Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay is an academic assignment that requires stating a particular position and supporting it with the help of strong arguments. Unlike other items of academic writing, an argumentative essay should be always based on research and evidence.

When working on an argumentative paper, instead of your own feelings and observations, you should base on an in-depth evaluation of the scholarly sources. Considering the intriguing nature of an argumentative essay, it becomes obvious that such a paper is not always easy to write. Actually, multiple argumentative essay topics also do not make this task easier. To understand the essence of argumentative writing, let’s compare the following sentences:

  1. I want you to increase my salary because I want to earn more.
  2. I want you to increase my salary because I passed the online course and obtained the necessary skills that allow me to get my salary increased.

The first argument is based merely on the author’s willingness to get the salary increased but it does not contain any sound and reasonable arguments why the employer should consider this request.

Another argument contains the necessary information that should persuade the employee to consider the salary increase. As such, the employer is more likely to respond positively to the second argument because it shows that you have done something to get what you ask for. Similarly, a good argumentative paper should demonstrate that your point is based on logical facts instead of observations.

Usually, an argumentative essay follows a standard five-paragraph structure. In some cases, the students may be asked to follow the Rogerian or the Toulmin model.

A Rogerian essay usually critically analyzes one argument and reaches a conclusion after the thorough examination of its strengths and weaknesses.

A Toulmin essay usually introduces a claim, also known as a thesis that is supported in a whole essay. This essay also requires including rebuttals helping strengthen the author’s position by anticipating counterarguments.

Both of these essays rely on supporting evidence and well-reasoned logic, though doing that in different ways.

One more distinctive feature that makes an argumentative essay different from other academic papers is that it aims to support a specific position rather than tell a story or explain something. Whereas this paper has a few things in common with the analytical essay, the essential difference between these papers is more than obvious. While an analytical essay aims to present a thorough analysis of a specific issue examining it from various angles, an argumentative essay aims to convince the reader of something. If you experience some difficulties with completing this task, we recommend you to find argumentative essay topics with samples and enhance your writing skills. Using these examples for boosting your inspiration, you will definitely improve your writing competence!

Why Selecting a Great Topic for Argumentative Essay Is Important?

Many students notice that the actual work on the argumentative essay starts even before the writing process. Whereas a good topic in academic writing is always a good thing, when it comes to writing an argumentative paper, it becomes the issue of paramount importance. Of course, the best way to choose a good topic for your argumentative paper is to pick up the one that fits your interests and research preferences. Otherwise, you may get bored or even frustrated when working on your paper. It does not mean that you have to work with the topic that is familiar to you as there should always be room for research and learning something new.

Also, it does not mean that you should agree with the topic as you may just take an alternative position and support it in your essay.

If you have some problems with choosing the right topic, we recommend you to search on the web for the good options. When looking into the lists suggested, try to choose the topic that will be neither too broad nor too narrow as it will help you provide a detailed analysis without focusing on the irrelevant details.

Ideas for Argumentative Essays

When your professor allowed you to choose the topic for your argumentative essay, use this opportunity to select the one that will help you create an intriguing and engaging paper that will bring you a good grade. Below, you will find the list of good argumentative essay topics that will help you satisfy your instructor. Look it through to find the one that will help you express your position.

Common Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should college tuition be free for everyone?
  2. Should access to the Internet be limited? Why?
  3. Should the student be able to choose the disciplines to study?
  4. What secondary languages should be studied in the present-day world? Explain your answer.
  5. Is the existing grading system effective in evaluating the students` performance?
  6. What are the benefits of the traditional educational system?
  7. Should people have the right to decide whether they want to go to the army?
  8. Why education became too commercialized in recent decades?
  9. Are there the obvious educational outcomes of tests like the ACT or SAT?
  10. How gender discrimination can be prevented in the workplace?
  11. Society Argument Paper Topics

  12. Do you agree that the person, who is terminally ill should have the right to assisted suicide?
  13. What are the reasons for considering abortion illegal? Do you agree or disagree with them?
  14. Do you agree that diversity in the workplace increases tension?
  15. How the problem of illegal immigration should be addressed by the legislation?
  16. Do you agree that religion plays a pivotal role in society? What are the negative consequences of being too religious?
  17. Do you agree that private businesses should not be allowed to discriminate their employees based on their gender, sexual orientation, and race?
  18. Name the negative effects of globalization on the development of society?
  19. Do you agree that increased salary can become a good instrument of motivation?
  20. How can the government protect vulnerable people? Do they really need protection?
  21. What are the main benefits of e-learning?
  22. Legal Topics

