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Water Pollution

Water is one of the most significant natural resources that are essential for the survival of the human being. However, human activities continue to exploit this vital resource through pollution. Polluted water can be defined as water that has physical, biological, and chemical factors (pollutants) that have essential effect on aquatic life or other users. … Continue reading Water Pollution

SC260 Introduction to Ecology

Global Patterns of Atmospheric Heating and Circulation At any given point in time, there are various weather systems across the globe exhibiting variable heating and winds. Averaging the winds over several years has shown well-defined global circulation and heating patterns (Hastenrath, 2012). The global atmospheric heating and circulation refer to the large-scale air movement including … Continue reading SC260 Introduction to Ecology

Powering the Planet

Nathan S. Lewis has described and analyzed a number of the existing challenges in relation to modern energy problems and possible solutions. He has paid an additional attention to renewable energy technologies (Lewis, 2009). Solar power is considered to be the only real solution for sustaining the necessary levels of energy use. It is important … Continue reading Powering the Planet

Global Warming

Outline Background Introduction What is the Global Warming The Global Warming Issues from the Past to the Future Reasons for Global Warming Natural process of climate change Anthropological factor Conclusions and Recommendations References Global Warming Introduction Recently, we more often can observe the calendar dates of the seasons shift. In a few decades, Europe was … Continue reading Global Warming

Climate Change Essay

Comparison of Anthropogenic and Natural Climate Changes Climate change refers to the change in the distribution of weather patterns over a certain period of time; this can be a few years or millions of years. This mainly refers to changes in the weather that are as a result of human activities. Natural climate change occurs … Continue reading Climate Change Essay