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Gender Inequality and Work

Robert Kaufman, American lawyer who is a specialist in fields as business and corporate laws, has written a book “Race, Gender, and the Labor Market: Inequalities at Work, where he tries to understand the nature of policy of inequality. This book does not contain the explanation of main reasons of gender inequality in labor market, but it provides its readers with the main ways to implement this inequality, which was not outlined in previous works that were examined. In my opinion, the best work that outlines main ideas and main reasons for gender inequality is the book by Robert Kaufman “Race, Gender, and the Labor Market: Inequalities at Work”, where the author explains theories of appearing of such inequality in modern society and provides readers with his own theory that was based on theories and suggestions made before.

Analysis of Greasy Lake

The short story Greasy Lake discusses the issue that remains topical to the contemporary society. In this literary work, three youngsters are in search for adventures to release their rebellious spirit. Although the characters are still young and innocent, their childish pranks gradually transform into a real crime. The youngsters attempt to seem adults, but … Continue reading Analysis of Greasy Lake

Artistic Merits of Mrs. Dalloway

Literary masterpieces are usually the products of creative imagination and deep knowledge of human nature. These skills allow a perceptive author to transfer the beauty of the world, social realities, and painful experiences into astonishing prose by the means of the simple and precise choice of words. Virginia Woolf is not an exception. Published in … Continue reading Artistic Merits of Mrs. Dalloway

Mary Shelley and her legendary novel Frankenstein

Where do we come from? How did the life develop? If God created the universe, what created God? These eternal questions have always excited human imagination. Through centuries, countless people have tried to provide their answers, but they have never exhausted the area of possible responses. A vast number of literary works, films, and pieces … Continue reading Mary Shelley and her legendary novel Frankenstein

Doctor Faustus: More Than a Romantic Tragedy

The plot about a deal with the devil is one of archetypal ones in the world culture. Whenever it is met, the text acquires a new philosophical dimension. Below described case is about Doctor Faustus, created by Christopher Marlowe in 1594. Previously known as a folk legend, it received a dramatic and then a literary … Continue reading Doctor Faustus: More Than a Romantic Tragedy

Barbie Turned

Barbie turned G.I. Joe One of the main issues that take the central place in the contemporary debates over the national security refers to the women’s participation in the military service and conflicts. It creates tension in the society which can hardly decide whether women should have equal rights with men in the military service, … Continue reading Barbie Turned

Critical Essay on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The world literature is full of names and titles which are on everyone’s lips. The novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818) written by a famous English writer Mary Shelley (1797-1851) is one of such works. The life of a Swiss scientist Frankenstein, who created a living being from the non-living matter and eventually became … Continue reading Critical Essay on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Book Report: Number Our Days

Number Our Days, Simulated Correspondence Dear Fellow Student, Needle and Thread: The Life and Death of a Tailor I find the chapter fascinating in its description of the way a coat was introduced among the poor Jews in world where the coat was a preserve of the mighty and the rich in the society. I … Continue reading Book Report: Number Our Days

The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

The idea of the American Dream is a part of a cultural association of American society. According to it, every developed and mature individual has a chance to fulfill his or her dream and achieve freedom, wealth, and happiness. Hereby, the essential components are perseverance, goal, and a belief that despite all difficulties, one will … Continue reading The Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis of Killings

Literary Analysis of “Killings” by Andre Dubus Literary techniques are the special methods a storyteller uses to convey the intended message. They are considered a significant element of creative writing as they make the whole process of communication easier and more effective. There are many different literary techniques, ranging from those pertaining to the theme, … Continue reading Literary Analysis of Killings