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October 27th, 2020
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The Four-Way Test is the public face of Rotary’s commitment to business’ ethics. A large number of Rotary clubs treat it as ethics for Rotarian behavior in daily life. Rotary serves to encourage companies and organizations in everyday business flow. At Walmart, employees recognize that the success of their business operations depends on their moral values and norms. That is why it is important to consider personal and business moral relationship within the company. Walmart is the largest American food retailer, and the third largest pharmacy. However, it needs improvement of public relations. This could be achieved by examining the situation and making recommendations how to rectify their public relations, which are the backbone of the company. Current paper gives recommendations to Walmart management in order to improve public image of Walmart.

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The Importance of Rectifying Walmart Public Relations

Walmart management is concerned about bad public relations within the company. Many studies observe that Walmart public relations should be improved and developed in accordance with the main principles of the Four-Way Test (Brown, 2013). These principles have been established and implemented into different industries and help Rotarians to create ethical relationship inside the business. Many complaints related to problems with public relations in Walmart result from the fact that many people deny these important principles. The goal of this paper is to prove that Rotary Four-Way Test can help to rectify Walmart public relations. The history has shown that these principles have been developed over the years to provide Rotarians with a strong, general purpose and direction.

In order to develop relationships among co-workers, employees and customers, consulting managers should educate them with the main principles that are incorporated in the Four-Way Test. First of all, the Walmart management should develop acquaintance as an opportunity for service. Secondly, it is crucial for the success of Walmart to provide high ethical standards in everyday business flow identifying the importance to serve society, not only personal needs. Furthermore, every employee should understand that he or she is in Walmart in order to encourage and foster its operation and service. Ethical standards in business create a healthy environment where shareholders can share their needs, requirements, thoughts and attitudes to Walmart products and services in a daily basis. That is what can make shareholders happy and certain about Walmart’s operations. Moreover, each Rotarian should tend to make a contribution into business and community life of Walmart. Providing these principles into life would significantly rectify their public relations.

The Main Criticisms of Wal-Mart

Many experts criticize Walmart for low wages, compared to other retailers of similar size. Consequently, low wages lead to low cost of goods. In such situation, employees in Walmart are characterized as low skilled. As a rule, workers with low working level effort lack ethical values and do not care very much about healthy relations. Public relations, therefore, need better development and motivation. Brown (2013) argued that motivation in the workplace is an important factor of a company’s success. Walmart has considerable influence about working conditions and wages, particularly in relation to manufacturers that the company itself describes as direct suppliers. Admittedly, many authorities observe that Walmart often violates ethical standards, including gender, race, etc. Moreover, some violations are systematic and severe. As such, Walmart creates an image to be a business where authorities do not care about ethical standards and strong public relations.

Oftentimes, employees do not communicate with each other appropriately. This situation does not build goodwill and better friendships among co-workers in Walmart. Public relations in Walmart can be characterized as a whole mess. Walmart retail workers often take part in different strikes. Some of them are known to be conducted on Black Friday. The main demands include a rise in wages, health care, adequate hours, respect on the job and some other ethical issues, e.g. discrimination according to race, gender and religion. In their book Hill and Jones (2009) wrote, “A quite number of critics emphasize that Walmart lacks professional persons who can organize workers and create a productive business environment.” Moreover, workers seldom spend their free time together, what is an evidence of poor friendship and low-scale public relations. In order to improve public relations in Walmart, managers should pay more attention on ethical standards and interpersonal relationship among their employees.

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It has become obvious that Walmart needs a professional management, which can turn their public relations mess into a more positive public image. Hill and Jones (2009) noted that one of the main solutions to this problem may be to enforce employers to stop unethical acts that have often taken place. As a business consultant, I should focus on making public relations firm. This can include different actions. First of all, it will be rather essential to enforce every Rotarian to work in accordance with ethical standards that will meet needs and demands of every employee in the company. On the other hand, every worker in Walmart should work with integrity and contribute their professional and personal skills, experience and knowledge into the wellbeing and cooperation to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Some studies have shown that many consumers consider that Walmart makes a bad effect on the national economy. Thus, it is important to explore what causes it and what should be taken to improve its image and reputation on the market.

The role of the effective business consultant is to encourage every Rotarian to establish an effective working environment including the improvement of the quality of life for every employee. This, in turn, will improve public relations that will serve the public interests. I also recognize the role of youth in the business operation of Walmart. Dube and Jakobs (2004) indicate that young people are more flexible and possess readiness to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Moreover, they have a better opportunity to learn new things, share ideas, and take part in different programs and trainings. Participating in leadership development programs such as, for example, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Youth Exchange, younger employees may reinforce public relations in Walmart. In order to increase its competitive advantage, Walmart management should investigate all problems including ethical ones. Oftentimes, ethical standards and norms are of more importance than professional skills. People who cannot communicate with each other accordingly cannot provide perfect professional abilities and create negative atmosphere in their work places.


Walmart plays an important role in the U.S. economy. Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States, with 1.3 million employees, and the largest retailer in the United States (Dube, Lester, & Eidlin, 2007). However, it has many problems that should be solved in order to lead in the market and meet societal needs and demands. Like any other business, Walmart needs a strong management, which can maintain a successful business operation. Recently, much concern has been paid to ethical values within the company and problems with public relations. Therefore, the role of a business consultant is crucial nowadays. In their efforts to improve public relations, the management of the company should take into consideration the Four-Way Test, which is the public face of Rotary’s commitment to business’ ethics. A large number of Rotary clubs treat it as an ethics for Rotarian behavior in daily life. Rotary serves to encourage companies and organizations in everyday business flow.

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