character of its leader that takes major decisions and motivates people. The relations between the chairperson and the subordinates depend on the maturity and self-confidence of his or her individuality. For this reason, if the leader wants to change the behavior of the team, he or she must analyze the inner … Continue reading Leaders and Leadership Essay

Wal-Mart & Schlumberger

Introduction The paper focuses on evaluating two international leading companies: Wal-Mart and Schlumberger. The former is a global net of discount stores represented in 28 countries with 50 years of success history and USD 482.1 billion in revenues in 2016. The latter is one of the largest suppliers of products and technologies related to drilling, … Continue reading Wal-Mart & Schlumberger

Leadership in a Workplace

Abstract The present survey explores up-to-date leadership practices that are predefined by globalized economies. The research aims at detecting benevolent and malevolent leadership approaches and philosophies that are currently utilized. Moreover, it predicts the future patterns of evolvement of the discussed practices. The studied variables are labor relations in frames of political volatility, enhanced mobility … Continue reading Leadership in a Workplace

The Internet of Things

In the world where technological revolution continuously takes place, the rate, at which technology permeates people’s lives, is undeniably high. The Internet of Things is the area where technology is increasingly used to make people’s lives better. For example, one can imagine a scenario where in some home, when the alarm goes off in the … Continue reading The Internet of Things

General Electric Term Paper

The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze three main types of project management structures by applying them to my previous, current or future projects. The organization that will be analyzed within the paper is General Electric. It is vital for the company to have the proper organizational structure in order to … Continue reading General Electric Term Paper

Environmental Management for Sustainable Development Report

The environment is a critical asset that one should strive to not only protect, but also enhance by various measures of sustainable development in terms of good and efficient environmental management. As such, the advent of the European industrial revolution propelled one towards industrial development, later paving way for the rise of both scientific and technological advancement.