  23. Do you agree that the Second Amendment should allow ordinary citizens to have guns or should it only give this right to militias?
  24. Explain if it is good for the UK government if the House of Lords can veto decisions the House of Commons?
  25. Do you agree that birthright citizenship should be abolished?
  26. Explain whether Federal bureaucracies should have the right to pass regulations of the same weight as the laws suggested by legislative bodies?
  27. Do you agree that prosecuting a child as an adult should be considered a violation of the Eighth Amendment? Explain your rationale.
  28. Do you agree that collecting metadata for the NSA is a violation of the Fourth Amendment?
  29. Should judges make their decisions based on the law or should they consider the ones that would benefit society?
  30. Is denying the franchise to criminals a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment?
  31. Do you agree that the Supreme Court has too much power over the other branches of government?
  32. Is the death penalty a good option for crime prevention?
  33. Best Argumentative Paper Topics on History

  34. Explain whether Prussia was successful in turning Germany into a single nation?
  35. Do you agree that Adolf Hitler and his followers had all rights to get the lands formerly belonging to Germany be returned?
  36. Discuss the main causes of the US-Mexican War and explain the consequences of this war on the contemporary world?
  37. What were the consequences of the cotton gin invention on American agriculture?
  38. Do you believe that the US policy in expelling the Native Americans from territories inhabited by white people was reasonable?
  39. Was the Soviet Union reasonable in occupying Eastern Europe at the end of World War Two?
  40. Do you agree that President Abraham Lincoln should have allowed the Southern states to leave peacefully?
  41. Explain whether colonialism is beneficial to the Third World? If you consider it harmful, explain it on the real-life examples.
  42. Discuss the main reasons for the Indo-Pak Wars following the dissolution of British India?
  43. Do you consider the reconstruction of the US South territories after the American Civil War a success or a failure?
  44. Technology Topics

  45. Do you agree that technology plays a pivotal role in education?
  46. Does technology make people alone in the 21st century?
  47. Do violent games harm human behavior?
  48. Evaluate the benefits and shortcomings of smartphones for adolescents.
  49. Should Facebook be punished for collecting data from its users?
  50. Imagine human life without advanced technology. What are the main challenges?
  51. Do you believe that self-driving cars can significantly facilitate human life?
  52. Are we becoming technological zombies? How to prevent this frightening tendency?
  53. Do you agree that the owners of YouTube channels can fix the comments?
  54. Is it ethical to replace humans with automatic machines?
  55. Good Topics for an Argumentative Essay on Social Media

  56. Should there be any restrictions in selling E-cigarettes?
  57. Is it appropriate for a girl to invite a boy to a date?
  58. What are the most common reasons for divorce?
  59. What are the best alternatives to social media?
  60. Should the government take care of the children from vulnerable families?
  61. Should parents be held responsible for the deviant behavior of their children?
  62. Is it possible to earn good money on blogging? What are the potential alternatives?
  63. Should the government have access to viewing private profiles?
  64. Should people from underdeveloped counties have limited access to social platforms?
  65. Should popular Instagram icons discuss religion, race, and other controversial issues?
  66. Topics for Argumentative Essay on Sport

  67. Do you agree that sport plays a pivotal role in the child`s development?
  68. Is competition the best way to increase motivation?
  69. Do you agree that cheerleading is a negative tendency in US schools?
  70. Are there any legal alternatives to taking steroids? Why it is important to raise consciousness about it?
  71. How cheating in sport can be punished?
  72. Do you agree that swimming is the best activity for training muscles?
  73. What sport do you consider the most dangerous?
  74. Do you agree that a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of a happy life?
  75. Are violent games dangerous?
  76. Is American football a traumatic sport for children?
  77. Art and Music Argumentative Topics

  78. Can a successful artist be forgotten?
  79. Do you agree that Kurt Cobain could not kill himself?
  80. Which type of art do you prefer the most?
  81. Do you agree that hip-hop has more sense than heavy metal?
  82. Do you agree that the artist should suffer in order to create a masterpiece?
  83. Funny Argumentative Topics

  84. Do you agree that now people become addicted to Instagram?
  85. What features would you add to Facebook?
  86. 10D. What features should this function introduce?
  87. What would Superman do in the contemporary world?
  88. Should people take part in popular challenges? Why? Why not?
  89. Education Topics

  90. Do you agree that the curriculum in public schools should be determined by local communities?
  91. Should schools introduce athletics as a part of school life, or they should be solely for academic purposes?
  92. Do you believe that teachers should be friends with their students or they should build some barriers?
  93. Compare the main learning methodologies of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  94. Teacher-centered vs student-centered education: discuss the benefits and shortcomings of each of them.
  95. Can parents facilitate learning in the classroom and by what means?
  96. What are the essential features of the US education system?
  97. Are standard tests effective in evaluating the student`s performance?
  98. Children with special needs should be taught separately from other children. Do you agree with this statement or not?
  99. What are the drawbacks of traditional education?
  100. Religion Topics

  101. Should clergymen be allowed to marry?
  102. Should religious clubs be allowed in educational institutions or should they be built separately?
  103. Should there be any religious education at schools?
  104. Should religious organizations pay taxes?
  105. Should some religions have privileges in the United States?

