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What Is a Discussion Thread?

In an online interactive classroom situation, a discussion thread is a chain of written opinions, points of view or ideas (usually exchanged among three or more participants in a discussion occurring online) connected in the sequence in which they are provided by each participant. By means of hypertext, different discussion threads enable an old or new participant to commence at any point and keep to the whole discussion from its very beginning to the last point of view or idea presented. Nowadays, discussion threads are regarded as a very essential and integral component of the classroom discussion sites. According to online discussion board standards, discussion threads should be very brief, coherent, well-versed, and to the point. A discussion thread should comprise one or two concrete arguments or considerations with corroborative and trustworthy pieces of evidence.

What Should Be Done to Create a Discussion Thread?

In order to create a discussion thread, you should do the following steps:

You should go to the forum website that allows providing a thread.

Then you should click on the option – Create a Thread – in order to open the created thread page.

Once you get to the created page, you should type the name of the subject. The text types will appear as a link in the needed forum.

Then you have to type the message of yours.

You can also attach any file, if you consider it is necessary.

The last step is to click the submission button.

In case you are unsure whether you want to send your discussion thread, then click the option – Save as a Draft. The copy of your discussion thread will be securely saved. In order to get back and edit your draft, find the option – My Drafts – in the menu. Then you have to click – Message Subject – and after that, click – Edit.

Creating a Discussion Thread

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Nine steps that can help in preparing discussion thread:

1. Comprehend the main purpose of the discussion thread;

2. Prepare yourself in advance for this task;

3. Carefully and attentively read all discussion thread requirements;

4. Ponder on your arguments or concepts;

5. Conduct thorough literature review or research;

6. Collect necessary pieces of evidence;

7. Write your response;

8. Revise and edit it;

9. Deliver on time

What Is the Key Purpose of a Discussion Thread?

The application of discussion threads allows the teaching staff to check students’ understanding and knowledge of the material learnt on the one hand and the students to express their ideas or opinions of any subject concerned on the other hand. The foremost purpose of discussion threads is to provide various learning experiences for each student. Every student attending any lecture or class is supposed to take part in discussion boards and post his / her own points of view or ideas about the suggested topic, subject, concept, etc. Online discussions allow students to learn from each other and constantly interact and communicate with one another.

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Online discussion board best practices are as follows:

  • Netiquette guidelines should always be provided before the students take part in online discussions.
  • Moderation and Balance imply that everything should be controlled in order to avoid off-tracking from the essential topic or subject.
  • Open-Ended Questions are aimed at provoking an open discussion and dialogue. It is recommended to apply such words as starters such as compare, explore, discuss, reflect, or contrast.
  • Motivated Discussion should be closely related to the term / course material, as well as the goals and objectives set.
  • Understandable Instructions & Grading should always be very clear, straightforward, and simple. By so doing, students will be focused on providing well-though-out and coherent discussion. They should be encouraged to express their own ideas, opinions, and considerations. It is advised to stress in advance when some references are needed.
  • Time Management should be aimed at involving students in proactive participation. Time management and timeframes should always be followed as it is impossible to constantly checking endless discussions that are not to the point.

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