Reflection Paper About My Volunteerism

October 7th, 2022

Not everyone knows who the volunteers are. A volunteer is a person who has a habit to take care of people by helping them absolutely voluntary and without any benefit (gain). A reward for this work is thanking and appreciation from the people, who got substantial assistance.

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More than that, volunteers receive useful knowledge, new friends, and have the ability to chat with people from different states. However, that is not all. The main thing that volunteers receive is a feeling of their value in society. In accordance to this, volunteers are working to the good of their country absolutely for free. A volunteer is a person who participates (for free) in a variety of socially important campaigns such as distribution of the necessary information, training and community action.

In many countries, there are a large number of volunteer organizations. In addition, there arose international volunteer camps for the development of integration processes. The main idea of volunteering is to unite people from different countries with a valuable aim. The framework of the project is the dissemination of ideas of peace, international friendship, and understanding. The best way to get to know people and their culture is to work together and spend free time helping each other. Volunteering covers a lot of different activities such as traditional forms of self-help or mutual aid, providing of formal services and other forms and types of citizen participation. All these actions are made voluntary for the benefit of society, where money payments are not the main motive. Speaking in the easy words, volunteer work is unpaid, as it is commonly understood in our society. The only fact that someone is going to pay the person who does not have the knowledge and skills to put it mildly is a little bit inappropriate. However, this does not mean that volunteers work for free. They can spend for about six hours per week on this activity. Volunteers are not only altruistic; they work for the sake of gaining experience, special skills and knowledge, establishing personal contacts.

Volunteering for a person is a possibility to gain social experience, get recommendations for further promotion and career advancement. It is also an opportunity to get acquainted with economic activity and find application in the “third sector.” Many volunteers eventually begin to form their own organizations to implement their copyrights social projects and more. That is, in the future, he may volunteer to organize any voluntary movement. In these doings, other volunteers are able to help. Voluntary movements are based on friendly relations and mutual solidarity. That is why the man who became a volunteer becomes a part of the amazing human relationships.

What do the volunteers do? Volunteers usually spend their free time for the benefit of people in need of help. They help older people in homes for the elderly, organize the collection of things for human needs, and help people in need to solve social problems. They are actively assisting people with some disabilities. In addition, volunteers are actively working with orphanages and hospitals to help children all that they can. This includes the collection of things for children, seeking donors for children, leisure, and much more. Most volunteer work is a direct path to paid work, there is always an opportunity to show and prove their best, try out different fields of activity, and determine the choice of life.

Talking about me, I can say that I have my own experience of volunteering. I decided that the perfect place to work for me would be a restaurant or organization. I decided to work both at Marion-Polk Food Share and China Buffet restaurant. At Marion-Polk Food Share, I usually help to do the food repackaging under a food processor’s regulation. They consider that everyone should have a possibility not to be hungry. The emergency food boxes are available through their network. Each person may come during regular hours of operation and get a free meal or pantry. No one should provide his social security number or verify his or her income. That is why I like this organization.

At China Buffet restaurant, they share the food they left over with the poor people. My job is to help them repack the food. I think it is not complicated but very pleasant to feel myself useful for a society. I choose to volunteer at these two places because I love to help people and I do believe in the Marion-Polk Food Share’s idea: “Imagine…No Hunger.” Socialize, have fun, share experiences, give each other a cheerful smile, assert them, and improve their professional status, – it is great because that is life! For the volunteer, it is really important not only that one will gladly spend his or her time but also the fact that he or she provide assistance to others. After all, if there will be more such people as volunteers in the world, one may be able to make young people for what it is needed for our state!

During the volunteer, I found even I am just a student and have no much money, I still can help people, I still can give them my time to give a little help. A volunteer is very necessary in today’s society. Experts claim, “For the volunteer movement is the future.” Volunteering allows a person to realize a sense of personal liability for what happens.

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