Topics for Presentation

The Best Topics for Presentations

Topics for Presentation

It is hard to underestimate the importance of good writing and research skills. The ability to think analytically goes beyond the classroom. To maintain successful academic performance, the students have to cope with multiple academic tasks on a high level. Therefore, they are constantly searching for the best topics for presentations, essays, research papers, and many other academic assignments. Indeed, the students with good PowerPoint presentation writing skills are the best candidates for the employers because they are able to develop their arguments in a clear and logical way. Having good critical-thinking and communicative skills, the students may turn into great managers because they know how to involve and engage other people. In other words, to succeed in the career chosen, the students need to work on various academic tasks obtaining new knowledge, skills, and competencies.

For many students, choosing a good topic is the most difficult stage in creating a PowerPoint presentation. No wonder, there are so many topics for presentations, which may turn the writing process either into a nightmare or into a great adventure. Being able to pick up interesting topics for presentations, the student will get much pleasure and fun in the process of creating the presentation. A great topic is always debatable, non-standard, creative, and engaging. If you experience some difficulties with finding the good presentation topics, just have a look at our guide and you will find not only the helpful tips and suggestions but also the list of potential topics for power point presentations.

How to Choose Good Topics for Presentations?

  • As it was already noticed, a good topic for a PowerPoint presentation should be interesting to you. It is always easier to write about something that interests you. Writing on the topic that is too boring or confusing, you won`t be able to explore the subject in detail and present a well-structured presentation. In other words, a great topic for PowerPoint presentation will make the writing process maximally comfortable and smooth;
  • The topic should be easy-to-investigate. Before you choose the topic, you need to make sure there is enough information that will help you explore your topic on different layers;
  • Your topic for a PowerPoint presentation should not be too broad. Ideally, you need to pick up two-three important concepts and discuss them in detail.

Have a Look at the Powerpoint Topic Ideas

Choosing a great topic for a presentation is just a half of success. Once the good topic is selected, you need to carry out thorough research and then present your findings in the well-structured piece. If you don`t have the time or writing inspiration to write your topic on your own, perhaps, you will find something interesting in the list created by our experienced essay writers.

Most Fascinating Topics:

  1. Academic dishonesty and its consequences
  2. Are soccer players overpaid?
  3. Balance between personal and professional life
  4. Ban on using cell phones in schools
  5. Becoming friends with mother-in-law
  6. Bermuda Triangle
  7. British games and their impact on the Indian culture
  8. Can an arranged marriage ruin the life?
  9. Can smoking lead to drug abuse?
  10. Crime prevention: myth or reality?
  11. Degradation of the Internet
  12. Did we come from another planet?
  13. Do mermaids exist?
  14. Do Unidentified Flying Objects exist?
  15. Do vampires exist?
  16. Does history move in a spiral?
  17. Does Zone-51 exist?
  18. Existence of God and living proofs
  19. Fighting corruption in a developed country
  20. Ghosts: supernatural or science fiction?
  1. Growing earth population and a global food shortage
  2. How to balance between mother and wife
  3. How to be satisfied with life?
  4. Indian Hospitality
  5. Is China a threat to the US economy?
  6. Is death penalty humane?
  7. Is gun control needed or not?
  8. Is murder justified if it was committed to defending oneself?
  9. Is there a need to reform the Indian healthcare sector?
  10. Is there a place for ethics in business?
  11. It is better to die standing than live kneeling
  12. Legalization of all drugs
  13. Media censorship
  14. Pros and cons of living in a gay family
  15. Pros and cons of a death penalty
  16. Protecting the leftovers of the Amazon rainforest
  17. Recycling in road construction
  18. Reincarnation in various cultures
  19. Should lethal weapons be banned in the US?
  20. Should physical education be an obligatory class?
  1. Should there be academic freedom?
  2. The decrease in the orca population
  3. The impact of social networks on the development of children
  4. The power of artificial intelligence
  5. The truth behind global warming and its consequences
  6. The world without armies
  7. Top 10 alternate fuels
  8. Top 10 miracles of the 21st century
  9. Vegans and their ideology
  10. What animal is as intelligent as a human being?
  11. What is located on the dark side of the Moon?
  12. When a politician should retire?
  13. When it is proper to start Sex Education?
  14. From what does our fear grow?
  15. Which are more important: one’s rights or duties?
  16. Which sex is better at sports?
  17. Who is more intelligent: a girl or a boy?
  18. Who constructed the Egyptian Pyramids?
  19. Who will be the next superpower?
  20. Why is serving in military important?

