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USA Should not Support Same Sex Marriages Essay

October 4th, 2019
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It would be very obnoxious for the United States of America to support or appear to support same sex marriages. The United States act as an example of good and bad in the world. Mostly, major developments in the world have occurred because this country has shown the way. For this reason, it would be bad for the U.S. to appear to support same sex marriages. There are a number of reasons why this country should not support same sex marriages. Among others, there should be mentioned such as their inconsistency with most religions in the world, probability of some health problems and absence of logic in supporting it. The following discussion considers these disadvantages.

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Conflict with religion

Homosexuality as a practice contravenes teachings of most religions. In essence, there is no particular recognized religion that supports homosexuality, and even if there is one, it has not been recognized as having an official standing regarding this issue. According to Sharma (124), common religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and Islamism have condemned the practice of same sex marriages. However, there have been indications in the world that some religions are likely to change their stands regarding marriages, and this may come amid a lot of contradictions and a lot of oppositions. In this respect, therefore, the best position the United States of America should take is to resist supporting same sex marriages.

Virtually all religions are represented in this country. Even if one of the religions may appear to support same sex marriage, the government should not align itself with such a standpoint. Other religions are likely to be in opposition to same sex marriages, and it would mean that only few persons in the country would give a nod to such a move. So the best way is to avoid making hasty decisions.

It is important to look at a religion as one entity. Religion is mostly associated with worship of a supreme being who controls what happens in the world. The church has had a history of only supporting marriages that have a man and a woman as the participants. According to Sharma (124), this aspect of religion has not changed, and it is not likely to change. All people in the country are bound by the teachings of major religions, and, therefore, everybody should abide by practices of his or her church. This makes the country a religious country, and common values upheld by religions should become the norm. Since same sex marriage is not supported by the church, the government should abhor anything that relates to same sex marriage.

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Health problems

There are a number of health problems that are associated with homosexuality. Some of them are sexually related diseases. According to Rimmerman (182), it is possible for people involved in same sex marriages to have physical and mental health problems. For example, a person involved in such issues is likely to have his or her mind affected negatively, which leads to deterioration of his or her mind. Physical health disorders are related to wear-and-tear of human body. It is possible that such processes could be observed in the parts involved in this kind of sex, thus, it presents a big problem.

However, as Rimmerman (182) writes, health problems, as related to same sex marriage, concern sexually transmitted diseases. Even though the issue of sexually transmitted diseases is a concern for any kind of marriage, it is more likely to occur in case with homosexuality. As written by Rimmerman (182), many people are used to correlating sexually transmitted diseases regarding sex involving a man and woman. And, therefore, there may be laxity for people involved in same sex marriages as for using protective devices such as condoms.

Lack of logic

There is no logic in same sex marriage. Marriages are associated with child-bearing, and anything contravening this is not regarded as ethical. This includes same sex marriages whose main aim is pleasure. Same sex marriage cause both moral and civil debates. The moral debates discuss why two men would like to be in a union, or why two ladies would like to marry each other. According to Andryszewski (49), there is no particular provision in the law that suggests legality of sex marriage. Therefore, it can only be concluded that the issue of same sex marriage is a creation of human beings who want to exploit chances in their lives.

The civil debate is whether there is any constitutional reasoning for having same sex marriage supported or legalized in the United States of America. When Obama suggested that there should be legalization of same sex marriage, he was not supported by any constitutional provision, or, rather, it is the trend in the world. It is right if the nation upholds what is morally and civilly right. The only thing which can be reasoned in analyzing why some leaders in the country support same sex marriages is the purpose of getting favors from the electorate during the coming elections.

However, the whole issue lacks sense in both moral and civil aspects. The purpose of marriage would be lost if same sex marriage were allowed in the country. If all people in the country would consider marrying a person of the same sex, then there would be no more creation. No children would be born, and this would mean that the world would be coming to an end. It contradicts logic that people would like to end the world ‘prematurely’, and, therefore, it contradicts logic if the government will support such an idea.

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