Nursing Essay Topics for Argumentative

45 Nursing Essay Topics for Argumentative Writing

Nursing Essay Topics for Argumentative

Traditionally, people who major in medicine are held in higher regard than people who specialize in nursing. It is unfair, as skilled nurses are few and far between nowadays. Additionally, the fact that they perform equally significant work as doctors makes them really indispensable. If you aim to become a nurse and cannot decide on an interesting topic for your argumentative essay in nursing, watch the hottest news on nursing and choose an arguable topic.

If you cannot hit upon some questions for your essay, we have prepared 45 questions that can be applied in nursing essay topics:

45 Nursing Essays Topics for Nursing Students

  1. A nurse performs more significant duties than a doctor.
  2. How do nurses and doctors affect healthcare services?
  3. The perfect model of work relationship between a doctor and a nurse vs. the reality.
  4. Do nurses face more health hazards?
  5. How far does the abuse of the power of home nurses go?
  6. Is it appropriate to make nurses work overtime?
  7. Should government participate in promoting nursing among men?
  8. Should nurses be allowed to end the lives of patients with extreme/fatal afflictions?
  9. Home nursing in terms of safety.
  10. How many nurses do medical institutions in fact need?
  11. Should nurses be eligible to write prescriptions for drugs?
  12. Nursing is a traditional woman’s occupation.
  13. Nurses must be on par with doctors in terms of salaries.
  14. Increase in working hours influences the work quality of nurses.
  15. Nurses’ input in patients’ recovery.
  16. Doctors and nurses must be granted a global visa.
  17. It must be obligatory for all nurses from the highly-developed countries to work 2 years in nursing in developing countries to obtain their degree.
  18. The occupation of a nurse is more appreciated than that of a doctor.
  19. The sexualisation of the image of a nurse should be forbidden.
  20. The nursing occupation afflicted by racial segregation.
  21. How can post-operative interventions influence and improve after a patient’s convalescence?
  22. How to provide the best treatment for people in the early stages of dementia?
  23. How can family members contribute to helping keep an eye on people receiving palliative care?
  24. Must patients be always told the plain truth when receiving the news about a terminal disease?
  25. How is it possible for parents to get better support in neo-natal units?
  26. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  27. Is it appropriate for doctors or nurses to make decisions about when to end a patients’ life?
  28. How can nurses assist a family that lost their member in taking the decision to donate organs of their blood relative?
  29. How can midwifes help both doctors and patients? Is midwifery as a profession underestimated?
  30. How is it possible to run major trauma departments more effectively and economically?
  31. Should cost-efficiency savings even be taken into account in life or death situations?
  32. How can pharmaceutical companies be impelled to strike a happy medium between patient needs and their need to gain a big profit?
  33. How can GPs assist nursing staff in their duties?
  34. Should nurses be eligible to give prescriptions to antibiotics without a doctor’s signature? Discuss the advantages of this.
  35. What actions can be taken to prevent nurses’ exhaustion within the NHS?
  36. Does government policy have relation to taking on nurses?
  37. Can nurses be fundamental in encouraging patients with dementia to eat and drink?
  38. In what way does severe weather influence the amount of work of nurses in the community?
  39. Should nurses with obesity be put on a diet since they set an awful example to patients?
  40. Should nurses be eligible to reject abusive patients in treatment?
  41. How is it possible for nurses and care workers to cooperate for the sake of work efficiency?
  42. How can smiling people be helpful in the hospital?
  43. Can romantic relationships between medical staff inflict harm upon patients’ health?
  44. Does a nurse’s “On the job” training suffice?
  45. Do nurses get sufficient amount of financial compensation?

To make your topic spicier, instead of opting for the obvious standpoint, pick the opposite one. Support your decision with situations or cases from real life.

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