How to Summarize without Plagiarizing

How to Summarize without Plagiarizing: 7 Ways to Avoid Duplicate Content

How to Summarize without Plagiarizing

Plagiarism refers to the act of using or closely imitating the ideas and language of another writer without authorization and then representing that work as one’s own. Duplicate essays and research papers come with many problems. Plagiarism is a clear indication that the work lacks originality and purpose. Students guilty of plagiarism may be expelled, suspended or even receive a failing grade at school.

Plagiarizing previous works can result in revocation of one’s degree and may prevent the affected student from enrolling in another learning institution or finding employment. Every student must avoid plagiarism by all means. BTW we offer no plagiarism essays custom writing.

Why Plagiarism Happens

  • If the student paraphrases too closely to the original material.
  • Failing to attribute the quote accurately to the author using the recommended guidelines.
  • Copying the work of another author word for word from the beginning to the end.
  • Using the exact quote of another author without including the quotation marks.

Seven Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

1. Online Check

Performing an online check is one of the tested ways of avoiding duplicate work. Online plagiarism checker tools compare your work to thousands of web sources to inform you whether your paper or research paper is plagiarized, duplicated or similar. Always use an online plagiarism checker before you submit your papers. This is the only way to ensure nothing has been ignored inadvertently.

Checking for plagiarism is necessary even when the student believes everything has been appropriately cited. You can consider the following paid and free content checkers:

  • The Pensters Plagiarism Checker: This online tool provides you with five free chances of checking your written content. You can then pay a small monthly fee to continue with the services. The site compares your work against thousands of web sources.
  •  Copyscape: Copyscape is a crucial online checker that you can use to avoid plagiarism. A premium subscription will help you to check your papers for originality and uniqueness.
  •  Grammarly: Grammarly checks your written work against over 8 billion websites. The payment plans start from $11.66 per month for an annual contract. The online checker tool best suits students who wish to check lots of essays and research papers each semester. Our professional formatting service, online rewriting service.
  • Small Web Tools: This online checker tool is free, and you can run your completed work through Google. The tool gives the user a specific score based on the uniqueness of the material.

2. Paraphrase

Experienced authors always take the time to rewrite or paraphrase any material that cannot be associated with another author. You can avoid duplicate work by preventing the same phrasing or language. Once you find a material, you can use in your paper, avoid copying word for word. You need to paraphrase, put your work on your own words. You can do rewording sentences. An ideal paraphrase should change the overall structure and the wording of the material while keeping the original meaning that the writer intended.

3. Cite Your Own Work

Self-plagiarism happens when you fail to cite documents you have used or written previously. You need to know that it is entirely possible to duplicate your previous essays. If you intend to include an original point or idea from a previous paper, you need to cite that work. You can just cite like other research resources.

4. Quote

If you wish to lift the work verbatim from the resource materials, you can provide a block quote and then cite the original source or website where the information is provided. Please use quotation in all your papers to avoid unnecessary plagiarism. Anytime you quote a source, the words need to be the same as the primary source, but you can enclose them in quotation marks. Experts recommend students to only use quotation marks where necessary. However, paraphrasing is much better than using quotations.

5. Always Explore More than One Source

Authors who use only one source in their research risk creating duplicate works. Basing your ideas from various sources helps you to avoid the pitfall of following closely related identifiable characteristics, phrasing, and structure. Performing thorough research before beginning to write your essay is of paramount importance.

6. Summarize

Experienced writers also summarize papers created by other authors when they do not wish to employ quotation marks. By doing so, you will keep the same meaning and also create unique work. You can also add your own thoughts to improve the quality of your essays. If you check your paper on the online checker tools and learn someone else has used your work, you can report to your instructor or the relevant department to address the issue.

7. References and Citations

Referencing and quoting other authors’ works shows that you are not the original author of the content. Referencing other people’s work also helps in enhancing credibility. Using peer-reviewed sources of information also helps you to improve the quality of your essays.

Always cite the source of paraphrased material and quotations to ensure you have followed the proper guidelines for formatting documents. You can use different style guides. Your instructor should guide you on how to choose the right style guide. Paraphrased materials and quotations can be cited differently, but it is crucial to make sure you have cited correctly.


The school, college or university you are enrolled in expects you to observe the highest levels of integrity and honesty. Therefore, as a student, you must always try to avoid plagiarism. Overlap of information occurs every day bearing in mind thousands of essays and written each year. Students must try to avoid plagiarism.

You should always be conscientious in your essay writing efforts. Always remember to provide the references and citations to keep the right track of your material sources. You also need to utilize the available online plagiarism checkers to avoid creating duplicate essays or research papers that can ruin your academic endeavors.

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