Science Research Paper Topic for Students

Best Science Research Paper Topic

Science Research Paper Topic for Students

Are you studying science? Well, mastering this subject is impossible without completing various academic assignments and projects. Writing your papers on interesting and relevant science research topics for college students, you will not only maintain a successful academic performance but you will also learn a lot of interesting things. However, choosing a good topic for a science paper is not an easy thing to do. Many students fail to choose a good topic because they lack sufficient experience. A science research paper topic should be always credible, accurate, and relevant providing the researcher with room for discussion. But before you learn how to choose a good topic, let us find out what is a research paper and how to do it right.

Nursing Topics for Research Papers

Nursing topics have always been very interesting for students because they help investigate important issues related to human health and wellbeing. Besides, in most cases, there is no problem to find relevant information when writing a nursing paper. Below, you will find some nursing ideas that can be used for writing your research paper.

  1. How a nurse can avoid musculoskeletal disorders and other work-related injuries?
  2. Prepare an analysis of the most effective techniques for handing over care from one shift to another?
  3. How to treat diabetic wounds? Prepare a literature review;
  4. Explain whether art or music therapy works effectively?
  5. Discuss the main effects of oral hygiene on pneumonia that is ventilator-associated?
  6. How to overcome depression in patients with chronic pain?
  7. Discuss the fundamental causes and consequences of medication errors. How can they be prevented?
  8. Self-care regimes. Evaluate the role of smartphone applications;
  9. The reliability of the COPE index: a qualitative study;
  10. A discussion of nursing practices preventing falls;
  11. Management of patients in intensive care: Best nursing practices;
  12. Human trafficking. How can nurses assist in solving the problem?

Physics Topics for Research Papers

If you think that writing a research paper on a physics topic can be boring, you are not right. Remember “the Big Bang Theory?” Using the ideas given below, you will also be able to tell about physics with passion and enthusiasm.

  1. Discuss the main causes of Asteroid Belt;
  2. Why Dark Matter is so important? What experiments are related to it?
  3. Explain the future of commercial space flight. What role is played by Elon Musk?
  4. Can it be real for people to live on another planet? Explain your position;
  5. Explain why Pluto is no longer a planet;
  6. Prepare a literature review on dark energy. Do we really know the world we live in?
  7. Was there life on Mars?
  8. Explain why it is so important for humanity to explore the solar system;
  9. Evaluate the importance of studying meteorites;

Covid-19 Pandemic Topics

Topics about Covid-19 became very popular these days. To write a great research paper, you should be maximally unbiased and objective. Pay attention that there is much information that lacks credibility. As such, you need to be very attentive when working with primary and secondary sources.

  1. What is the relation of COVID-19 to other well-known human viruses (MERS, SARS, and others)?
  2. In what way does handwashing can prevent infections?
  3. Analyze the neurological effects that can be seen in patients having COVID-19?
  4. Explain why some COVID-19 patients have digestive problems?
  5. Analyze the evidence for wearing face masks to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic?
  6. What are the main steps for developing a vaccine against Covid-19? Can mass vaccination solve the problem?
  7. Can COVID-19 be compared to seasonal influenza? What are the key differences between these two?
  8. Is quarantine an effective way to reduce Covid-19 transmission?
  9. Do you believe that Covid-19 really came from bats? Explain your rationale;
  10. Explain the appearance of multiple conspiracy theories related to Covid-19;
  11. Why the US is the country that suffered from Covid-19 more than others? Is the US healthcare system weak?
  12. What immunity problems can be caused by Covid-19?
  13. Can people help their bodies fight with the coronavirus infection? Suggest a step-by-step guide;
  14. Discuss the best self-treatment strategies for people, who fight with COVID-19 at home;
  15. Why people, who survived cancer have higher chances of poor resistance to coronavirus?

Botany Topics for Research Papers

Botany is a subdivision of biology, which aims to study plants. If you choose any of the topics suggested below, you will greatly enjoy the writing process because it is very interesting to write about plants and the main laws of their life.

  1. An analysis of the mechanism of protection used by exotic plants;
  2. Is the evolution theory real? A literature review;
  3. A case study on the photosynthesis process in high trees;
  4. Domestic plants: main advantages and disadvantages;
  5. Discuss the characteristic features of the symbiosis between plants and insects;
  6. Analyze the role played by parasitic plants;
  7. The role of plants in the ecosystem;
  8. A discussion of simplest microscopic plants and their role;
  9. Discuss the effects of the multiplication of plants.

