How to Fight with Shyness

Facts About Shy People

How to Fight with Shyness

Every shy person faces the challenge of the noisy colleagues or upstarts. Sometimes you know a correct answer or a better solution, but you are too shy to suggest your point of view. People can despise this feature. Remember, your shyness doesn’t make you less precious. There are some advantages of being shy. You can do things assiduously and find the best way of solving different situations. Let’s consider the key merits of shy people.

Five Simple Facts about Shy People

  1. Facts about Shyness: You Look Better than Others

    Modesty and shyness often go hand in hand. That is, modest people are also shy, and vice versa. You may not want to go ahead to discuss your achievements. However, this thing makes you so amazing! Anyone can see your goodness; you do not need to discuss it once again!

    Of course, when you are too modest, it may also mean that your self-esteem is low. However, some kind of modesty is always healthy. Just make sure that you do not turn your modesty into self-beating. You can always see how your modesty benefits you in the long run:

    • Be gracious when you hear compliments
    • Do not be too hard recognizing your accomplishments – you have done a good job, so why not make other see them as well?
    • Do not hesitate to defend your point and argument when you feel you need to do it. Even if you are modest, some assertiveness will not spoil the picture.
    • At the same time, you are most welcome to praise and encourage others. It is always a good thing to do!
    • Be critical and realistic when making difference between what is good and what is bad.
  2. Shy People Facts: A Modest Person Thinks before Doing Something

    When you are shy, you will think twice before you make a step. It is a distinctive feature of modest people. Of course, it helps when you need to make difficult decisions. Unlike many other people, you will sit down to think your alternatives and plan carefully to achieve the desired result. The benefits of modesty are numerous:

    • You can anticipate unexpected risks
    • You can develop a contingency plan
    • You can identify and evaluate long-term goals
    • You can make a plan to minimize certain risks

    In 2011, the results of one published study demonstrated that humans were more likely to be modest than apes. It was a revolutionary finding, because it showed that humans were more advanced in their ability to plan and make considerate decisions than apes. Shyness was found to be a unique, peculiar feature of the human species.

    However, make sure that you do not spend too much time thinking about something. At times, you will need to make quick decisions; otherwise, you will miss a valuable opportunity. Sometimes, just to make things work out, you will have to be fast and furious. Therefore, be ready to use your modesty for your own benefit, but do not hesitate to change your attitude.

  3. Facts about Shy People: You Can Be Easily Approached
    When you are not too shy, people may think that they can easily approach you. In fact, this is true with most modest people. Modest individuals do not look like they are a threat to somebody or something. On the contrary, they behave as innocent learners who take information from the environment and use it to make decisions about their lives and the lives of others. There is no difficulty a modest person, because they do not erect artificial barriers. They are always happy to talk!
    At the same time, do not forget that when you are too shy, you may look like you do not want to talk to talk to anyone. You should overcome your modesty and shyness. Do not hesitate to say, “Hello” to someone you know and like!
  4. Facts about Shy People: Calm Down and Have It Done!
    When you are shy, you may need to calm down before a responsible mission. However, your modesty may also have a “calming” and charming effect on other people. Quite often, shy people do not show up their emotions. As a result, no one knows what kind of storm is happening inside, while you look so keen and confident. When you look calm, others will look calm as well.
    Unfortunately, when you are going through a “silent turmoil”, you may often need to ask for help. This is one of why people problems – not being ready to shout out for assistance when you need it most! Just say it loud and there will always be someone to help you out!
  5. You Can Make It On Your Own!
    When you are modest or shy, you can accomplish even the most difficult task without asking anyone for help. You only need a kind of solitary environment to do the job. Even if it is writing a narrative essay on shyness – you do not need anything except silence to cope with the task. No one will interrupt you. You will finish the project on time!

Shy people problems

When you find yourself among many unknown people, you feel uncomfortable. You can seem a boring person when you don’t speak with anybody. How can you become a member of the group without discomfort? Choose only one person who will be your company. This person will help you join the crowd with time.

Shy people have got a habit to consider every word. They don’t understand meaningless sentences and empty words. Lynne Henderson, the director of the Shyness Institute in Berkeley, California, advises people to be more tolerant of others. She also affirms that these people can be not only introverts but also shy extroverts.

Making a speech is a nightmare for shy people. They prefer to be silent. Being a quiet person can become your advantage. You can feel the group atmosphere and to study the situation around you very carefully.

Communication isn’t your piece of cake when you are shy. This feature can help you to be a great leader. You should not chat; instead, you should listen, analyze, and make conclusions. These people are also goal-seeking. They don’t waste time on winning the recognition.

A shy person can always support other people when they feel uncomfortable because they understand these people need assistance.
People can learn to use own shyness in order to get benefits. They are very sensitive, attentive, accurate workers. In a modern world, shyness isn’t a vice. Maybe, it will be better when people will be shyer.

Something You Will Never Hear from a Shy Person

Do not assume that shyness or modesty are straightforward. In reality, you will hardly ever hear a shy people speak about modesty. There are some things that are never discussed by shy people. For example, they will discuss only topics they feel they are qualified to discuss. Otherwise, do not expect to hear any of the following things from a modest person.

  • We are not confident if we need to say anything – at the same time, modesty does not mean that we do not like it to be in a company. They would love to be surrounded by people. However, a modest person may simply have nothing to say. As a result, do not make a modest person do something against their will. They will shoot something out once they know it is right!
  • We want to be sure that it is the right moment to say something. When we decide to speak, it is almost always to make an impact. It means that we will not speak just for the sake of speaking. We want to contribute to the conversation, and we need time to get ready for that. As shy and modest personalities, we will not say something overtly stupid or unnecessary. This is one of the good things of being shy – we take time before we are ready to say something impressive.
  • We cannot maintain great conversations – true, we are modest to the extent that compromises our conversational abilities. No, it does not mean that we cannot talk or speak at all. However, we are better at small conversations.
  • There is so much running through our minds! Really, we can keep silence not because we do not like you, but because we have many things on our minds. We like listening to others. It is a preferred option! Sometimes, it is more pleasant to observe than to participate, and thank you for your understanding!
    Really, it is not uncommon for a shy person to observe the process instead of participating in it. Modesty means that, sometimes, it is better to keep at a distance. We will feel more comfortable watching you enjoy the process. We will feel better seeing how you are aspiring for your most sacred goals!
    We value the time when we can be alone. A modest person does not have any chance to discuss their passion of loneliness, because others will take him or her as an outcast. However, it is natural to be alone. It is just a great chance to relax from hectic crowds.
  • We may not be great leaders, but we may not want to be followers only. It is difficult to imagine that a shy or modest person can be a successful leader. But is being shy a bad thing for leadership? Mostly not, because they can work autonomously and use their skills to contribute to organizational performance and teamwork.
  • We are critical; we are never satisfied with ourselves. This is one of the most prominent effects of shyness. You will see plenty of shy and modest people why are not satisfied with their skills even when they are brilliant. Just know it!
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