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The Abortion Act

October 23rd, 2019
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Overview of health problem

Abortion is the process of interrupting the life of a child, not born yet, till the time it is able to exist independently. This process has been legalized in all states of the United States of America. Some political parties are against abortion act, while others support it. The Democratic Party supports abortion whilst the Republican Party is opposed to it.

Each society has been performing abortion acts for more than thousand years. At first, abortion was legalized in the USA. Then, in the late 1800s it became illegal. The reason of it was that the government was afraid that the population will increase due to a great number of immigrants. Also, they were afraid that the population of non-Americans will dominate. In 1973, the abortion act was legalized one more time. This year Supreme Court made the decision in Roe v. Wade case. The decision of the court gave women a possibility to have safe abortion acts with the help of professionals and experienced doctors. This increased the rate of deaths and injuries related to pregnancy.

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On the one hand, abortion acts save women’s life in particular cases. But, on the other hand, women kill their children. Certainly, they can do abortion, if a child is sick (for example, Down syndrome or others). To tell the truth, mostly women do the abortion in a case of unintended pregnancy, when they just do not want to have a child in this period of time. The legalization of abortion means more abortions. It will not make the procedure less dangerous, it will just increase an amount of abortion acts. According to Hilgers (1981), “In the United States, the abortion number skyrocketed from an estimated 98,000 per year to a peak of 1, 6 million following total legalization in 1973. A research team in 1981 used a reliable mathematical model to estimate an average of 98,000 illegal abortions each year in the 32 years preceding legalization.” The World Health Organization approximates that there are 42 million abortions in the world every year, and 20 million of them are surreptitious and illegal.

Severity of the health problem

Abortion act is a serious problem nowadays. Today, scientists made a lot of researches connected to this problem. Killing a fetus is applied to killing a newborn child. Every human being, as well as potential person, has a chance to live in the world. Obviously, the exception should be made for fetuses with the Down syndrome and other diseases, which will not give the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Nowadays, scientists have done a lot of researches connected with abortion acts. A lot of scientists showed that this procedure induces physical complications. It is known, that in spite of using anesthesia, mostly all women, who do abortion, experience pain during this procedure. Moreover, younger women experience stronger pain. Danforth (1986) said that “complications such as these are common, as are bleeding, hemorrhage, laceration of the cervix, menstrual disturbance, inflammation of the reproductive organs, bladder or bowel perforation, and serious infection.” The after-abortion complications float up afterward. According to researches (1982), women who faced the abortion procedure have bigger possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Possibly the main problem is that the possibility of these kinds of complications, in conjunction with possibilities of potential miscarriage, is enlarged with every following abortion. Moreover, scientists proved that the abortion procedure increases breast cancer possibility. Some women died during the abortion procedure, as well. It is the most complicated problem nowadays. Furthermore, some women suffer from psychological problems. Possibility of physical damage connected with feticide contains infection, risk of miscarriage, and low birth mass in potential childbearing. Additionally, there can be a lot of fatalities because of many reasons, after abortion.

Abortion process is a killing process. That means that everyone has to be acquainted with effects of this act. Nowadays, scientists made a lot of researches to prove the harmful effects of abortion procedure and its influence on the women’s mind as well as health. A great amount of researches decreased the quantity of made abortions all over the world. These investigations showed how harmfully it can be.

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Overview of the Bill and Stakeholders

Abortion brings a great amount of never-ending political and moral debates. Nearly a year ago the Protect Life Act was passed by the Republican Party.

According to PPACA “Protect Life Act – Amends the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act federal funds should be prohibited from being used to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes coverage of abortion services.”

Moreover, this act does not allow medical workers to perform abortions. Abortion act has to become illegal, but health professionals don’t have to refuse to do abortion in the life-threatening cases. This act rises above an effort to limit treatment of miscarriages. Republicans state on the opinion that taxpayers` money does not have to recompense abortion acts.

Most Americans do not agree with the following act, and they claim abortions to become legal. Finally, it is the only one way to avoid public funds from being exploited and to prevent women from buying an assurance with their personal money. This act cannot be turned into reality because the restrictions are based on the moral opinion of other people, who are opposed to abortion acts. It seems that capital punishment, drug war and wars have not to be funded with the public money.

