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Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors

April 20th, 2021
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Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of Men and Women

Gender stereotypes affect people’s opportunities in professional life and public activities. Traditionally, males and females have different sexual preferences that are reflected in their attitudes and behaviors. These attitudes and behaviors are influenced by stereotypes that have been imposed for centuries. Men and women perceive the world differently in almost all aspects. They also perceive sex in completely different ways. Often, social norms determine the sexual behaviors of both genders. Men and women have different sexual attitudes and behaviors due to biological, social, and historical factors.

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Historical Background

Historically, boys and girls are raised differently. This is especially noticeable in sexual education. Since birth, the boy touches his penis, demonstrating his superiority to the entire world. However, girls are not allowed to do this. As a rule, mothers forbid them to touch their sexual organs. Therefore, women are ashamed of their vaginas, while men love their penises. Most women consider vaginas the ugliest organ in their body. This assumption appears due to beliefs that have been imposed for centuries (Lefkowitz, Shearer, Gillen, & Espinosa-Hernandez, 2014). In ancient times, the vagina was the embodiment of beauty as well as new life and the source of pleasure.

When Christianity came to Europe, the vagina was perceived as something terrible and ugly. In this way, society wanted to suppress women’s sexuality. Moreover, society began to claim that a woman should not get pleasure during sex, and her only task was to give birth to children and bring pleasure to a man. During the Renaissance, there was the flowering of female sexuality, and it was said that a woman should also experience an orgasm. However, shortly before that, chastity belts were used, and girls who were not ashamed of their sexuality were burned at the stake (Brannon, 2017). The Victorian era brought many misfortunes to women. At that time, the vagina was conditionally divided into two types: bad and good. The bad one craved pleasure, and the good one existed only for one man to satisfy him and give birth to children. Nowadays, despite the fact that a sexual revolution already ended, stereotypes about bad and good vaginas still exist.

Sexual Differences Based on Social and Biological Factors

There is no doubt that sexuality has a biological basis because female anatomy is different from male ones, and both sexes experience different orgasms. There also exists a biological imperative to reproduce, which ensures the survival of the human race. Some biologists give an evolutionary explanation for the fact that men have a tendency to be more sexually active than women (Cacioppo & Freberg, 2013). They explain that men want to have sex more often because they are biologically inclined to fertilize as many women as possible. A woman, who has only one egg that can be fertilized, has another aim to find a permanent partner who will raise their children, thus helping her to successfully fulfill her biological role in the reproduction of the human race (Brannon, 2017). This argument is supported by observations on the sexual behavior of animals when males are usually more sexually active than females.

Furthermore, most people are heterosexual, i.e. they seek emotional power and sexual joy in relationships with the opposite sex. Therefore, heterosexuality forms the basis of marriage and family. In every society, there are sexual norms that regulate sexual relations between people. However, these norms are very different in different cultures. Many individuals believe that men are sexually stronger than women due to their physical strength. However, in reality, women are sexually stronger since they can experience multiple orgasms whereas men can have one orgasm only in the genital area (Brannon, 2017). In addition, many societies consider male polygamy the norm, while women are not allowed to have several men. Their role, as a rule, is limited to housework. Consequently, the differences between men’s and women’s sexuality are huge. Due to these differences, women can sometimes organize political movements, demanding equal rights.

The Differences in Sexual Behaviors

As a rule, men think more often about sex than women. The experts say that most men under sixty think about sex at least once a day; however, only a quarter of women have such thoughts that often (Brannon, 2017). Moreover, with age, men continue to fantasize about sex more frequently than women. Studies confirm that men like to have sex more often, and it does not matter at what stage of the relationship they are: at the beginning, in full swing, or many years later (Lefkowitz et al., 2014). This concerns not only heterosexuals; homosexual males also want to have sex more often than lesbians.

There also other facts proving that males are more sexually active than females. The recent study reveals that approximately two-thirds of men admit to masturbating, while only 40 percent of women are likely to do this (Cacioppo & Freberg, 2013). So, it may be concluded that masturbation is much less common among women. Furthermore, prostitution remains a predominantly unidirectional phenomenon because mostly men buy sexual services from women. Females purchase sexual services less often. Interestingly, nuns are more disciplined and break their vows of chastity more rarely compared to priests (Lefkowitz et al., 2014). It is also discovered that females with higher levels of education tend to have active sexual lives; however, the level of education does not influence the sexual activity of men.

Sexual Attitudes of Men and Women

Women achieve sexual satisfaction differently than men. The origins of these differences lie both in the biological specifics and their social roles. As a result, men and women hardly understand each other. A romantic setting and sweet anticipation play a huge role in fueling the sexual desire of women. Men, however, seek to relieve their sexual tension. They do not need to use their imagination to get excited. The average time from the start of sexual intercourse to ejaculation is about 4 minutes for men, while women need more than 10 minutes to achieve an orgasm (Brannon, 2017). Nevertheless, what is really important is that women do not always experience orgasms. For men, the absence of an orgasm is the exception rather than the rule because the majority of them (75%) ejaculate during each sex; however, only 26 percent of females have an orgasm during sexual intercourse (Brannon, 2017). If a man has a low libido, this sexual problem can be relatively easily treated with the help of special drugs. Unfortunately, there are no effective medicines that could boost women’s sexual desire.


The sexuality of men differs from that of women due to biological, social, and historical factors. Most differences appeared because of thousands of years of social conditioning. In the past, it was believed that women should not have pleasure during sex, and their only task was to give birth to children and sexually satisfy men. Moreover, males and females have different sexual attitudes and behaviors because female anatomy is different from male ones, and both sexes experience different orgasms. In particular, women need more time to reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse compared to men. Men also think about sex and have sexual fantasies more often than women. As a rule, women need romance to have sex, while men use sex to relieve their sexual tension.

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