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Human Cloning Essay Sample

May 18th, 2020
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Human cloning is the process in which a genetically identical individual is created from either a living or dead person. It also takes into account the production of clone tissues, which are donated from the individual to be cloned. The delivery of twins is also called natural human cloning. However, in spite of the delivery of twins being the result of natural human cloning, they are without a doubt separate persons with separate experiences.

Previously, scientists have managed to clone animals, like Dolly, the sheep. Evidently, they have attempted to do a similar method on human beings and have registered significant victory. By and large, human cloning is a phenomenon that has come of age and ought to be allowed in the wake of myriads of health complications since it has been effectively used to cure a number of them.

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Uses of Human Cloning

In the therapeutic arena, there are practical purposes for cloning technology. One of the most likely uses is a method of assisted reproduction. This abundantly benefits many patients due to the extensive introduction of assisted reproductive knowledge. This has resulted in a great number of pregnancies as well as births that could not have been realized. In this way, the challenge of infertility can be done away with, especially when in-vitro methods of fertilization are used. These are extremely good options to couples who are not willing to reproduce conventionally. This method allows the couples to have children with minimum genetic input from third parties.

Donation of Tissues

The technology of human cloning is also vital and can potentially be used to create an individual with tissues immunologically matched to an existing person. There are ethical as well as legal protections that by now prohibit the use of cloned children as discardable donor organisms. According to medical ethics, the principle of avoiding harm is usually upheld (Morrison and Monagle 99-101). Again, the production of clone tissues is vital in making the elderly look young. One of the leading supporters of human cloning technology, Dr. Richard Seed, is of the idea that human cloning is fundamental and vital in reversing the aging process.


One the number one killer disease in both developed and Third World countries is a heart attack. According to scientists, human cloning technology can be used to clone healthy heart cells and inject them in the damaged heart area. This is immensely valuable in the cure of heart attacks (Morrison and Monagle 99-101). At the moment, silicon gels as well as other cosmetics are commonly used in surgeries. However, in as much as these materials may suit the patients, they are likely to cause immune diseases.

In the technology of human cloning, the doctors avoid using materials which are foreign to the body and instead, are in a position of growing cells, bones, as well as tissues that can match the one of the individual being treated. Additionally, victims of terrible accidents who suffer from deformed faces can also hope to have their features repaired using safe technology (Holland 165-166). This technology can also be safely used in breast implants for cosmetic purposes.

It should also be noted that it is possible to cure cancer just by switching cells on and off. This kind of phenomenon in which cells differentiate in specific tissues has baffled the minds of scientists (Morrison and Monagle 99-101). By and large, cloning is vital in assisting scientists to make understanding differentiation and cancer. In many ways, health conditions like leukemia, kidney failure, spinal cord injury, the Downs Syndrome as well as liver failure can be practically cured by cloning.

Defective Genes

According to scientists, there are approximately eight defective genes in a human being. Thus, a person with defective genes is likely to develop an illness irrespective of being in sound health. In this regard, it is possible to have cloning without the fear of having defects.

Ethical Concerns of Human Cloning

By and large, scientists have an ethical obligation to when introducing medical procedures, as well as technologies. In this regard, physicians ought to consider the possible implications that are bound to arise in consequence of human cloning (CEJAAMA 1-6). This is due to the fact that in many ways, there are potential physical and psychological harms that are likely to have unfavorable effects on familial relations. In as much as there are evident benefits of the human cloning technology, there are also potential harms that could negatively affect the benefits of the technology. In this regard, caution needs to be taken to ensure the potential harms are not affected on innocent people.

The Impact of Human Cloning on the Society

In addition to the principled concerns, there are also issues regarding individuality and confidentiality (CEJAAMA 1-6). By and large, the repercussions for cloning for the family, as well as the broader relationships, remain unexplored. This means that consequences of a father-daughter relationship could be in case the daughter and wife are genetically identical. Generelly, there is the possibility of different outcomes especially with regard to the introduction of cloning.


All in all, there are success stories of human cloning as well as the creation of tissue cells that have emanated from diverse sections of the globe. As a matter of fact, several people have had successful treatments in consequence of human cloning technology, with various responses and feedbacks being reported at the Human Cloning Foundation. Although human cloning has not been given legal status in a number of countries, the research on stem cells have been accepted by several governments.

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