There is one particularly controversial component in the Protect Life Act. It says that medial workers, who are moral opponents to abortion process, are able to refuse doing it. Moreover, it will avoid the women’s death cases.

In the case of non-emergency procedures, medical workers with tough moral viewpoints don’t have to be enforced to participate in the process they consider as immoral. This act has an opportunity to be brought to life, but with a few remarks. When it is necessary for women’s life, an operation must be done. Moreover, it can be done in the case, when woman has a probability to give birth to a child with a Down syndrome.

Expected outcomes

Protect Life Act was introduced by Rep. Joseph R. Pitts. The promoters believe that the measure will forbid public financial support for abortions under the federal health care law. Moreover, it will prevent financial support from being withdrawn from organizations that turn down to do abortion operations. Promoters argue that this bill will reduce the amount of abortions all over the country. As the government will not support them financially, women will think twice before accepting an operation. They will spend their own money. Evidently, there are some exceptions, when a woman can have an abortion legally. Legal abortion act has to be turned into reality in the case when pregnancy is a result of a rape. Another result of an abortion act is incest, or when a woman suffers from physical disorders, injuries or illnesses or when her health is in danger. The bill claims that anything in this act cannot be interpreted as ruling out any private unit from obtaining abortions, financing of which are banned under this act.

Abortion act supporters claim that this act will allow medical workers to reject to provide abortion acts in women’s life-threatening situations. As well, it will forbid women to use their own money to get an assurance that covers a variety of reproductive care.


To the opponents’ mind, this bill is concerned as a wedge issue. They say that promoters who passed this legislation hope to catch votes from religious citizens, who are conservative. They think that the morality will control the capacity to remove the personal’s control of their body. The Act’s opponents criticized the legislation. They called is “Let the Women Die” act. Just about 600 hospitals in the U.S. united with the Catholic Church; they would be able to turn aside women in search of abortions in all situations, even if it is necessary to save their life. American Journal of Public Health came to a conclusion that “Catholic hospitals already have a years-long history of ignoring the emergency care law to avoid performing abortions.” Just the one thing about which opponents and supporters have the same opinion is information restricts admission to abortions. Probably this bill will not be passed because President would probably refuse it.

Majority of Americans are against using taxpayers’ money to cover abortions, and most probably this would be correct not to make such a financial support available. Most Americans want abortion to be legal. Abortion rights are accepted by most American citizens. This will put a stop on personal money from being used, and it is rather another way to ban women buying personal indemnity with their personal money. This is supremely ironic to give an opportunity to citizens to have a personal choice. It is not logical to make abortion illegal because of a moral point of view. It makes other processes as war, drug war and capital punishment illegal too. This is not good from moral point of view, as well.

Unintended Consequences

After passing this bill, the rate of death can increase. It makes abortions illegal. A lot of hospitals can refuse doing abortions, especially, if they are united with Catholic Churches. Sometimes, abortion has to be done because a pregnancy process endangers woman’s life. To tell the truth, according to this bill, hospitals can refuse to perform abortion even in such cases. Some doctors with the high moral beliefs can refuse to perform abortion, as well. The truth is that abortions are not governmentally financed so it will reduce the number of abortions in the United States of America.


People support H.R. 358, the Protect Life Act. It seeks to bring the Obama Care law into line with existing policies on abortion, and it also preserves the conscience rights of those opposed to participating in abortion; they resist any antagonistic attempt, protecting the lives of the unborn, and resist those, who continue to undermine the rights of conscience of citizens, and try to weaken this proposal with some further modifications.

The Protect Life Act is necessary in order to put into practice the will of people to prevent national finances from being used to cover up the cost of every health care projects, which contain abortion services, and to eliminate discrimination of those entities or individuals that decline to participate in abortion training or in carrying out abortions. Certainly, protecting the conscience rights of Americans is a basic freedom, and a God-given one; a fundamental constitutional right so highly spoken.

As for me, it is necessary to support this act because it saves million of lives. Moreover, women will probably think twice about their future actions. To my mind, promoters just have to change some points in the bill. If the pregnancy is dangerous for woman’s life, medicals have to perform abortion in any case. They don’t have to care about the moral aspect.

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