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Personal Statement for Pharmacy

March 17th, 2020
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Biology has always been my passion. I found it particularly interesting to learn the laws and principles of the living organisms development. I adored participating in the school projects and getting the essential knowledge which fired my imagination and made me move forward in this field. Growing older, I decided to transform my hobby into the vocation. When there came the time to choose the profession, I have taken several items into consideration. Finally, I decided to stop on pharmacology since this sphere is developing with the incredible speed. Indeed, my decision was not spontaneous, but the result of deep reflections and careful analysis of the possible perspectives. The work in this sphere requires analytical and practical skills in biology and business. I have made the first step towards reaching my goal of becoming a Biology Major. Attending the interesting courses and extracurricular events, I have got a good knowledge base, as well as mastered a lot of the required skills. Thus, I am good in time management, multi-tasking, and teamwork. My enthusiasm and positive attitude to life help me to deal with different people regardless of their age, gender, race, etc. I believe that to reach success in pharmacology, one should not only understand how the particular medicines act on the human organism, but also know the complex mechanisms that work in this market.

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Pharmacology is a particularly important sphere since it deals with human life and health. Thus, I opine that every professional working in it should be highly qualified, proficient, and well-educated. It is the main reason why I want to focus on my further education. As for my personal qualities, I can admit that I am a communicative, determined, and responsible person. Besides, I possess some leadership skills which will be extremely useful in any work environment. Thus, I am able to learn from my mistakes transforming them into the significant life lessons. Accumulating more knowledge in business and biology, I will be able to acquire the material necessary for producing the innovative ideas. Undoubtedly, my progressive vision will impress the employers, and they will agree to give me a chance to contribute to this sphere.

Among my extracurricular activities, traveling and reading books are of paramount importance. At first sight, one can decide that these hobbies have nothing in common, but I can admit that they help to develop imagination, discover the world, and reach the inner harmony. Indeed, I like to combine incongruous things; thus, I am sure that the synthesis of biology and business skills will help me to benefit the society.

To summarize, I realize that the pharmacological sphere is particularly challenging and hides a lot of pitfalls. However, I am determined enough to reach success. As my goal is serious, my motivation is also high. All in all, I am going to apply all my efforts and demonstrate my best professional and personal qualities to undertake the further study which will allow me to achieve the set goals.

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