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Bullying Sample Essay

May 2nd, 2018
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Bullying can be defined as the use of force to intimidate or abuse others. This is a term that is most common in schools where the elder children tend to mistreat the others. However, bullying is an activity that occurs in many places. Bullying does not necessarily have to be physical. Instead, there can be emotional, verbal or mental bullying. In the act of bullying, the bully seems to think that they have power over their victim. Therefore, they tend to think that they can control them and treat them, as they would wish. This forms the basis of this essay with regard to whether this should be dealt with by the legal systems.

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Bullying can be based on several factors. It can be based on religion, race, gender, sexuality or even ability. Once the bully finds an edge over the victim, they use it to carry out their activity. This has adverse effects on the victim. It may harm them, affect them emotionally and even lower their self esteem. For this reason, it is clear that the federal government should place laws to prevent bullying among the citizens. Some bullying may involve extreme acts of physical aggression that may have an adverse effect on the victim (Rosenthal 24). Some of these acts of physical aggression include pocking, pulling of hair, pinching, chocking, slapping and many others. These are acts that can be extremely annoying. This is especially if they are done to adults. They feel that they are extremely lowly placed. This is a fact that can be a major determiner of the self esteem that an individual holds.

High-level forms of violence are perfectly understood by most legal systems. Some of them, such as murder are considered to be serious crimes. The legal systems deal with them in the most serious ways possible. However, bullying has been there from time immemorial. Since the early days, it has always occurred between people. There is no single time in history that the society would not have the act ongoing. However, it has always been ignored by the legal systems. In the recent past, there are some nations that have laid rules and laws that determine how these acts should be treated and handled. Some of those states include US. However, UK does not even have a clear way of defining bullying. The lack of these laws only means one thing. The people that fall victims to the act have nothing they can do about it. The option is that anger might just accumulate in them (Kowalski 46). This is because bullying does not only affect the physical. It really goes a long way to lower the esteem of a person. Such is something that some people cannot hold as a fact for a long time. Therefore, they might end up committing crimes that may be charged in court. On the contrary, it is the original act that should be charged, prior to this one.

This has just been a review on the perspective of the victim. The lack of legal laws and regulations to deal with bullying also has an effect on the bully themselves. At first, they felt that they have power and ability over the victims or targets. This was the initial reason that caused their acts. After the commission of their acts, the bullies know that they have done something wrong. This may even affect their conscience and make them feel guilty. However, the fact that there are no legal systems that can put them to justice makes them feel even more untouchable. Therefore, they feel that they are in an environment where they can act as they wish. In other words, it does not matter the actions that they carry out on the people that they resent. This is because they cannot be put to justice (Harding 123). As a result of these there has been a common trend from bullies. Most of the bullies do not carry out their harsh acts once. The moment they start it, it becomes recurrent. They form a habit of intimidating their victims every other time. The victims just have to sit back and deal with the facts as they are. This is clear proof that clear rules and regulations should be set up by legal systems to deal with the menace of bullying.

Bullying has different levels on which it occurs. These are the levels that determine the effects that it will have on the victim of the same. To start with, there is simple bullying. In this one, it may just involve simple verbal or physical intimidations. The bully just does something simple to intimidate the victim. The effects of this on the victim are just as simple. Unless it is recurrent, the victim gets over it and moves on with the normal life routine. However, this can have an adverse effect on children. It is obvious that children are of weak spirit. This means that they are easily broken down. Even the simplest forms of bullying can have an adverse effect on the children. As citizens of a nation, even the children deserve to be protected from anything that can harm them. For this reason, there should be laws that are set to determine how the courts deal with these sorts of crimes (Cassel 87). The problem is that some of the countries do not even consider them as crimes. Instead, they consider them as simple act s that should be overlooked. This problem is left to other smaller authorities. However, the lack of legal procedures and rules with which it should be handled paralyzes the justice process.

The second level or type of bullying is complex bullying. This is bullying that brings in so many other factors to the equation. For example, it may not only involve one bully. It may involve more than one person carrying out the process. In their acts, they may cause severe injury to the victim. This can even take place in the workplace or in the streets. In short, it can even happen to adults. In some states, there are people who are so deep into racism. Given the slightest chance, they would easily bully a member of a different race. In complex bullying, the bully does not just do it for fun. Sometimes, it is inspired by factors such as revenge, contempt and hatred. These are factors that can cause extreme actions to be carried out on the victim. In turn, the victim is greatly affected by the actions on him (Rogers 6).

On e of the most difficult effects to deal with are emotional. Sometimes, the actions or words that are said to the victim can be extremely hurtful. As a result of this, the victim might seem to think that they are really in serious trouble. On the other hand, the legal system thinks that this is just a simple act that can be solved in the quickest way possible. This does not auger well with the effect on the victim’s emotional condition. Therefore, the legal system should create a refuge for these people. They should create laws that prevent bullying. They should also establish laws that can help in dealing with the people that are caught engaging in bullying acts. This is due to the fact that these acts are crimes in themselves. It is also due to the fact that bullying gives birth to other crimes at the instance nit happens. The bully may go beyond the radar and result to acts that can be charged in court. The victim may also be largely affected and cause him or her to result to violent act from the anger caused. Suicides have also been known to be on the increase in some nations. The main cause of suicides is the feeling that someone is helpless and that they do not have anyone to turn to. Once one has fallen victim to bullying, the self esteem totally goes below the radar. They feel like they are unwanted in the world. For this reason, the thought of taking their own lives may be an option that is not so far from their thought. This is backed up by numerous statements and declarations of evidence. Investigations on some suicide cases have revealed that some of the people who committed it had been prone to bullying. The fact that the legal system does not include or recognize this as a crime intimidates such people and they resolve to take their lives (U S Congress 36).


From the above essay, it is clear that there should be distinct laws against bullying. This is because most of the nations do not even have a definition for this term, yet the act is evolving with the advancements in the telecommunications industry. This is an act that causes discomfort among different individuals. Some bullies conduct their activity in a way that cannot even be prosecuted in court. This leaves the victims helpless and with no one to turn to. Therefore, the legal system should come to the rescue of such people. Strategies should be laid and laws set to deal with this menace. This should apply to all the nations in the world. This way, people can have trust in the legal system, to protect them from anything that causes harm, as well as discomfort.

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