The Biggest Mistake that a College Student Can Make

September 27th, 2017

Most students have those little things that they know they should not do, but they cannot get rid of them. Check out some of the worst students’ bad habits that you can develop at college and learn how to bounce back from them:

Cutting classes

Most college students think that they can miss more than six lectures in each course and still do well. Nevertheless, you should be a responsible student and attend all classes regularly.


It is important for students to sign up for the standard course load. You should not load up on as many courses as the college allows.


Many students avoid doing a task that needs to be accomplished. They tend to put off the papers until the last possible minute and pull all nighters before an exam. You should remember that careful planning and time management are extremely important for college success.

Doing it alone

Students often shy away from meeting their professor or assistant teacher. They are too scared to communicate with professors because they think they do not want to see them. You should understand that professors are required to hold twice-weekly office hours and they are happy to help you do well in their course. That is why they went into teaching, after all.

Social media addiction

Students often spend long hours chatting on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Then they usually complain that they do not have enough time for studying. You should develop a habit to log out of your different social network accounts every time you are planning to study for a lesson or a test.

Depend too much on others

If you want to be treated as a young adult, then you need to act as one. This does not mean that you should not seek help when you really need it. Rather, it means that too often students do not know how to solve some problems themselves.

College student life is full of interesting events, unforgettable moments and fun. We hope our tips will help you to avoid developing bad habits and to become a successful student and get the most out of your college years!


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