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Italian American

The use of the word Italian America by various scholars of Italian America Literature has been subject of controversy for a long period of time. Scholars of Italian American literature have different perspective towards the use of the term. The most common forms that are used by the scholars in reference to the interrelationship that exist between the two ethic cultures are Italian-American, Italian/American and Italian American.

Harry Potter

Harry James Potter is a fictional character, the protagonist of the series of novels written by English writer Joan Rowling. In the main series that consists of seven books, as well as in the whole Rowling’s fictional world, he is known as the only wizard in history who managed to defeat the dark wizard called Lord Voldemort and the only one who survived eight battles with him.

Media Manufacture Fake

America is facing a crisis connected with fake news and propaganda. The news media today reflect what they want the Americans citizens to believe in, even if the information is wrong. The media manufacture fake news with the purpose of making the population consume them regardless of the credibility of the news.

Analysis of Watchmen

Watchmen is a popular American comic-book written and designed by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins. Creation of the original characters lies in the core of this comic-book which became an outstanding masterpiece of literature. It is worth reading Watchmen for several times to feel the initial ideas, which the authors thoughtfully put in the center of the story.

Synthesis Essay Example

Over the years, immigration to the U.S. has been on the increase. The largest number of immigrants comprise of the population of South American countries, as immigrants come to the U.S. to find employment, safety, and more opportunities for a better life. Despite this, the face many challenges in both their country of origin and … Continue reading Synthesis Essay Example

Disposable Plastic Essay

According to scientists, the world utilizes between 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags in a year. Disposable plastic is made from petroleum products, which cannot be reused or recycled. After they are utilized for the first time, these disposable plastics are thrown away either haphazardly or into a landfill

Summary & Strong Response

Summary In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”, Jessica Statsky proves that competitive sport activities are bad for physical and psychological development of children from six to twelve years old. She provides the conducted researches and statistical data that confirm her beliefs on the subject. The competitiveness has become an obsession of parents and coaches, … Continue reading Summary & Strong Response