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March 2nd, 2020
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The Way We Think about Charity is Wrong

Den Pallotta focused on the non-profit sector of any economy – charity. He drew our attention to the unusual things connected with the social field and our habitual attitude to these concepts. The non-profit part of the economic system moves the humanity forward. People usually underestimate this sphere and forget about the simple things. Love, compassion, and support are these key points these people need. The prosperity of non-profit sector forces us to change our attitudes to this phenomenon.

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Nowadays, there exist various popular misconceptions about the importance of charity. First of all, people do not believe that by sharing love, we will get more profit. In fact, those who are richer, share less with the poor. Then, the non-profit sector does not like advertising and marketing. The money invested in advertising do not bring much returns. There are more efficient ways of making profit. In fact, word of mouth spreads the information faster. The television and radio programs are of little use when we compare them to the multiple efforts of people, who desperately need help and support. Moreover, the workers of social sector are not eager to take risks and apply new and unusual ideas. Due to this fact, the non-profit sector suffers being in the extreme disadvantage. Time plays the essential role in enhancing charity since it influences the profit of this sphere. People usually stick to the principle that we should give to charity as little money as possible. At the same time, how do we expect to increase the profit thinking in such an old-fashioned way?

Den explains the short history of charity (Pallotta, 2016). The Puritans stuck to the principles that self-interest destroys you. The charity was the answer. The charity organizations in China include the Red Cross, Funds for Handicapped and other organizations (Keping, 2016). The legal status, economic power, and prestige are different from other sectors of the economy. Consequently, the attitude is opposite. I can apply this knowledge to my profession. If the public governance of China takes into consideration at least some ideas, the profit of social sector will increase. The talented people will realize their potential and bring about significant changes.

In conclusion, if people unite their efforts, they can do impossible things. They can take risks and implement the ideas into action together. I completely agree that the Puritan principles are urgent nowadays. People care more and more about self-profit. They even become jealous of those who possess money and share them. We destroy our ambitions by demoralization. In contrast, we should change our attitude to this concept and reflect on it thoroughly. There are hundreds of people with their dreams, creativity, and generosity of thought. They desperately need our help. Moreover, they are ready to take responsibility. All they need is our support and respect. If the governmental system changes its attitude, these people will get the resources they need and will realize their plans that can change the whole world.

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