How to Write Essay About Leadership

September 10th, 2018


If you received an assignment to write a leadership essay and think that it is a challenging one, think again. In fact, you have everything to help you write a good essay. You know that a leader is a person, who has gained a power to motivate and influence others. And if there are certain things you do not know about writing a leadership essay, this article will clear the air for you! is always ready to help you with writing no plagiarism essay.

First of all, choose the topic of your leadership essay:

  • Discuss what traits define a leader
  • Talk about various leadership styles
  • Tell about people in your life, who are leaders in your opinion
  • Describe the life of a world leader
  • Write a leadership experience essay and tell about your personal leadership skills

You can find leadership essay examples for each of the topics and take them as a basis of your work if it is more convenient for you. Alternatively, you can use the following guide:

Step 1. Define the concept of leadership

Whether you need to write a high school or an MBA leadership essay, the first thing you need to understand is the very concept of leadership. The definition of this notion is rather difficult because a lot of things make up a great leader. Before beginning to write your essay about leadership, you need to understand which definition resonates with your own thoughts about leadership. Just do quick research and think about all the definitions you have found. The right answer will surely come after it.

Step 2. Make sure you understand the concept of leadership

Most essays on leadership require the writer to share their own understanding of the leadership concept. To describe it, try to see whether you think that leadership depends on communication or organization skills, or whether you consider leaders to be risk-takers.

Step 3. Think about your own leadership qualities

Think of the experience in your life, when your leadership skills were revealed. It does not necessarily have to be your working experience, but also something that happened in your family, school, or voluntary activities. Do not hesitate to give details to add integrity to your writing.

Step 4. Keep your essay unique

Conduct detailed research before you begin writing and find helpful examples of different kinds of leaders. It will make your essay more credible and distinctive.

Step 5. Write your essay on leadership

After you have done research and understood what you are going to write about, it is high time you began writing. Let us take a look at how a leadership essay needs to look like in terms of its structure.

  • Introduction. Leadership essay introduction is no different from the introductions of other types of essays. Make it interesting and grab the attention of your reader, so that they want to keep on reading. It is a good idea to start telling about your personal experience here and use the examples of different leaders.
  • Thesis statement. It should be the last sentence of your introduction. Remember to make it strong and interesting.
  • Essay body. Body of the essay on leadership for students should include about 3 or 4 paragraphs, and each one of them will discuss a certain point of view. Make sure that you use good transition phrases and sentences between your paragraphs to make the transition between ideas smooth.
  • Conclusion. In the last paragraph of your essay, you need to sum up all the ideas you have discussed in your essay. Highlight the key points and restate your thesis statement. Remember that you must not write about new ideas in your conclusion.

Step 6. Finalize your essay

When you are done writing, your work is still not done. The last step is to proofread your essay. Make sure that it does not have any spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. Never ignore this step, because even if your essay has brilliant ideas, it can get a low mark in case it is written with poor spelling and grammar. It is a good idea to let someone else read your essay for you to check for any mistakes and see if it is written smoothly. So ask your friend, parent, or sibling to help you with it.

To make the process of writing the essay easier for you, you can find a sample essay on leadership on the Internet and use it as a basis of your work. In this case, you need to be sure that this essay is written well and does not have any structural errors.

Here are a few additional tips for you to make sure that you will write a perfect leadership essay:

  • Remember that you need to show to your reader that you can thoroughly research the topic and present your ideas in a logical way.
  • Do not hesitate to think about the instances from your past, when you showed certain leadership skills and tell about them in your essay.
  • In your introduction, present a good hook for your readers to become curious about what you are going to write in your essay.
  • Make your thesis statement clear and solid. Needless to say, it has to be suitable for what you are going to discuss in the essay body.
  • Keep in mind that each paragraph of your essay body should give references to your thesis statement.
  • Discuss all the arguments and ideas in the essay body, not in the introduction or conclusion.
  • Start every essay body paragraph with a topic sentence and end it with a concluding sentence.

Let us also discuss how you should choose a topic for your leadership essay:

  1. You can write a leadership definition essay. Under this topic, it is good to discuss how leaders consider themselves to be learners and tell how certain world leaders defined themselves. Did they think of themselves as of leaders, at all? Or did they think that they were equal to all others? Did they strive to evolve and develop their qualities all life long?
  2. It is also a good idea to make up an essay on leadership qualities. Tell what different experts think about being a leader. It can be the qualities that make leaders see things differently to other people and observe the connections others do not notice. Here, you can also discuss your opinion on whether leadership qualities differ between genders. Are male leaders different from female leaders? If you think they are, what qualities distinguish them from each other? If they are not, what does it tell us? Of course, use this opinion as a basis for your research.
  3. If you have to compile a short essay on leadership, you can write a being a leader essay. Highlight how leaders strive to learn every day and continuously evolve for the sake of people around them and for the whole world. They want to adapt to the changing world and know that they need to constantly develop themselves. Alternatively, you can discuss whether leaders are born or taught.
  4. Avoid writing an essay on the instances from your life, when you overcame certain challenges. After all, most of us have had our own problems that were eventually resolved. In case your challenge is not different from the common ones, better do not write about it. However, it is highly recommended to choose this topic in case a student has been unspeakably poor, was a refugee or victim of war, was a crime victim, or overcame something incredible. Otherwise, if your life is mostly secure and happy, do not write about failing to become a captain of your school football team. It is certainly not the worst thing that can take place. So do not make yourself a martyr, if you really have not been one.
  5. Make sure that you do not write an essay for a too broad topic. Tell about specific examples and always base them on your research. And, most importantly, define a precise topic before you begin writing your essay. Keep your writing as narrow as possible and ensure that you do not stray away from it and start discussing something that has nothing to do with your topic.
  6. In your essay, do not speak of yourself as of the master of leadership. Of course, it is a good idea to discuss your leadership qualities in your essay, but do not overdo with it. Keep in mind that the person, who thinks that they mastered leadership, is the person, who is the farthest from being a leader. Therefore, avoid highlighting your “master’s” leadership skills. Be humble and you “shall be exalted!”

Considering all the above-mentioned recommendations, you can write a perfect leadership essay that your professor will certainly like!

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