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Abstract Arthropods constitute above 80% of the described living animal species on Earth. They have an exoskeleton and segmented body parts. They include insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. This discussion gives a critical view of arthropods and discusses what a large scale arthropod would look like based on the knowledge of the features of terrestrial and … Continue reading Arthropods

Genetic Testing

Questions-Answers Question One The implementation of genetic tests should be done when the assessment of the clinical validity and utility is established. According to Borry, Shabani, and Howard (2014), the research done shows that genetics and genomics have advanced faster in the previous decade, but, unfortunately, they did not transform medicine as it was expected. … Continue reading Genetic Testing

Aseptic Technique Lab Report

Introduction Aseptic techniques are deterrent measures that are employed to ensure that laboratory equipment is sterile and pure cultures are not contaminated. All organisms are regarded as potential pathogens. Most of the organisms can be opportunistic and cause infection. Microorganisms are all over the atmosphere, therefore, they rest on the surfaces such as desks, benches, … Continue reading Aseptic Technique Lab Report