48 Hours till Deadline: The Coursework

48 Hours till Deadline: The Coursework

48 Hours till Deadline: The Coursework

Are you having frequent headaches? Your energy is so low you cannot understand what is going on. It is quite difficult to focus your thoughts on one subject without being distracted by something else? The whole world seems like a terrible place and you cannot find the way out? These are the symptoms you might want to go to see the specialist with. But maybe you just have an approaching deadline for your coursework which causes serious stress for your system. You can go and do whatever you want to get rid of the stress but until you deal with a root cause there is no way to escape. An approaching deadline for a dissertation, essay or any other writing assignment always causes stress and frustration, especially if nothing has been done in the weeks before and now one has a great deal of work to be done within a short period of time. Lets imagine that one has got 48 hours left to hand in the coursework to the professor. Is it really possible to have it ready with the time limited to 48 hours? Can you make it? Well, there is only one way to find out.

Challenge Accepted

Before we move on to how to write a 10 page paper in one night there is one important thing that needs to be said. The challenge is not to deliver a coursework within a limited time but to deliver a high quality paper as soon as possible. So it is not just about typing text while thinking what in the world you are writing about in the process. The intention is to do it well despite the approaching deadline. It is important to keep it in mind because the temptation may be really strong to just do it somehow and see what will be the outcome. That is not the challenge. Also, we are not talking about having other people do the work for you. Many feel tempted to pay for coursework and have professionals write it. Today it doesn’t take much wit to search custom coursework writing services online and get things done. Any custom coursework service can do that, but that is not the challenge we are writing about. What we are writing about is how to write a paper quickly and in a way that would bring one a high grade.

The natural reaction to the approaching deadline is to panic. The first thing you have to do is to make sure you don’t do that. It doesn’t help to mentally prepare yourself to the worst possible outcomes. Neither any further procrastination will. That is why you have to focus on the assignment and start doing something. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And it is important to make that first step as soon as you possibly can.

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    1. Start with making a plan. This is something you have already failed to do when you received your assignment. Nevertheless, this is the first step to be taken. You have to outline what you will be doing in the next 48 hours at least in your mind. Try to maximize the efficiency as much as you can while taking into account all of activities you will have to undertake apart from writing a coursework.
    2. You have to devote as much time as you can to the work on your writing assignment. That means you have to forget about checking social network accounts as well as playing games on your phone. In other words, after making the plan you have to shut out the world you used to engage in as much as possible.
    3. Set time frames for reaching certain milestones on your plan. When you have achievable goals it is easier to focus on marching toward a specific target. Create a time line you can follow in order to have the paper written on time.
    4. Now is the time for choosing the question to be addressed in the coursework. Choose the one you have the knowledge about since you don’t have much time to learn new things and digest big portions of materials. When you have the question chosen, develop the key argument related to the question.
    5. Develop several key points related to the key argument that you will be tackling in your coursework. You can research some things online but don’t spend more than half an hour on this as it may lead you astray pretty easily. Having these points you will have the structure or the outline for your essay. Make sure all of your points help you tackle the question and support the key argument.
    6. Introduction. If you did well on the previous stage, writing an introduction shouldn’t be very difficult. This is the section where you have to introduce the topic, identify the key arguments and provide a clear explanation how these arguments are going to be addressed.
    7. When you have the introduction ready there comes the fun part – research. This is something that can suck out too much of your precious time so you better limit yourself when gathering information to support the arguments. The research is made not for copy-pasting but for the knowledge and finding good quotations for your work.
    8. Now when you have all information and quotes it is time for typing. As fast as you can. Pour out your soul into it. Just type and don’t stop for as long as you can. At this moment you know enough to share. This time will likely fly by very quickly and all you have to do is to watch until you reach the word limit. Use information that you learned and found to develop key concepts and support arguments in a cohesive way.
    9. Read what you have written making sure you have said everything you needed to say. Check the connection between different paragraphs – they don’t have to look like different blocks of information.
    10. Edit the paper correcting all spelling and grammar mistakes. Since you were in a hurry it is likely that you made a lot of mistakes that are to be corrected. If you have anyone around you could ask them to proofread your coursework.


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Knowing how to write a paper quickly doesn’t mean you can now procrastinate all the time since you have a back-up plan. This is the worst case scenario. It is highly recommended to start working on the coursework right after receiving the assignment. This way you will be able to deliver a much better piece of writing.