What You Should Know Before Writing an Article

February 19th, 2016

Writing an article is always both an interesting and challenging experience at the same time. There are many people out there who know how to write an article but very few of them do know how to produce a writing that will stand out among the bunch of other articles. If someone needs to find an article on a specific subject, one just needs to go online and use one of the search engines. There are so many materials available today that you can be lost in the ocean of information available. However, if you attempt to write something but have no article ideas you may find this post helpful.

Three Things to Consider Before You Even Start Writing

All of the writers understand that the beginning of every article should be very strong. As a result, they focus on how to start an article too much while there are things they should do before actual writing. You may have not thought about this but your preparation sometimes is more important than the writing process itself. This is not a very popular theme among writing tips available online but not less helpful than others for sure.
Audience. It makes no sense to write an article about football for athletes only to realize that it was meant to be written for people who have never played/watched football before. The targeted audience is always a factor that should define how you write. Depending on who is going to read your piece of writing you will choose an appropriate tone as well as wording for what you intend to say. Without understanding your readers before you start writing it is unlikely you end up having many people reading your article.
Research. One of the problems is that there are so many “experts” today that one can hardly find someone who is honest enough to admit he/she doesn’t know something. It is easy to go online, search specific subject, read several articles and name yourself an expert. But the thing is that reading a few articles doesn’t make you an expert. More than that, those “experts” provide their professional advice in their blogs without having a clear understanding of the subject. If you don’t want to sound like that in your article then conduct a serious research before writing anything. You can know all of the writing tips, be aware of how to start an article in an engaging manner or have plenty of article ideas but if what you offer is a shallow knowledge then you will become one of those “experts” who are of little value to readers.
Time for Writing. This is very practical advice. Whenever you are going to write an article you should set a special time to do this job. It is especially relevant if you are writing an article for a client. Setting a particular time slot for writing will help concentrate on the article itself without being distracted by other things. Turn off your cell phone and don’t check your Facebook account when writing – there should be time when you fully focus on your article only. If you write on the go then it is likely the flow of the text won’t be smooth and you will have to go through editing multiple times. It is better to avoid it by setting a particular time slot for writing.

How to write an article is not the first question that should be asked when trying to deliver a piece of writing. It is rather about what one should do before actual writing occurs. Failure to understand this simple principle that preparation is foundation to effective writing can end up in a boring or shallow content. It doesn’t take much to prepare if you already have some ideas on what you are going to write. And in case you don’t have any ideas it is better if you don’t write anything since all you will get is a poor quality writing. It is only when you know where you are going you can produce an article that will help you win the plaudits of your audience.

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