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Biology is a science about live organisms. Choosing a good biology science research paper topic, you will be able to create a truly interesting and intriguing research paper. Below, you will find some ideas that will help you succeed in writing your biology paper.

  1. Genetically modeling of human’s body: pros and cons;
  2. Local water resources. Why it is so important to take care of them?
  3. Biological aspects of soils;
  4. Discuss the negative aspects of biology experiments;
  5. Analyze biology facts that failed to find any proofs: Is scientific accuracy really important?
  6. Studying biology in cities or towns;
  7. Connection of biology with other sciences;
  8. Discussion of non-scientific approaches to biology;
  9. Modern approaches to genetics.

Healthcare Topics for Research Papers

Writing a research paper on a healthcare topic will provide you with the new knowledge and skills that can be used in your future career. Have a look at our list of healthcare ideas and choose one that seems the most intriguing to you:

  1. Discuss the best ways for the treatment of leukemia;
  2. What are its main benefits and shortcomings of stem cell research? Is it ethical?
  3. What makes malaria one of the most dangerous diseases?
  4. Discuss the essential causes of skin cancer;
  5. Discuss the importance of colonoscopy tasting;
  6. How building new organs can help scientists cure diseases. Is it possible in the nearest future?
  7. How to fight breast cancer?
  8. What are the most efficient strategies for avoiding getting cancer?
  9. Analyze the concept of gene therapy and its main consequences;
  10. Wearable medical devices and their role in the transformation of the healthcare field.

Geology Research Paper Topics

You probably know that geology is a science about minerals and stones. It can be pretty difficult to find a geology science research paper topic that would be interesting and relevant. Hopefully, the ideas suggested below will boost your writing inspiration.

  1. The temperature effects on minerals;
  2. Molecular structure of the precious and rare gems;
  3. An analysis of the similarities and differences between the earth and moon soil;
  4. The utility of minerals in heavy industry;
  5. The effect of popular minerals on the human body;
  6. The causes of sand appearance.

Paleontology Topics for Research Papers

If you are studying ancient biology, you will also need to deal with paleontology. Paleontology is closely related to evolution and archaeology. Here are some great paleontology topics you can use for writing your research paper:

  1. Discuss the characteristic features of paleontological expeditions of the 18th century;
  2. An analysis of techniques and practices used in paleontological research;
  3. Mammoth extinction: an analysis of possible reasons;
  4. Performing paleontological experiments: How to do it right?
  5. Paleontological approach to human origin.

Nanotechnology Topics for Research Papers

No one can doubt the fact that nanotechnology is a particularly interesting area. This field is developing rapidly and many new topics appear every day. Still, hesitate what topic to choose? Find some subjects that need in-depth investigation below:

  1. In what way can nanomaterial laws be regulated?
  2. An analysis of microelectronics inside of contact lenses. Do they really help patients with diabetes control their blood sugar?
  3. Can people use nanotechnology to feed themselves?
  4. How can nanotechnology be used in treating patients with cancer?
  5. Can nanotechnologies help people clean up toxic waste? Support your rationale with credible evidence;
  6. Developing nanotechnology in medicine: Risks and benefits;
  7. Smart clothes. In what way it can be used to help medical patients?

Biochemistry Ideas for Research Papers

Writing a research paper on a biochemistry topic is not an easy task. To succeed in it, the writer has to know different biochemistry concepts and innovations. If you got stuck on choosing a topic for your biochemistry research paper, have a look at the ideas suggested below:

  1. Name the top 5 chemistry careers and characterize them;
  2. Are the chemicals from pharmaceuticals really so dangerous?
  3. Explain what are the most efficient ways to capture and use carbon dioxide;
  4. Name the most important advances in the biochemistry field. What makes them so valuable?
  5. How the scientists use atom thick graphene in biochemistry?

