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Human Freedom

Running head: HUMANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS 1 In philosophy, the question of responsibility for actions and freedom of choice is considered extremely old. According to Plato, it is inferior in sharpness perhaps only to disputes about God.

Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors

Gender stereotypes affect peoples opportunities in professional life and public activities. Traditionally, males and females have different sexual preferences that are reflected in their attitudes and behaviors. These attitudes and behaviors are influenced by stereotypes that have been imposed for centuries.

Adolescent Observation

The key feature of adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood. The most common problems are associated with puberty. During the rapid growth of the organism and physiological adjustment, adolescents experience anxiety, irritability, and depression. Many begin to feel awkward due to different rates of growth of different body parts. The consequence of experiences … Continue reading Adolescent Observation

Stress Diary

Stress may be overwhelming and painful, but it may also be beneficial; it all depends on the way somebody perceives certain events or situations. It can leave a person tense and unable to sleep or think, as well as causing fatigue or irritability. Stress can make people chronically anticipate the next difficult event (Coon & … Continue reading Stress Diary

Juvenile Sex Offenders

There is a growing public concern towards the occurrence of victimization of children by their contemporaries including both youth and adolescents. It is saddening that the minors are exposed to similar crimes as the adults in addition to the child-specific felonies such as child abuse and neglect. Criminal activities against children is particularly a disturbing … Continue reading Juvenile Sex Offenders

Eating Disorders

Abstract Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that eating disorders are the evident outcomes of certain psychological problems. However, changes in ones eating behaviors, as well as the general psychological stability of an individual are determined with a wide range of factors. One of such factors is self-esteem, and self-esteem is … Continue reading Eating Disorders

Role of Mirror Neurons on Cognitive Processes

Introduction When a new type of neurons was identified over twenty years ago, scientists reported that a new class of neurons, called mirror neurons, was discovered. These mirror neurons get activated not only when a person performs an action, but when one observes another person performing an action. The discovery of mirror neurons and a … Continue reading Role of Mirror Neurons on Cognitive Processes

Inner Speech During Silent Reading

Humankind is able to read and write only for about 5,000 years (Alderson, 2005), while its ability to vocalize a sound and speak is much older. In the context of the evolution, 5,000 years are an infinitesimal period, during which none of new species or particular genes could be formed to be stable, transmit between … Continue reading Inner Speech During Silent Reading

Reaction Paper Sample

Behaviorism, Social Learning, and Cognitive Theories Reaction Paper Response 1: Freud and Learning Sigmund Freud is rightly considered as one of the central figures in the evolution of modern psychology. I have been particularly drawn to Freud since the features and aspects of his learning theory find their reflection in almost all modern theories of … Continue reading Reaction Paper Sample