Great Ideas for Presentations Topics

Business Topics for a Presentation

  1. Discuss the importance of motivation in the business environment;
  2. Pros and cons of copyright protection. Why this concept is so important in the present-day realms?
  3. Discuss the ways for increasing employees` productivity;
  4. What issues are often overlooked in business training?
  5. Job arrangements and freelancing. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of this model?
  6. Discuss the most effective marketing tools for e-commerce business;
  7. Investigate the benefits of outsourcing. Why is the delegation of tasks a great instrument in the business setting?
  8. Corporate communication;
  9. Direct taxation;
  10. Headhunting;
  11. Setting goals;
  12. Simplifying daily schedule;
  13. Time management techniques;
  14. What is business ethics?
  15. Work-life balance;

5 Minute Presentation Topics

  1. How to reach good discipline in the classroom?
  2. How to prepare delicious pizza?
  3. What are the potential threats of being a middle child?
  4. Discuss the potential threats of being vegan.
  5. What are the benefits of growing natural food at home?
  6. How to deal with bullies?
  7. What is the role of social media in the classroom?

Education Presentation Topics

  1. Should teachers retire earlier than others?
  2. How good academic performance relate to self-confidence?
  3. Discuss all the benefits and shortcomings of studying abroad;
  4. Discuss the possible ways for teaching the leaders;
  5. Why the underdeveloped countries should pay more attention to education?
  6. How to write a perfect scholarship essay?
  7. Prepare an analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of online education;

Science Presentation Topics

  1. Are UFO’s real?
  2. Calculating earth’s life;
  3. Google at work;
  4. Is the Bermuda triangle a mystery?
  5. Risks in cosmetic surgery;
  6. Yoga steps to control your life;

Fun Topics for Presentations

  1. Budgeting monthly expenses. Pros and cons;
  2. How to do laundry? Helpful tips;
  3. The importance of driving a car;
  4. Why it is necessary to have social media detox;
  5. What are the essential cooking skills? Provide real examples from your life;
  6. What tips may help economize savings?
  7. Taking care of the plant. The main pitfalls;

Communication and Media Presentation Topics

  1. Write a literature review on the development of the cinema;
  2. Discuss the role of Steve Jobs in the development of modern technology;
  3. What are the potential threats of virtual reality?
  4. Explain what stereotypes are used when portraying women in cinema?
  5. Explain the phenomenon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  6. Discuss the role of blogging in present-day society.
  7. Explain the importance of pursuing a career in content marketing;
  8. Evaluate the role of Elvis Presley in the American media culture;
  9. What is the role of the art director in the life of an artist?
  10. The invention of the television.

Healthcare Presentation Topics

  1. What is CPR?
  2. Why it is necessary to call 911 in case of an emergency?
  3. How to develop a healthy diet?
  4. Why it is important to recognize lung cancer in the early stages?
  5. What is the role of the respiratory system in human life?
  6. Discuss all the benefits of the placebo effect;
  7. Explain the mechanisms that help the nervous system work.

Medical Presentation Topics

  1. Presentation on Embryology;
  2. Presentation on Anatomy;
  3. Pharmacology Presentation;
  4. Circulatory system;
  5. Microbes and the human body;
  6. Human brain and its functions;
  7. Deadly Pathogens;
  8. Nervous system;
  9. Computer technologies in the healthcare industry;
  10. Historical accounts of plague and its treatment;

Family Topics for Presentations

  1. How to travel with children? Benefits and shortcomings of family traveling;
  2. How to balance personal life with work?
  3. Do you think that family life culture is falling apart? Why?
  4. What role do the parents play in the life of their children?
  5. How to understand that the child is gifted?
  6. How many children should the families have?
  7. How to help children cope with the parents’ divorce?
  8. How to help the child struggle with bullies?

