How to Become a University Star

Cool Hobbies for Cool Guys: How to Become a University Star

How to Become a University Star

Hobbies are an amazing way for you to meet people, have fun, pass time, learn new things and become a University star. It is complex to overstate the benefits of having new hobbies. Every time you try something new, your brain creates new neural paths. The more neural paths you create, the more difficult it is to experience health problems such as dementia and the more creative you will become.

Your leisure time should be an opportunity for you to pursue your passions and interests. However, if you go blank every time you want to try out a new project, and cannot think of anything interesting to do, you can try out the following hobby ideas;

  1. Archery: This sport has been pegged by many as preppy, however, let not this stop you. Archery is a stress relief type of sport, and it is fun since it is a social activity. If you have watched the film Hunger games, then you might know that this is a form of defense.
  2. Combat Sports: This is one of the most loved hobbies for college students. Combat sports are competitive and also physical. However, this does not mean that you can get all beaten up, and you will also learn how to defend yourself. Some of the martial fit in this category that you can learn include martial arts and hand-to-hand contact.
  3. Graffiti: contrary to most popular belief, graffiti is not always illegal. Ensure that you do not graffiti any place that you are not allowed to. Finding areas that you are allowed to graffiti is not all that difficult. Remember that graffiti has been in existence even before ancient Greece and it is one of the fascinating forms of art.
  4. Photography: To become a cool college guy, photography is another hobby idea that can come in handy. It will turn your whole life into a hobby, and you will always try to capture artistic views. Photography is also a good way to record your life. You do not need a fancy camera or equipment to take photos. Begin by trying photography on a budget. You can get cheap cameras on e-bay or Amazon or just use your smartphone.
  5. Street circus and art hobbies: whether you want to learn how to perform for extra cash or you want to learn how to do something cool during parties. Or you just want to be that unique guy on campus. These are some great hobbies for college students because you can take your time to learn them and create your own ways to make them funnier, flashier and also challenging. It can also be a good strategy to meet new people who want to see you show off your skill in the park or those who are in the same thing.
  6. Musical instruments and music making: another cool hobby idea is learning a new instrument or a musical skill. You are wrong if you think that it is too late for you to learn a musical instrument. While it may take time and commitment, you will surprise yourself with the quick progress you will make within a very short time. Learning a new instrument is equivalent to learning a new language, and it is most suited for adults since it helps to create new synapses in the mind. This, in turn, helps to reduce chances of suffering from memory diseases later during your senior age.
  7. Making zines: These are self-published mini magazines. They are most of the time based on a particular theme, for example, poetry, art, and activism. It is most of the time collaboratively with friends or people who have the same interests. Zines are non-profit, but you can sell them on the internet, bookstores or cafes. A good example is We Make Zines. You can visit it and get tips and new ideas on how to promote your zine.

There are also indoor hobbies and interests ideas that you may like. For example;

  1. Blogging: it is derived from two words web logging, and it refers to writing online for a specific audience. This can be in the form of images, videos or other media forms. You can put entries that are short or long; it is up to you to choose. You can also decide to put the site as private or public. Some of the blog website hosts you can use include Blogger, Live Journal, and WordPress.
  2. Have a lifestyle hobby: Contrary to what most people believe; a lifestyle choice can also be a hobby, and it can turn out to be a career. Some easy ways to change your lifestyle can include;
  • Changing to simple decoration
  • Make several digital things such as a phone, a wallet or a watch.
  • Pair your things into 100 things.
  • Pair your wardrobe to 20 or 10 items.

Most people criticize technology as a way of encouraging laziness and that it makes life annoying. However, you can choose to use it to make the world a better place and use it to create fun and awesome things.

Some technology hobby ideas include;

  1. Coding and digital design: the internet and websites are the way they look because of codes. You can learn how to create a program or even design graphics that look like the graphics and programs you see or use. Try your hands at programming and you can become a coder.
  2. Vlogging: This is video logging or creating short films. It is a new hobby that people are adopting, and it is similar to blogging. You can begin by picking a theme from some of your personal details and make a video or post humorous videos on the internet or post videos on how to do something and people will use it to do the same activity.

Spending your leisure time to learn something that is fun will refresh you more than playing a Call of Duty game on your PC. Hobbies will bring joy, keep your mind alert, increase your creativity and help you meet new friends. Use this list to learn some of the easy ways you can learn a new hobby in campus.The guitar  - Hobby for Cool Guy