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NAFTA and Mexican Trucking Case

Key Summary and Problem The case study details how the United States and Mexico entered into an agreement that allowed trucks from both countries to transport their goods to their destinations without barriers. It was necessitated by earlier regulations that required trucks from Mexico to unload their cargo at the United States’ border for inspection. … Continue reading NAFTA and Mexican Trucking Case

Walmart Essay Sample

Introduction The Four-Way Test is the public face of Rotary’s commitment to business’ ethics. A large number of Rotary clubs treat it as ethics for Rotarian behavior in daily life. Rotary serves to encourage companies and organizations in everyday business flow. At Walmart, employees recognize that the success of their business operations depends on their … Continue reading Walmart Essay Sample

Bill of Rights

Research Paper: Bill of Rights Bill of Rights is a title of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The amendments have the power to add more freedom to citizens and extend human rights, along with putting a special emphasis on the borders of the U.S. governments power in the judicial branch, as well … Continue reading Bill of Rights

Impact Investment Paper

Bankers have historically been considered the pillars of the community. They are among most trustworthy and compelling figures in the society; people entrust them with their capital in return for interest. However, from time to time there appear cases of dishonesty in a banking sector, which are followed by dire consequences. Bankers, for instance, are … Continue reading Impact Investment Paper

Multinational Corporation

Dolling Sports Apparel Company is a multinational corporation with the prospects of tapping into the lucrative apparel market. The corporation is headquartered in London. The company operates mainly in London, where the sports apparel market has grown rapidly recently. Therefore, Dolling has sought to tap into this market to enhance its potential to lead the … Continue reading Multinational Corporation

Walt Disney World Pricing Strategy Term Paper

Walt Disney World is a successful theme park with a long history. Analysts note that pricing system is a part of the company’ success. For instance, the park’s management uses pricing strategy as a way of attracting customers. When the theme park sets the prices, it takes into consideration few factors. First, tickets price depends … Continue reading Walt Disney World Pricing Strategy Term Paper

International HR

International HR: Coca Cola Company Case Study Example For multinational companies that have operations across any variety of contexts, human resource (HR) management remains an important issue that should be given significant attention. For such companies, ensuring quality management of HR is critical in managing international operations. Using the case of the Coca Cola Company, … Continue reading International HR

Netflix Essay Example

Viable strategic options are developed by a business to outplay its competitors. The strategies can be used singly or collectively to create a strong defendable position to outperform the competitors. The common viable strategies employed by many firms include differentiation, overall cost leadership, introduction of new entrants and focus on a certain market niche or … Continue reading Netflix Essay Example

Apple Sample Essay

Introduction Apple is a legendary company, which managed to win the market due to its innovational products. Today, the company performs in a highly competitive environment. It means that there is a need to pay attention to the company’s organizational strategy and its improvement in terms of competition and market penetration. Otherwise, the company will … Continue reading Apple Sample Essay

Google’s Entry into The Mobile Handset Market: Strategic Implications

Executive Summary The mobile handset market has a very fierce competition despite the Android operating system taking the lead with over 80% of market share globally. Android is Google’s product, which gives this company confidence in the mobile phone industry. However, the leading handset brands are not new in the venture. Samsung has produced handsets … Continue reading Google’s Entry into The Mobile Handset Market: Strategic Implications