Have a Look at the Best Topics for Discussion

May 26th, 2020
Topics for Discussion

Topics for Discussion

Good topics for discussion are pretty difficult to choose. However, before we provide you with some interesting group discussion topics, let’s find out what is a discussion. A discussion is a process in which two or more people support their viewpoints with the help of good arguments and credible evidence. It is one of the common study forms because it allows the students to state their opinions, support them with sound evidence, as well as analyze the arguments of other students. A debate is a form of discussion in which two opponents present opposing viewpoints. During the debates, one individual should express his or her viewpoint on a specific topic and then listen to the counterarguments of the opponent patiently. The ability to participate in a discussion and support own viewpoint building logical connections between the facts and reasoning is a great skill, which can help the individual in any career. Undoubtedly, an interesting discussion is impossible without having a great topic. This topic should be controversial, relevant, and interesting. In our guide, we will help you understand how to choose the good topics for discussion, as well as provide you with good examples.

How to Choose Interesting Topics for Group Discussion?

A good topic is the one that allows having two or more different viewpoints allowing the participants of the discussion to explore this topic from different perspectives. When choosing a topic for a discussion, one should be very attentive and consider the following suggestions:

  • Make sure to select the topic that will fit your research interests. Only being interested in your topic, you will be able to find good arguments to support your opinion. Besides, if the topic seems interesting to you, most probably, you will make it interesting for your groupmates. What is more, a good topic will make the process of preparation truly interesting and joyful;
  • Your topic should have good argument potential. It means that your topic should be debatable allowing you to suggest different arguments. If you choose the topic when one side is clearly right, you won’t be able to create a good discussion;
  • Pay attention to the availability of data. The ability to find credible data to support a specific opinion is a very important thing that should be considered when choosing a topic for a discussion. It means that your topic should allow you to work with credible and peer-reviewed academic sources. After all, basing your arguments on your own understanding, you will probably fail in the discussion.

When searching for great topics for discussion, you may look for the online databases with the discussion topics. You may find a lot of fun topics for discussion, serious topics for discussion, technology topics for discussion, and many others. Have a look at the suggestions provided above, and you will choose the best topic. We assure you that following these principles, as well as applying a creative way of thinking, you will be able to make up a perfect topic for discussion. If you lack good discussion topic ideas, feel free to have a look at the list given below and you will definitely boost your writing inspiration.

Group Discussion Ideas

Controversial Ideas

It is great to have a controversial topic for a discussion because it allows having a minimum of two different viewpoints. Below, you will find some hot topics for discussion that will help you get some ideas:

  1. Human cloning. Benefits and shortcomings;
  2. Child labor;
  3. Sustainable urban living. Is it the right direction?
  4. Direct mail is a unique form of junk mail.
  5. Embryonic stem cell research. Benefits and shortcomings;
  6. Distributing condoms in schools. Is it right?
  7. Online dating. Is it an effective way to find a soulmate?
  8. Being a vegan. Is it dangerous?
  9. Marijuana and its medical value;
  10. Life imprisonment. Pros and cons.

Factual Discussion Topics for Students

A factual topic is the one that is based on the facts. Below, you will find several examples of discussion topics based on facts:

  1. Having a credit card. Benefits and shortcomings;
  2. Conspiracy. Is it the right form of political behavior?
  3. Citi curfews as the instrument for prevention children from victimization;
  4. Passive smoking. Is it really dangerous?
  5. Financial pyramids as a modern form of slavery.
  6. Drinking and driving. Should it be punished more strictly?
  7. Covid-19. A worldwide fraud or real pandemic?

Case Studies

The other group of discussion ideas is called case studies. When choosing this topic, you need to determine a problem. Your goal is to find a satisfying solution with the other team members. Find out the great good discussion topics for case studies:

  1. Causes and consequences of school violence. What hides behind the bullying at schools?The rise of malpractice insurance costs. How the problem can be solved?
  2. What are the necessary changes to be implemented in your community and how you are going to lead this process?
  3. Recycling. How to encourage people to practice new recycling techniques?
  4. Iraq. How to exit with minimal loss?
  5. How to be a college dropout? Is it a verdict?
  6. How to protect oneself from burnouts?
  7. Why it is necessary to protect privacy in the 21st century?
  8. Censorship and underdeveloped countries. How strong is the bond?
  9. Covid-19. Who hides the truth?
  10. Unemployment Topics for Discussion
  11. Unemployment and its influence on human lives;
  12. Why are young people vulnerable to unemployment?
  13. What is the relation between the tax cuts and unemployment in China?
  14. Unemployment and artificial intelligence;
  15. Unemployment in Spain;
  16. Is there any relation between happiness and employment?
  17. The effects of unemployment among young men;
  18. Technological unemployment and its main consequences;
  19. Unemployment discrimination caused by mental illnesses;
  20. The connection between education and employment;
  21. The change in the unemployment rate in Great Britain after Brexit.
  22. In what way does unemployment influences criminal behavior?
  23. Social costs of unemployment;
  24. Unemployment in Russia;
  25. The unemployment rate in the United States since 2000;
  26. Why are wages low despite the low unemployment rate in the US?
  27. In what way data about unemployment and inflation in the past fifty years align with the Phillips Curve in the United States?
  28. Unemployment and monetary policy;
  29. Unemployment in China;
  30. How does the conflict theory can help understand unemployment?

Common Group Discussion Topics

  1. Are there any reasons to believe that men are worse managers than women?
  2. Beauty pageants should be forbidden. Pros and cons of this viewpoint;
  3. Do violent movies promote social evil?
  4. Pros and cons of mixed-gender education;
  5. Generation gap. Is it really huge?
  6. Is India safe?
  7. What advertisements are beneficial?
  8. How to fight the dependence from the Internet?
  9. Should the use of mobile phones be forbidden in educational institutions?
  10. What aspects should be considered during the hiring process?
  11. Is the broadcasting of foreign TV shows affecting our culture?
  12. Plastic pollution and its threats;
  13. Should zoos be banned?
  14. Street food. Pros and cons;
  15. Protection of wildlife. Are the taken actions effective enough?

Choosing some of these easy group discussion topics and finding appropriate arguments, you will be able to impress your opponent through a professional approach and analytical thinking. However, pay attention that having a good topic is not enough. To succeed in a discussion, you need to spend a considerable amount of time building your arguments and finding the words that would convince your opponent.

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