Zoology Topics of Research Papers

If you love animals, you should definitely try to write a research paper on a zoology topic. If you have no creative ideas in your mind, make sure to check the list provided below:

  1. Human as an important part of zoology science;
  2. An analysis of the etymologic aspect of multiplication;
  3. The place of zoology science among other sciences;
  4. Does the breed really affect the dog’s health and character? A literature review;
  5. Analyze the concept of domination in the group of apes.
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How to Create a Winning Research Paper?

A research paper is one of the most popular academic assignments that is frequently given to students in colleges and universities. Professors treat this task as a unique assessment instrument that helps find out the level of the student’s preparation, as well as his/her research, analytical, and synthesizing skills. You probably know that this paper should be based on an in-depth investigation of the specific topic/issue/problem and should provide the research findings in an objective way. Many students get stuck on writing their research papers because they cannot understand what are the main elements of this project and how they should be structured. A research paper usually consists of an informative introduction, an analytical main body, and a strong conclusion. However, you should know that the format of the science research paper is a bit different. The way your research paper will look like depends on the purpose of your paper, discipline, and the target audience. Let us focus on the common science research paper parts:


In this part, you need to tell your reader what is the problem you explore and why it is important. Pay attention that your introduction aims to grab your reader’s attention, thus you need to do your best to make it detailed, clear, and engaging. At the same time, you should not overwhelm your introduction with unnecessary information because it will only confuse your reader. To write an impressive introduction, you need to follow the SNS rule:

  • “S” means scope. You need to tell your reader what problem you are going to explore and why it is important;
  • “N” means a novelty. In your research paper, you need to fill in the gap existing in your research field;
  • “S” means significance. You need to prove that your study has high theoretical and practical value.

Besides, your introduction should include a clear and strong hypothesis, which will identify the problem you work with. Pay attention that your introduction is the first thing checked by your reader. As such, if you want to get good feedback, you need to make it perfect.

Materials and methods

In this section, you need to tell your audience what you have done to solve the problem. In particular, you need to indicate all methods and materials you have used in your work. Whereas you should not go into too much detail, at the same time, you need to provide a brief summary of your results. In this section, you should not describe your findings but should only tell how did you manage to obtain them.


In this section, you need to familiarize your reader with your findings. Make sure to write a brief summary of the results you have obtained when working on your paper. The outcomes of your study should be organized in a logical way. It means that you should begin by presenting the most meaningful results. It will help you focus the attention of your reader on the most important data. If you find it difficult to present your findings with the text, you may use graphs, tables, charts, and other visual aids. Ideally, you need to explain how your findings are different from the ones discovered by other researchers.


In the discussion part of your research paper, you need to analyze your results. Basically, you need to answer the question “What is the value of my findings, and what scientific questions they help answer?” State whether your outcomes were predictable or not, interpret them and emphasize their importance. This section is the most important part of your project since it explains the results of your work.


In the final part, you should briefly summarize all the points that were discussed in the paper. Pay attention that your conclusion should not appear from nowhere as it is a logical final of your study. As such, it should not introduce new arguments and new evidence. In the concluding paragraph of your paper, make sure to explain why your work is important for your discipline.

Reference list

Finally, you should not forget to prepare a bibliography list to pay tribute to those researchers, whose works you used when working on your paper. Keep in mind that your reference list should include all bibliographic information about the books, articles, and websites you used. Since nowadays, science is developing with the incredible speed, you need to work with up-to-date and credible academic sources. If you fail to cite some of the sources you used when working on your paper, it will be considered as plagiarism, which will bring you many problems. Thus, if you want to get a good grade for your paper, you need to submit a unique and authentic paper full of fresh and creative science research project ideas.

Of course, writing a science research paper involves many other nuances. Before you start working on it, you need to study the professor’s prompt thoroughly. Remember that the success of your project depends on how well you can cover your instructions. If you have any questions about your prompt, you should not be afraid to ask your professor for assistance. Close interaction with your supervisor is your key to getting a good grade.

Although it may seem pretty easy to write a research paper on a scientific topic, it is not right. To get a good grade, you need to have advanced writing skills, as well as a high level of creativity. A lot of students get stuck on the stage of the topic choice. We do understand their concerns and want to help them choose the best research paper ideas for their papers. So, if you are one of those students, who lack writing inspiration, you will find a lot of interesting science research topics in the list given at this page. These topics were collected by creative and experienced academic writers, who know everything about meeting the expectations of demanding educators.

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