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Climate Change Impacts in China

Over the past years, it has been observed that temperatures in China have been rising. As a result, the sea level has also been reported as higher than in the previous decades. Moreover, the country has experienced extreme events such as droughts, storms, and floods which are a testament to the reality of climate change.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin lived between 1809 and 1882. He was an English geologist and naturalist. He is recognized for the evolution theory that he has established.

Causes and Effects of Depletion of Ozone Layer

The ozone layer refers to the layer in the lower stratosphere that contains high concentrations of ozone gas (O3). This layer was formed approximately 2 billion years ago because of the increase in the amount of atmospheric oxygen (Aggarwal et al. 1990). Ozone is usually found in both the tropospheric and stratospheric zones. Most of … Continue reading Causes and Effects of Depletion of Ozone Layer

Descartes’ Method of Inquiry

Introduction By the beginning of the 17th century, there had already been created the background for the rapid development of science. This was primarily connected with the fact of teaching physics in universities. Lecturers were often unable to explain the new phenomena discovered through technical and geographical discoveries. Appeal to the heritage of the ancient … Continue reading Descartes’ Method of Inquiry

Solar energy: methods of utilization

Abstract: The Sun is a central star of the G-type main-sequence in the Solar system. It maintains the life on the Earth. The organic world of the planet exists due to the Sun. It is the only source of the natural light and warmth, as well as the initial source for other energy types, such … Continue reading Solar energy: methods of utilization