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How to Write a Results Section of a Dissertation

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Dissertation findings or dissertation chapter – results is the final chapter in a dissertation. As it is evident from the name of this chapter, it is aimed at presenting actual findings of the research in accordance with the questions, hypotheses or objectives of the research indicated the introduction chapter. In case you would like to find out how to write a results section of a dissertation of premium-class quality, please read this article very carefully.

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For the chapter to be efficient and not to ruin your dissertation in any way, our experts provide practical tips concerning the process of writing a result section for a dissertation:

  • Present all your contributions to the existing and up-to-date knowledge by indicating what you have established in your research;
  • Make your findings concise, coherent and effectively structured;
  • Back up your findings of the research with relative visuals, including tables, charts, figures, pie-charts, etc.
  • Spend some time practicing your skills of writing, read and learn some materials.

A dissertation should comprise many chapters, and a results section of a dissertation is the most important ones, as you should provide the results of your research in it. Our academic writing company understands that composing such a research as a dissertation requires plenty of money, time, efforts, nerves, as well as persistence. Sometimes, students may feel irritated, sick and tired or simply broken or can run out of time, energy or efforts to take the final step in preparing their dissertations. Thus, in the above-mentioned situations, it is recommended to refer to the most sophisticated specialists in dissertation writing who are capable of adding the final and remarkable touches to the most significant research project– your dissertation. Take the right decision as it could significantly change your future academic studying process, career, and life in general.

How to Write a Results Section of a Dissertation: Essential Information

pOrganizing the info or data that you have managed to analyze should be the first step in writing a dissertation results section. Taking into account what aspects of the data or info collected are significant to be discussed and which are less significant is an essential step that you should take, since everything in the dissertation results chapter should be directly related to the key questions and objectives indicated in the introduction chapter of your research. Spending some time on accordingly sorting your data is also of great importance as the most relevant and useful pieces of info should be made specific emphasis on in your Results chapter. Thus, the first step should be the proper organization of all available data.

What Should Be Included into a Dissertation Results Chapter?

Dissertations should rarely include the raw and unclear data. You should avoid overwhelming your readers with long and complex lists of meaningless figures. Take into account that it is you who are responsible of selecting the most important data, values, statistics, or info necessary to give answers to research questions set in the introduction of your research. In order to ensure that you have not omitted anything, complete a list of the essential points that you plan to include into your discussion along with the key data that you would utilize to back up your claims or assumptions. If you have the data that does not address the questions of your research or that you do not need to make your arguments, you would better leave it out. It is recommended to include the raw data into the appendix and not in the main body of your research.

How to Organize the Data in Your Dissertation Results Section?

The key to excellent dissertation findings chapter completion is to make it understandable. You should do all possible to convey plenty of info in a minute amount of space and present your results in the form of graphics or other visual means. In the majority of cases, results chapters are a mix of tables, text, figures, and charts.

You can assist your readers in moving quickly through the chapter by providing eye-catching subheadings that will allow organizing your data around key themes or central ideas. For instance, if your research comprises surveys, you can include the subheadings that would address various sample groups. If your hypotheses include a few parts, then you may organize your results into several sections that would address each part separately. In the majority of cases, subheadings are recommended to be organized around significant tables, figures, or charts.

You should always put your best and most significant results first. Thus, by doing so, you will be capable of creating a strong and remarkable impression on your readers and ensure that they will by all means remember your most significant research findings.

You should commence every chapter with a description of a specific sample, such as sample size, an explanation concerning excluded or missing data. Then you should provide any necessary statistics (i.e., range, mean, frequency, median, etc.). Then you should provide any other types of statistical analysis performed by you (i.e., ANOVA, data transformations, t-test, etc.).

Tables and Figures

A well-completed figure or will be capable of conveying more info in a shorter amount of space and then being combined with text. Thus, it is evident that good and clear graphics could lead to concise and clear Results chapter.


Tables are referred to the lists of different numerical values included in rows and columns utilized to assist the readers in interpreting and classifying the related and essential pieces of data. It is recommended not to include tables with fewer than 9 cells. In the example given below, the average students’ test scores are illustrated by week for 3 treatments.

Table 1. The Average Students’ Test Scores by Treatments

Treatment Average Test Score Week 1 Average Test Score Week 2 Average Test Score Week 3 Cumulative Test Score Average Difference from Control
1 – control 62 65 61 62.67 N/A
2 – more study time 66 71 75 70.67 12; +6%
3 – less study time 61 58 55 58 4.67; -2.33%


Figures may comprise maps, graphs, pictures, charts, or any other visual materials that you would to include in your results chapter. Below each figure, it is necessary to provide a brief description. For instance, if you include a picture you should clearly state what is in this picture and indicate its source. Pie-charts and graphs are frequently utilized in the Results chapters as they allow showing relationships between the data.

It is up to you whether you will apply a table to illustrate your data. It is advised not to utilize tables when you try to show relationships between the sets of specific values. In the example given above, you would apply the table if you wished to discuss the cumulative effects of every treatment, but you would utilize the figure if you wanted to present how every treatment differed by week. Furthermore, you should avoid presenting the same piece of information several times in your results section. For instance, if the info or data has already been presented in a graph, you should not include it again into a table.

Also consider the graphics formatting. Each guide on formatting style has its own rules in terms of tables and figures. Please consider that tables are sequentially numbered and titles listed above the graphics, and in case, there are any explanatory notes or remarks underneath. Moreover, figures are sequentially numbered and separated from the tables. In the text, both tables and figures are referred to by numbers, for instance, “see Table 11 or Figure 3.”

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Findings Section

To complete an excellent chapter of research outcomes, take into consideration that your research results should be presented as clearly as only possible. Thus, you should thoroughly plan the organization of this chapter before you commence its writing. Below you can find a few practical pieces of advice how to write your results chapter:

  • Start this section with a clear and simple statement, which outlines the section structure. Indicate what you will commence with, then how you will proceed, as well as what you will plan to finish with. Thus, your future readers will grasp the direction and structure of your chapter.
  • Ensure that your data presented is not very messy. Try to keep a reasonable balance between your qualitative raw data and interpretations. Avoid confronting your readers with numerous graphs, tables, or other visual aids or quotes without strict systematization and clear clarifications of what they imply will not assist the audiences in comprehending what you have managed to establish in your research.
  • Avoid over-relying on data interpretation. This part should be provided in the next section – referred to as Discussion. Consider that the results section is aimed at presenting what you have managed to fins, not what it implies.
  • Mind the formatting of visual aids; every educational institution utilizes specific requirements / instructions in terms of formatting of visual aids in dissertations.

How Can Our Academic Writing Company Assist?

The “Dissertation results” chapter completed by our experts is always accurate, unique, integral, and well thought out. Our professionals arrange the “Results” chapter properly so that it always follows the strictest requirements set by the educational institutions and professors. Results writing services include surveys, analysis, and discussions. Our aim is to assist students in completing the most important assignment of their academic studying successfully!

Each results chapter written by our professionals is detailed, well-organized, and formatted perfectly. In strictly keeping to your methodology, our experts compile the data and then test the results collected by you into understandable and coherent text. We always assign PhD writers to such orders as thesis or dissertations so as assist you with your piece of writing.

Our academic writing company guarantees plagiarism- and mistakes-free content, as well as timely delivery. Get in touch with our reliable company to get professional assistance with any of your written tasks, including the dissertation results writing.

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Our customer support agents are available on a round-the-clock basis are always ready to help you with the placement of the order and give clear answers to any questions that you could have. We hope that this info provided in this article concerning how to write results section of dissertation will assist you in completing your chapter accordingly and successfully.


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