If you have chosen some of the topics mentioned above, it`s time to learn a few effective tips that will help you develop this topic into a great masterpiece.

  1. No obvious topics. Selecting the topic that does not provide you with the field for research, you will get nothing but the failure. We assure you that by assigning such a task, the professor wants to evaluate your critical thinking and analytical skills. Therefore, choosing the topic that does not allow you to demonstrate them, you won`t be able to receive a
  2. satisfactory grade. Beware of the topics that were already discussed for many years. Most probably, you won`t be able to discover new angles;

  3. Your topic for an argumentative essay should always be debatable. It means that it should state several reasonable positions, ideally two, and you need to select just one of them. In this regard, all topics related to law or politics are a good choice. Also, try to skip the topics that all people would agree with;
  4. When writing an argumentative paper, most probably, you will be asked to follow the APA formatting style. If your professor is asking you about another format, we recommend you to study it thoroughly.

We assure you that if you want to get a satisfactory grade, the process of writing an argumentative essay should be organized carefully. To achieve success with writing your paper, just imagine that you participate in a competition and a good grade is your prize. However, if you lack the time or sufficient writing and research skills to cope with your argumentative topic, it is better to turn to a professional writing service that will help you create an amazing piece. We assure you that by putting your trust into a reliable writing assistant, you will greatly contribute to your academic career.

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How to Create an Argumentative Essay? Expert Tips

Here is a simple outline but we assure you that by sticking to it, you will be able to impress your instructor:

  • Choose a good topic;
  • Research your ideas;
  • Brainstorm;
  • Write an outline for your essay;
  • Write a rough draft of your paper;
  • Proofread your paper.

If you think that these steps are easy, it is not true. Following all these steps is time-consuming but it will surely bring you the anticipated outcome.

No matter what argument essay topics you choose, you need to dedicate some time to its in-depth research because it will help you understand the opposing views and choose your position. Actually, knowing what other scholars say about your topic, you will find it easier to build your own arguments. When working with your sources, we recommend you to make some notes or annotations that will help you understand how to develop your topic. Some professors also ask their students to submit their annotated bibliographies along with the research papers.

When you are done with researching, it is time to brainstorm your ideas. If you decide to skip this process, writing an argumentative paper will turn into torture because brainstorming is very important for understanding what ideas should be introduced and developed in your paper.

Creating a good outline is the final stage of the brainstorming process. Thus, when writing your outline, you need to take a blank piece of a paper, write your thesis statement and topic sentences that will serve as the basis for your paragraphs. Keep in mind that all the topic sentences should be related to your thesis statement.

When the outline is ready, you may start writing your argumentative paper. Begin with an engaging introduction that will indicate the topic of your research. If necessary, make sure to provide the background information that will help your reader understand your topic better. A good introduction always includes a hook that involves the reader making them follow the flow of writer’s ideas.

Useful hints. Do not leave writing your argumentative paper on the last day. Each of the writing stages is really effort consuming and if you lack the writing inspiration, you will find it very difficult to cope with this assignment successfully.

When the paper is ready, do not forget to proofread it. When checking your paper, you need to fix not all mechanical errors underestimating the overall paper`s quality but also the logical flows and awkward sentences that won’t allow your professor to put the high grade. When revising your essay, you need to make sure that all the citations are appropriate and all sources used are credible.

Outline Of A Well-Structured Argumentative Essay

If you have no idea on how to organize your argumentative paper, choosing the traditional five-paragraph structure is a winning strategy. Below, you will find the outline of a well-structured argumentative paper.

  1. An introduction with a thought-provoking thesis statement in its end.
  2. The first body paragraph that introduces the first argument. Do not forget to include supporting evidence.
  3. The second body paragraph that introduces the second argument. Do not forget to include supporting evidence.
  4. The third body paragraph that introduces the third argument. Do not forget to include supporting evidence.
  5. Conclusion. In an argumentative paper, it is a call to action that summarizes the points mentioned above.

Though writing an argumentative paper may seem very easy: plan, write, and revise, but we assure you that it requires a good level of preparation and advanced writing skills. Thus, we highly recommend you to start working on this assignment right after your teacher gives it to you.

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