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Reagan Revolution through President Obama

October 27th, 2020
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The famous President Reagan’s words in his farewell speech “They called it the Reagan revolution. Well, I’ll accept that, but for me it always seemed more like the great rediscovery, a rediscovery of our values and our common sense”, quoted by Woodger and Bury in their book The 1980s explained the principles of the American phenomenon, which called Reaganomics. Ronald Reagan reduced tax burden on people to decrease inflation by increasing welfare of the people. Hence, people had opportunities to buy more goods, and at the same time, manufacturing increased. In result, income of the American families increased, and poverty went down. It was a background of the Reagan’s economic program influenced deeply cultural, scientific, social, and political life of the United States of America.

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American industry started producing more competitive goods displacing foreign competitors out of both domestic and world markets. Reagan had good relations with Congress to establish new laws stimulating economic increase, cutting Government expenses, restraint of inflation, eliminating unemployment, and improving national defense. At the same time, Ronald Reagan developed the new Doctrine of the National policy of peaceful coexistence based on “peace through strength.” Thus, Reagan increased defense expenses by 35 percent without reducing social expenses, and achieved better relations with the Soviet Union suppressing Communist movement in the world. Thus, the authority of the United States became so great in the world that the Soviet Union and Cuba were forced to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and Angola. Ronald Reagan was anti-Communist, and his policy supported national anti-Communist movements all over the world. Moreover, he understood all threaten posed by Communism. At the same time, President Reagan proclaimed war against international terrorism. He ordered to bomb Libya in response to the Libyan assault on American soldiers in a nightclub of West Berlin. President Reagan showed the all world that the United States could defend every its citizen whenever he or she was. Moreover, President Reagan ensured uninterrupted oil supply of the United States during the Iran-Iraq war. Thus, real GDP per capita increased by almost 23%.

Ronald Reagan considered that regulation of private enterprise created unnecessary official circumlocution, and in result, it retarded the development of economy. As a matter of fact, there were many various limitations on business in the United States in the 1980s. Therefore, Reagan assigned various activists of antigovernment regulations to key administrative posts to prevent agencies from performing their regulatory functions, or made changes to the legislation for facilitating business activities. In result, many saving institutions were closed up because of bad deregulation. At the same time, Reagan’s deregulation of economy brought significant advantages to society. Deregulation improved business climate in the United States, though many financial institution established during the Great Depression were closed up.

Reagan’s deregulation caused the collapse of mortgage institutions nowadays. Obama’s administration had to renew government regulation in some branches of industry. Moreover, private business activity is prosperous now because Reagan reformed it in the 1980s. At the same time, Ronald Reagan had a higher rating than Carter, Ford, and Nixon. According to Troy (2009), “Love him or hate him, Ronald Reagan remains the most influential president since Franklin D. Roosevelt”, (p. xi).

President Barack Obama considered conducting anti-Reagan policy. He concentrated on solving problems on economy, education, and health care. Thus, President Obama created the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided with job 3.5 million people, reduced taxes for 95 percent of Americans, and supported with investments American infrastructure. According to Obama’s health care law, medical insurance covers 32 million Americans. Thus, the law stipulates financial punishment for not obtaining health insurance. Obama established law to invest automotive industry suffered from the world crisis. Hence, he made financial support for General Motors and Chrysler.

President Obama improved relations with Brazil, Colombia, Panama, and other countries of South America. At the same time, Obama signed the agreement with the Russian Federation on decreasing the amount of long-range nuclear missiles by about one-third. In 2011, President Obama put an end with the military actions in Iraq. In 2009, Barack Obama increased the amount of American soldiers in Afghanistan in connection with an unstable situation. He changed commander of American troops in Afghanistan General McKiernan for Lieutenant General McChrystal, which conducted the counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan. It was new tactics for suppressing various combat actions of Iraqi armed terrorists groups. In 2010, General Petraeus changed McChrystal for critics of the White house. In 2011, President Obama ordered United States Navy SEALs to liquidate Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The operation was successful. In result, Osama bin Laden was killed, and his documents were delivered to the United States.

U.S. Government officials declared that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the radical Islamist organization Al-Qaeda had had top-secret relations from 1992 till 2003. Though President George Bush did not have any evidence, he declared that Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda were able to made terrorist assaults on the United States. The reasons of the Iraqi War were described in the Iraq Resolution of Congress. Furthermore, the United States declared that Iraqi regime created and used mass annihilation weapon. Iraq supported terrorists. Hussein’s regime violated human rights and neglected requirements of the United Nations. The United States declared reasons for its intervention in Iraq as to force Iraq observe the international obligations according to UN Security Council Resolutions 678 and 687. Thus, the United States claimed that Iraq posed threaten to the world community, though Bush Administration did not have any evidence of the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. The United Nation demanded that Iraq would disarm. The Bush Administration was developing the plan of the intervention in Iraq for three years. When the United States invaded Iraq, Americans could not find any evidence of existence of the weapon of mass destruction as well as connections with Al-Qaeda. Thus, President Bush and Blair declared that Hussein’s regime violated human rights. Almost all countries of the world did not military actions against Iraq without approval of the United Nations. Kofi Annan called the war illegal. He declared that the Security Council did not approve actions of the United States and the United Kingdom.

The real reason for the Iraqi War was events of 1991. The Gulf War did not finish entirely. Although Iraq agreed to make war reparations for Kuwait, The United States and the United Nations applied economic sanctions against Iraq. Then, the United States claimed that Iraq had to disarm. In 1998, the United States passed the Iraq Liberation Act to replace Saddam Hussein. Therefore, the main reason to launch the war is the overthrow of the Hussein regime in Iraq.

According to Grmek (1996), AIDS was discovered in 1981 in the United States. Officials ignored the problem because people suffered from AIDS were homosexual men. President Reagan prohibited discussing the problem. Thus, the government ignored the problem as well. In result, Americans were in panic because they did not know how to treat the disease and what could protect against AIDS. By 1983, the number of the ill person increased from 41 till 3 thousand. Half of the ill people died. Just in 1985, President Reagan declared about the dangerous disease on public.

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