Food and Drink Presentation Topics

  1. Discuss the importance of meal planning;
  2. What are the best plants for the backyard garden?
  3. Standard brewing and microbrews. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of each option;
  4. How to plan a menu for a family dinner?
  5. Discuss the main benefits and shortcomings of drinking black coffee;
  6. Why so many people prefer making their own wine?
  7. Explain why so many people are refusing from eating meat nowadays?

Presentation Topics about Sports

  1. Benefits of sports;
  2. Dairy benefits in a sports active person;
  3. Drugs and sports;
  4. Evaluating nutritional supplements;
  5. Managing weight;
  6. Meal planning for an athlete;
  7. Nutrition coaching;
  8. Preventing head injury;
  9. Raising your metabolism;

Lifestyle Presentation Topics

  1. Benefits of donating blood;
  2. Consequences of online dating;
  3. Gay marriages;
  4. GMO and its impact on health;
  5. How are social networks useful?
  6. Legalization of drugs in all US states;
  7. Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll effects;
  8. Technology destroys relationships;

Presentation Topics about Agriculture

  1. Computer technologies in agriculture;
  2. Cultivating new species;
  3. Drainage in agriculture;
  4. Food engineering;
  5. Food processing and preservation;
  6. Impact of climate change on agriculture in sub-Sahara;
  7. Sustainable agriculture;

Architecture Presentation Topics

  1. Ancient architecture;
  2. Arab architecture;
  3. Architectural theory;
  4. Digital architecture;
  5. Ecological impact of construction;
  6. Environmental friendly buildings;

Employment Presentation Topics

  1. How to overcome the payment gap existing in the contemporary employment;
  2. Do you agree that internships are worth all the effort?
  3. Discuss why the franchise is a great instrument for the business extension?
  4. Why it is so prestigious to be an entrepreneur?
  5. Discuss the contemporary careers that are paid best of all;
  6. Do you agree that fathers should have paternity leave?
  7. What are the skills that may help the applicant obtain the desired job position?

Technology Presentation Topics

  1. China as a software giant;
  2. Cryptocurrency;
  3. Digital signatures;
  4. Energy efficiency in cellphones;
  5. Online learning;
  6. Recycling old electronics;
  7. Terrorism and the Internet;
  8. The extinction of printed media;
  9. The impact of e-waste on human’s health;
  10. Wi-Fi and its drawbacks;

Environment Presentation Topics

  1. Fossil fuels versus green energy;
  2. Global warming;
  3. Green energy;
  4. Harvesting rainwater;
  5. Ozone holes;
  6. Rainforest extinction;
  7. Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce;
  8. Recycling and its importance;
  9. Soil pollution;

Criminal Topics for Presentations

  1. Explain the Stockholm Syndrome concept. Provide the historical background;
  2. How to help abuse victims?
  3. Why it is important to help ex-convicts to live a normal life?
  4. The ways of dealing with online fraud;
  5. Discuss the mechanisms of human trafficking in the USA;
  6. Gun control legislation;
  7. Abuse of children;
  8. Cybercrimes;
  9. Cybersecurity;
  10. Gangs in the US;
  11. Hate crimes;
  12. Juvenile justice system;
  13. Organized crime;
  14. Types of crime prevention;
  15. Analyze why men become subjects of domestic abuse.

Essential Components of a Great PowerPoint Presentation

If you want to impress your target audience with a great presentation, you need to make sure you possess all the necessary instruments. Below, you will find some tools that will help you create a winning PowerPoint presentation that will bring you the anticipated result.

