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SWOT Analysis Seattle Childrens Hospital

August 17th, 2020
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Modern healthcare organizations are currently facing challenges in technology, reforms, finances, customer satisfaction and even government requirements in the conditions of escalating competition. In this case, it is crucial for the CEOs of healthcare institutions to evaluate their directive in the form of strategic planning as a requirement for an ongoing endurance in a demanding environment. By means of a strategic planning and analysis, healthcare organizations can form a precise direction in regard to where it is heading and most significantly the manner in which to reach their goals. It is fulfilled by documenting each decision and examining the possible opportunities and challenges that may emerge in the course of performing its operations. SWOT analysis is utilized in setting the marketing plan that ensures a better future for the healthcare organization. This essay provides information about the Seattle Childrens Hospital by analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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Seattle Childrens Hospital

Seattle Childrens, a regional Medical Center, is a childrens hospital in Washington (Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016, 2011). The hospital is instituted with its aim directed at averting, treating and curing from pediatric illnesses by procuring the support of the society and organization conviction of consultation and inquiry (Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016, 2011). This belief is further reinforced by the organizational conviction that children have exceptional requirements and that they need to develop devoid of injuries or diseases (Nagle & Pitts, 2012). The goal of the hospital is to offer effective and safe care services at a lowered and controlled cost. In addition, the hospital strives to find cures by means of research and educating researchers and clinicians on better ways to treat illnesses.

SWOT Analysis


Seattle Childrens Hospital is comprised of highly skilled health workers that have been in operation for a long time. Since its establishment in the year 1907, the hospital has positioned itself as a place that provides efficient treatment for children, which has made it a respectable institution across the country (Porter, 2011). The high standards of the hospitals performance are reached due to highly skilled professionals in healthcare. The hospital always stands out as the best and the first in attending to children when they fall sick (Hagan, 2011). It is caused by a reach history of effective treatment of children. The ongoing researches made in the institution ensure that the hospital, in most instances, offers good services to its clients. Similarly, the practice of honesty, accountability, and commitment has increased self-assurance of patients and the community as a whole, which forms an essential part in the execution of the strategic plan (Hagan, 2011). The hospital is a research center and its vision is to incorporate the community in the establishment of useful and safe treatment for children.


Doctors and clinicians at the hospital currently do not fulfill the expectations of the patients, particularly with regards to personal consultation. It is caused by the current increase in the number of patients (Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016, 2011). The local government and some targeted volunteer groups are not attracted by the voluntary work due to the current financial crisis that has led to lowered economic power and lose of employment in several organizations. The number of staff, both non-medical and medical is not enough to cater for the planned strategies and marketing plans of the hospital (Nagle & Pitts, 2012). The staff is not well-educated with regards to the relationship with the neighboring communities, the management and the patients. The community may misinterpret the responsibility of the hospital in executing its research tasks and plans, as well as insist on rewards every time patients and the community take part in the research activities (Hagan, 2011).


The hospital has involved several active volunteer groups to assist in planning and organizing community-based activities (Nagle & Pitts, 2012). Clients are usually requested to offer their views on the best ways of implementing community-based events, which is a crucial factor, since they are aware of the health-related issues. The hospital is proud of its skilled medical staff members, who are willing to offer their professional advices to the management concerning the best ways of organizing open events and making researches for the benefit og the community and the patients (Hagan, 2011). Moreover, patients take part in the delivery of positive messages concerning the success and worth of the hospital in treating children and the quality of its services. The research agenda can help the hospital draw more finances from the government, as well as other supporters. The latest technology tools available at the hospital make it a referral hospital as compared to other similar institutions in the district (Hagan, 2011).


Besides numerous strengths and opportunities, the hospital has several threats. The latest law in healthcare issued by the government is believed to raise the cost of treatment, thereby lowering the purchasing power of the clients (Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016, 2011). In addition, the governments rules and regulations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the necessities for policy are expected to be severe, particularly in the research events. Similarly, the stiff competition from other institutions offering the same services in the region can possibly lower the hospitals market share. There is also a threat of closure, if the hospital fails to abide by the policies and regulations as stipulated by regulatory bodies, including the government. There is a chance of increasing the number of lawsuits for violation of safety standards and confidentiality in treatment of its patients. Moreover, the vibrant technology is expected to raise the cost of obtaining new hospital tools and apparatus (Hagan, 2011).


From the above SWOT analysis, the following recommendations to the CEO of Seattle Childrens Hospital can be made:

Patients should be integrated to take part in the hospital research activities as it will lower the necessity for the hospital to seek for research materials somewhere else. The hospital should use its own patients as research specimen, since they possess an understanding in regard to professionalism at the hospital. If it is done, the local government and several local charity groups living around the hospital will be motivated to take part in discovery of better ways to serve and treat children. Consequently, it will improve the status and image of the hospital and result in reduced resources in terms of expertise and labor. It will also ensure that the resources of the hospital are not wasted. The CEO should also be called upon to put more emphasis on the community responsibility and open events as it will revive the relationship between the community and the hospital. The CEO should also control that services are not interfered with in the course of integrating volunteer groups and additional events.

Moreover, the CEO should try to establish a deep-rooted communication channel across the organization as it will assist in giving accurate and timely information to the patients and hospital staff, thereby, ensuring that time is well-distributed at the institution. The CEO should also provide access for other hospitals to the institution for research undertakings. It will raise the image of the hospital in the healthcare sector. By doing this, the hospital will also obtain more potential clients expected to need the services. Consequently, it will ensure that the marketing efficiency of the hospital is improved as the research activity offers the effective tool for advertising. The hospital should also strive to expand and provide more capacity in order to control and monopolize the healthcare market by being the only institution offering extensive and quality healthcare services to children.

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