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Harlem Renaissance

Abstract The paper analyses the art of African-American artists in the early years of the 20th century, particularly the art and poetry associated with the Harlem Renaissance. The paper generalizes themes common for the poetry, painting and architecture of Harlem Renaissance. The paper shows differences found in the work of various Harlem Renaissance painters covered … Continue reading Harlem Renaissance

Blood in the Gutter by Scott McCloud

Comics represent quite young yet popular genre in modern culture. It seems like there is nothing difficult in understanding comics, but Scott McCloud shows that under any set of still pictures, there is even more than one story: there is the whole world of human imagination. Understanding the text starts with understanding the title. We … Continue reading Blood in the Gutter by Scott McCloud

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp was a French-American artist, known as one of the most influential figures who contributed to changing the course of art history in twentieth century. Working mostly in such styles as Cubism and Futurism, Duchamp was also an active member of the American Dada movement. The artist is also recognized for his original concept … Continue reading Marcel Duchamp

Barnett Newman

The History Of Art: Metaphysical Secrets Of Kazimir Malevich And Barnett Newman This paper will review the research conducted comparing the canvases of two completely different but greatly talented artists. It is referred to Kazimir Malevichs Woman with Pails: Dynamic Arrangement, 1912 and Barnett Newmans Via Heroicus Sublimus, 1950-51. These paintings are full of greatness … Continue reading Barnett Newman

American Landscape

The main purpose of this paper is to study and analyze the celebration of the American landscape in painting and poetry as an expression of the Greatness of the United States and its connection with the concept of the Manifest Destiny. Within the period, there were many works of art that both supported and ran … Continue reading American Landscape

Art Worksheet

A lot of memories that had been slumbering in me for a long time came alive right now in my heart. They are the memories of my mother when she was young and beautiful. When we were kids, all of us almost certainly wrote an essay on “The happiest day of my life”. Many preferred … Continue reading Art Worksheet