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September 30th, 2020
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Over the years, immigration to the U.S. has been on the increase. The largest number of immigrants comprise of the population of South American countries, as immigrants come to the U.S. to find employment, safety, and more opportunities for a better life. Despite this, the face many challenges in both their country of origin and the host country. Therefore, this synthesis essay aims at analyzing immigration policies, influx of immigrants, and immigrant officials treatment.

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Immigrant officials

The article by Zoe Carpenter describes the tribulations of a Honduran immigrant in details. The victim in the passage is named Yestel Velazquez. Police officers accosted him, together with another immigrant, Wilmer Palma. He was taken to the detention center owned by the immigration enforcement agency. The article depicts the problems immigrants face as they tried to avoid immigration officials. In many cases, the subject had to avoid public places and vital public facilitates such as the grocery store. Furthermore, the article describes the policies effected by the government to deal with the issue of immigrants. For instance, only immigrants with criminal convictions can be deported (Carpenter 15). Despite this fact, a large number of immigrants who had not committed any crime or had minor convictions were still deported.

Criticisms have also been raised concerning the detainment of immigrants. There is a widespread case to consider when police hold suspects for longer than necessary so that they could determine their immigration status. It has led for many immigrants to perceive themselves as prey for the immigration officials. For instance, the immigrants in New Orleans were facing much higher immigration rates than the rest of the country. Many of them arrived in the region to help rebuild the city after the hurricane. It was viewed as unfair to deport them (Carpenter 15).

The author shows that despite the policies applied by the government, in the reality the immigrants are treated harshly. They are still facing many challenges without any assistance (Carpenter 15). In this regard, there is the need for immigration reform so that the policies applied can be beneficial and not threatening to immigrants.

Immigration policies

The second article written by Colarusso specifies the immigration reforms. Recently, there was the pressure to make changes in the immigration policies through a reform. The changes began with a meeting with gala held in Washington to discuss issues affecting Hispanics. The Hispanics, as a population, are considered a significant political power. Furthermore, they have assisted several senators to be reelected as well as President Barack Obama. Latinos proved to be important in elections in many states. It means that they should not be ignored, and the problems facing them should be dealt with swiftly.

The article also shows the support of many politicians who approved immigration reforms (Colarusso 17). They managed to gain the support of Hispanics. For instance, targeted ads in Spanish, increased opportunities for English learning, and medical care were some of the policies applied by politicians, which enticed Spanish voters (Colarusso 17). Democratic had begun to face problems and lose support from the Hispanics. It was attributed to a high number of Hispanics who had been deported by the Obama administration in comparison to former U.S. presidents. It raised the fears of many Hispanics as they view that their stay in the U.S. was temporary at the very least.

The executive action by the president was seen as the only form of assistance that would provide a change of the immigration policy. The Republicans did not support the policy, and it was a major problem. Moreover, few republic legislators considered the immigration reforms as necessary despite President Obamas promise during his 2008 campaign (Colarusso 13). These changes took much time while immigrants have continued to suffer. The cause of the increased immigration has not been addressed. It would have been a better solution instead of rejecting the immigration reforms needed.

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Influx of Immigrants

Despite the problems current immigrants in the U.S. face, the flow of immigrants has not stopped. It has been on the increase with the inflow of young immigrants on the rise. Many of the children make the dangerous journeys from countries characterized by many threats. They include countries in Central America such as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (Savage and Agren 28). These conditions have made it harder for young immigrants to survive. For instance, the article mentions a child whose hometown has been ravaged by street gangs (Savage and Agren 28). It has made an ordinary life hard with many children dropping out of school. Immigration to the U.S. is considered a better choice as it increases the opportunities for such children. Their parents send many of them, moreover, children can have adoptive parents already in the U.S.

The number of unaccompanied children at the U.S. borders has been on the increase. Many of them come on buses to the southwest border. They smuggle through the Mexico to the U.S. and face many dangers along the way. The issue has been described as a humanitarian crisis. It has run out of control, with the government unable to deal with the influx of children into the country. Many of these children are still deported if their country of origin is determined. Based on the article by Carpenter, many immigrants are still unable to avoid deportation or face numerous problems in the society when they stay (16).


In conclusion, many immigrants face various changes in their home countries and the new host country. In the U.S., immigrants have been the target of immigration officials who want to deport them. Reform policies have been planned to prevent deportation of immigrants, but they turned out not effective. Nevertheless, more immigrants are still arriving.

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