  • Find the best topic for your presentation. Keep in mind that your topic should fit not only your subject area but also your personal research interests. It means that creating your PowerPoint presentation on the topic you are truly passionate about, you will be able to make it interesting for your target audience. In addition, the topic of your presentation should be relevant and up-to-date. Creating your presentation on the topic that is pretty outdated, you won`t be able to prove the theoretical and practical value of your work;
  • Use infographics. Pay attention that your PowerPoint presentation should be visually attractive to your reader. It means that presenting your information in the form of graphs and tables, you will be able to reach your goals easier;
  • Do not forget about logical transitions. As such, you need to dedicate one slide to one separate portion of the information. By jumping from one idea to another, you will confuse your target audience making your PowerPoint presentation difficult to understand;
  • Include the evidence that will support your point of view. Make sure to suggest the facts, statistics, or the meaningful quotes of the reputed scholars that will prove that your arguments are accurate and credible;
  • Try to predict the questions of your readers and answer them. Pay attention that a PowerPoint presentation is a unique academic assignment that requires direct interaction between the author and the audience. Therefore, only by establishing direct contact between you and your reader, you will be able to achieve the anticipated outcome;
  • As for the form of your presentation, you need to use short and meaningful sentences. Pay attention that including long and too detailed sentences into your presentation, you will violate the rules of academic writing, which will bring you the failing result;
  • Make sure to proofread your presentation before its submission. You need to understand that the significant grammatical mistakes will compromise the quality of your presentation. Thus, if you are focused on getting the best result, you need to do your best to present a truly flawless paper.

How to Create a Great PowerPoint Presentation? Helpful Suggestions

  • Know your topic well. If your professor assigned the topic manually, try to find as much information as possible about it. If you are allowed to choose a topic for your presentation, select the one that provides you with the room for discussion;
  • Read your prompt carefully. In order to bring you the best grade, your presentation should follow the professor`s suggestions step-by-step. Make sure to create the right number of slides, use the right number of credible academic sources, and follow the correct formatting style, and you will significantly increase your chances of getting the expected outcome;
  • Carry out an in-depth investigation. Of course, it is impossible to explore a particular academic topic without proper research. Therefore, you need to study as much information about your topic as possible using only credible and peer-reviewed scholarly materials. Also, do not forget to cite them carefully in your reference list;
  • Make sure to explain all the unknown concepts used in your presentation. In order to evaluate your presentation with the highest mark, your audience should understand every single word in it. Therefore, if it is necessary to include some background information into your presentation, make sure to dedicate some slides to it.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Here are some vital tips to bear in mind when preparing a presentation. It is recommended to make notes in the process of reading, thus you will remember the information faster.

Preparing a persuasive presentation

Probably at least one you had to prepare a boring essay. Preparing an uninteresting presentation is similar to that. The reader is forced to go through it and cannot stay focused. The information is poorly arranged, and the writer covers only general issues. Such an essay, as well as presentation, is doomed for failure. But if you make an entertaining and easy to grasp one, the reader will definitely enjoy it. It means he will remember it and even cite some data from it in the future.

The structure of the presentation does not differ from that of an essay. The core elements are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.


Always start your presentation with something catchy. You need to provide just a short outline of the information that you plan to reveal in the presentation. It should give your reader an understanding of what you plan to discuss in the body. If you think that they will not grasp it at once, then you need to spend more time and change the introduction.


The body should be as attention-grabbing as the introduction. The audience should get interested in the data. If they wait for the next slide to come, then you have prepared a fabulous presentation. Do not forget to support your words with relevant quotes. There is also place for humor in your presentation but do not overuse it.

Besides, you need to invite your audience to direct participation in the presentation. Even the most curious brain needs a break. Make these breaks for your audience. Ask some questions regarding a specific matter or slide. Ask their opinion. You may use both of these options as breaks for the audience and as a way to gather the most honest feedback. People are not inclined to lie in the process, while they may be ready to give false feedback after the presentation is over.

All the data should be presented in an easy to remember the way. Bullet points are the best way to present your information in brief. Do not use long sentences. Be as laconic as possible. All extra information should be presented in the speaker’s notes.


In conclusion, you need to sum up all the key points that were presented in the main body. You need to stress the importance of topic and reinforce your thesis.

Do not forget that the audience will still have a number of questions unanswered. Leave some time for a question and answer part. Do not forget to include a thank you section, where you show your gratitude to the audience for being present and attentive.

