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Learning About Cultural Heritage

Learning about Your Own Cultural Heritage and Traditions Learning about Your Own Cultural Heritage and Traditions Culture is a complex notion.

Female Child Marriage in Yemen and Afghanistan

Comparison and Contrast of Female Child Marriages in Yemen and Afghanistan Child marriage is very rampant in the modern world, and many young girls are married off before they attain the full legal age of marriage. The practice of child marriage is caused by many factors including social beliefs, cultures, poverty, and gender discrimination.

Song Analysis Paper

Song Analysis Paper: They Dont Care About Us Any artwork, regardless of the kind of art that it represents, is a personalized interpretation of reality that emphasizes significant social issues through the authors individual perception. The artists have can utilize a lot of tools for integrating their personal experiences into a broader social context and … Continue reading Song Analysis Paper

2012 Summer Olympics

Sports are known to be a good entertainment and a nice way to spend leisure time. However, to the participants, this is either a hobby or a full time career. The society is full of energetic youths who, if not kept busy, may engage in petty crime and other bad behavior. Most parents encourage their … Continue reading 2012 Summer Olympics

Legalization of Marijuana in the UK

Abstract The legalization of marijuana is a highly controversial issue in the UK today. The society is divided over this issue, with some strong supporters of marijuana legalization and their opponents, who believe that legalization can only do more harm. The aim of this paper is to prove that there are many reasons for legalizing … Continue reading Legalization of Marijuana in the UK

Human Cloning Essay Sample

Introduction Human cloning is the process in which a genetically identical individual is created from either a living or dead person. It also takes into account the production of clone tissues, which are donated from the individual to be cloned. The delivery of twins is also called natural human cloning. However, in spite of the … Continue reading Human Cloning Essay Sample

Example 500 Word Essay

The Way We Think about Charity is Wrong Den Pallotta focused on the non-profit sector of any economy – charity. He drew our attention to the unusual things connected with the social field and our habitual attitude to these concepts. The non-profit part of the economic system moves the humanity forward. People usually underestimate this … Continue reading Example 500 Word Essay

500-Word Reflective Essay

AIDS is a serious, if not the greatest, health concern of the current century, and it has a huge influence over social life, politics, and economics. It is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed by the governments, and this is what Chinese government is trying to do. The article “China’s Evolving AIDS Policy: … Continue reading 500-Word Reflective Essay

The Abortion Act

Overview of health problem Abortion is the process of interrupting the life of a child, not born yet, till the time it is able to exist independently. This process has been legalized in all states of the United States of America. Some political parties are against abortion act, while others support it. The Democratic Party … Continue reading The Abortion Act

Response to Should I Smoke Dope Documentary

The botanical name Cannabis sativa may sound unfamiliar but the names Indian hemp, marijuana, weed, dope, or pot is far more likely to register with anyone over 13 years of age. Marijuana is an herb that has existed for thousands of years. Initially, the plant stem was harvested and was employed in making strong fibers … Continue reading Response to Should I Smoke Dope Documentary