Harry Potter

July 20th, 2021

Harry James Potter is a fictional character, the protagonist of a series of novels written by English writer Joan Rowling. In the main series that consists of seven books, as well as whole Rowling’s fictional world, he is known as the only wizard in history who managed to defeat the dark wizard called Lord Voldemort and the only one who survived eight battles with him. Among other things, Harry is a winner of the Triwizard Tournament and the owner of a special Hogwarts Award ‘For Service to the School’, received in 1993 for saving the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the monster of the Chamber of Secrets – the Basilisk. The character gained extreme popularity all over the world. Despite difficult childhood and a long chain of challenges, Harry Potter has never betrayed his brave and candid principles, which makes him a truly inspiring character for the generation of readers that grew up with him.

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Harry was born on July 31, 1980, in the family of James and Lily Potters. His father was an animagus (a person who can deliberately turn into an animal) from the ancient bloodline of wizards while his mother was a muggleborn witch, extremely gifted, especially in potions. All three of them were accepted into Hogwarts and sorted into Gryffindor House, which already tells something about the family; the decision-making magic of the Sorting Hat depends on student’s dominant personality traits and, for Gryffindor, these have to be bravery and pride. Harry himself barely knew his parents (they died when the baby Harry was only one year old), but remembered them with deep respect and love. Every time someone said that he looked like his father, Harry felt proud. Of course, anyone who spoke of his parents unflatteringly aroused the boy’s cordial dislike. Naturally, professor of magic potions Severus Snape gave derisive comments about James which did not add warmth to their relationship. Harry’s feelings towards his father became slightly colder when he saw in the Pool of Memory – a magic device that allows re-experiencing one’s memories – recollection of James and his best friend Sirius attacking unarmed Snape. He did not cease to love his father after that, but his attitude towards him lost his childlike eagerness.

Arguably, Harry’s appearance is quite a metaphor for his personality and his story. He has a puny physique, a short stature, dark hair (similar to his father’s), and bright green almond-shaped eyes (like his mother Lily had). This hints a reader to his strong connection to his family heritage that he believes to be lost and to the type of the hero he is; he is the one who is destined to save others, although does not seem to be built for that. Being a well-developed character, Harry Potter also has many recognizable special signs. Firstly, he wears round glasses and has a recognizable scar in the form of lightning on the forehead. He also has a scar on the left hand in the form of the words ‘I must not tell lies’, obtained after illegal detentions executed by professor Dolores Umbridge. Lastly, he has two more marks: an oval scar on the breast left by the Horcrux medallion (a special magic relic which contained the part of Voldemort’s soul that could let him resurrect in case he died), and a snake bite scar on his hand left by Voldemort’s serpent Nagini in the house of Bathilda Bagshot’s, author of History of Magic.

Harry grew up in a heavy emotional environment but this did not affect his personality in a negative way. The difficult life with the Dursleys, his only living relatives, has formed in him a sort of distrust; yet, he overcomes it after his first year in the school of wizardry. When Hagrid, Hogwarts’ gamekeeper, appears in his life, the boy doubts reality of what is happening until the last. During the first year in Hogwarts, where Harry finally feels like a full-fledged person, the main features of his character reveal themselves, both positive and negative. In addition to kindness and courage, Harry is endowed with such qualities as mercy, compassion, and the ability to self-sacrifice. Harry is a good friend and companion, he does not like to lie, and always tries to help those who need it. Along with this, Harry knows how to raise his voice against injustice, which is due to the hardness of his personality. At the same time, he is quite rebellious and sometimes show certain disrespect towards the rules. Harry often feels tormented by contradictions because of him being the unintended Horcrux of Voldemort (although he does not know it). Nonetheless, his light side always prevails. After the loss of his godfather Sirius Black, Harry acquires a grim determination of revenge.

To continue, Potter never attacks first; on the contrary, he himself often has to reflect attacks. Harry is a leader by nature, and if he has to lead anything (to be captain of the Quidditch sport team or the leader of the Dumbledore Army defense classes), he does it pretty well. Harry never boasts of his fame; moreover, his fame annoys him. He is not always sociable, and despite the fact that he has to contact with a large number of people, he manages to become close only with a few. One might say that Harry’s shortcomings include secrecy that comes from a desire to protect those around him; he often believes that he is better to act alone to protect his loved ones. He rarely shares his feelings and experiences, even with those few close friends. These difficulties with trust and being open tend to reveal themselves even in his adult life: from the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre play we know that Harry has a hard time building relationship with his son Albus; still, he finds a way to become a decent parent.

To conclude, Harry cannot ignore his own emotions and rely only on facts like his father’s friend Remus Lupine does, he is not able to grasp details like his friend Hermione Granger, and he may sometimes fail to treat everything with humor like his best mate Ron or Weasley twins. However, he is able to love people deeply and strongly and intuitively foresee something that cannot be explained in words. His personality proves to be his greatest advantage in the war against the Dark Lord and the quest of destroying his Horcruxes.

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