11 Useful Functions of PowerPoint

Are you planning to surprise your audience with impressive presentation? It goes without saying that PowerPoint is an excellent way to construct a presentation which would serve as a guideline for a successful speech. However, only few people know secret rules of how to make a PowerPoint successful and take advantage of the useful functions of this program. Using specific design, video, and many other functions is certainly a positive contribution to your presentation. Here is the list of PowerPoint Tips and PowerPoint Effects which can enhance your speech:

Functions of PowerPoint

  1. The possibility of inserting videos, music, and images.

  2. This function is especially useful when the presentation relates to the analysis or evaluation. The use of video and audio can accurately render the scope of the discussion and help the speaker explain the topic in more detail.

  3. The possibility of using diagrams and schemes.

  4. The use of diagrams is especially important when it concerns the evaluation of specific percentage in economics, physics, or chemistry. The use of diagrams and charts is also helpful when a specific quantitative research is demonstrated.

  5. Using PPT for making website or software functioning prototype, which can be introduced to an investor or developer.

  6. These PowerPoint tips can be employed by means of hyperlinks, or by duplicating slides function. There is an algorithm of using this function. First of all, it is essential to use web elements for the desired appearance. Second, you should duplicate the slide and use a simple round to create a button and establish the transparency to 100%. Further, it is necessary to position a spot to make reference to the fully-created program. Finally, a hyperlink should be added.

  7. Use of different designs for PPT.

  8. The choice of a design is a useful approach which can be thematically tailored to the topic of the presentation. These PowerPoint tips are essential for those who care about the details of the presentation process.

  9. Formatting the quick access toolbar is another secret function, which can enhance the quality of the presentation.

  10. This is a place which gathers frequently used features, that are important when you do not know how to make a PowerPoint. In general, the toolbar is composed of several tags, such as alignment, distribution, font, shape formatting, and other elements.

  11. Animations are also among the benefits when you decide to learn more about how to make a PowerPoint.

  12. Indeed, animation capabilities are an excellent way to bring in some brightness and vividness to your presentation by making just a few clicks with a mouse. All you need is to open the animation menu and choose from such options: “Appear”, “Fly In”, and “Fade”.

  13. Motion Paths.

  14. Motion paths are also among most helpful PowerPoint effects which can be used to make objects move across the screen and adjust all other paths to what is presented on the slide.

  15. Image and text emphasis.

  16. This is one of the Animation functions, when you click the “Emphasis” text. When you select an object before the click on the menu, it is possible to move to other options, such as Grow/Shrink, Wave, Teeter to see how they can look like while applied.

  17. The Bouncing Ball.

  18. The bouncing ball is more for fun than for the actual use. Anyway, these Presentation Effects are interesting and funny to use. Following a bouncing ball is always interesting and entertaining. Besides, it can distract the audience from serious questions and make them more disposed to the open discussion and interaction, which simplifies the speaker’s task and enhances the effect.

  19. Excel Worksheet in a presentation.

  20. When your presentation is about company’s financial analysis, you should learn more about how to make a PowerPoint with Excels. The use of Excel is as simple, as inserting images and pictures.

  21. YouTube Videos can also be introduced to a PowerPoint presentation.

  22. It is necessary to confess that video you want to embed could be from YouTube. All you need is to provide specific hyperlinks, as well as the corresponding explanation for the video.

As it can be seen, there are many other secret PowerPoint Tips which help to learn more about how to make a PowerPoint in a more effective manner. There are many other approaches which can be used for advancing the quality of the presentation itself and promoting a new vision of PPT speech. The task of the speaker is to choose among those functions and embed them to amplify the scope and topic of the discussion. For instance, in case it is a film, using video and pictures from the movie is relevant. Using soundtracks and photos of the would also be a plus. After all, PowerPoint slides seek to complement the speaker’s presentation with bright details and make the audience attached to the discussion. Finally, PowerPoint should also serve as a tool for engaging the audience into the discussion and open interactions to maximize the effect. So, go ahead and surprise your audience with specific details and knowledge of additional functions of a PPT.

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