Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

Looking for some persuasive speech topics to get you started? This article contains some of the best persuasive speech topics you can find online. You can pick a great public speaking persuasive speech topic based on several different categories. We recommend choosing persuasive speech topics that are of great interest to you. You can also learn tips on how to write a good speech.

How Should You Choose a Persuasive Speech Topic?

Before writing your speech, you should look for some interesting persuasive speech ideas and pick one that best suits your situation. What are some key elements of good persuasive speech topics? Consider the following:

  1. Easy

    Good topics for a persuasive speech should not require you to do a great amount of in-depth research. It should also be something that you have a degree of knowledge about so that you can write it more quickly.

  2. Unique

    Certain persuasive speech topics have been done over and over again. Nobody wants to hear yet another speech about abortion, gun control, or same-sex marriage. Choose a subject that is fresh and exciting. The audience will appreciate it!

  3. Interesting

    For the benefit of both you and the audience, you should pick a topic that is interesting. This will provide motivation for you as you begin putting it together. Likewise, the audience won’t fall asleep as they watch it.

How to Select a Good Persuasive Topic

You should begin by creating a list.

First, make a rough inventory:

  • Which topics are most intriguing?
  • Do you find them funny? What emotions do they evoke?
  • Which topics do you know a lot about?
  • Which topics would you be willing to learn more about?

Review your list and narrow your choices by answering these questions:

  • What are some problems – whether they are global, national or local – that need to be solved?
  • Are there places, events or people that interest you?
  • What are your opinions about these matters?
  • In what ways do you think society should change?
  • What sources will help you find the best material for your speech?

Once you are able to answer these questions, you will be able to come up with a really great approach to your speech!

100 Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  1. Earning a degree vs Buying a degree: Which one costs less?
  2. Do men have enough rights in today’s society?
  3. At what age should children be allowed to carry a gun?
  4. Round Earth: the greatest hoax of all time?
  5. Phishing is fine
  6. Would parks be better if we got rid of all those violent squirrels?
  7. Should drinking and driving be legal as long as you turn your headlights on?
  8. Why do vegans hate America so much?
  9. Are hamburgers a good way to warn cows to not cross the line?
  10. How many friends could you buy if you had Bill Gates-level money?

Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals

  1. Testing products on animals: is it funny?
  2. Zoos vs Backyards: Where is the most appropriate place to keep elephants?
  3. At this stage, does that dead mink really care that you are wearing it as a coat?
  4. Do stray animals have a right to a free luxury apartment?
  5. Are emotional support animals the dumbest invention of the 21st century?
  6. Is it normal to be terrified by goats?
  7. Should we keep wild tigers just in case the neighbors give us a dirty look?
  8. Is access to free education a basic animal right?
  9. Spaying is bad: In support of more dogs and cats
  10. Ten best ways to tease your bichon

Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why are women still allowed to drive in America?
  2. Letting your hungry dog loose in a butcher shop: What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Should Texas be messed with?
  4. Texting and Driving: A way for the average person to act like a daredevil?
  5. An all-junk food diet might not be healthy, but is not it the most delicious option?
  6. How to convince a friend to loan you $1000 that you never intend to payback
  7. Would watching The Hunger Games solve society’s hunger problems?
  8. Can a boss who never shows up to work still be an effective leader?
  9. Should God be taught in Catholic schools?
  10. Would children pay more attention in school if they were taught by Muppets?

Relationship Speech Topics

  1. A successful career vs a nagging wife: Which do you prefer?
  2. Why polygamy makes sense while polyandry is just plain ridiculous
  3. Should marriage be banned between a man and a woman?
  4. Would children hit more home runs if their parents just yelled at them more often?
  5. Shall thou covet thy next-door neighbor’s wife?
  6. Divorce: Which child deserves the most blame for their parents’ failed marriage?
  7. Would have a baby with your daughter’s best friend be generously described as a “faux pas”?
  8. Does religion influence marriage in a bad way or a really, really bad way?
  9. Is marriage really necessary when there’s so much entertainment on Netflix?
  10. Should your doggies be allowed to marry each other?

Children Speech Topics

  1. Why are babies so bad at developing effective business strategies?
  2. Are your child’s video games violent enough to keep their attention?
  3. If you got rid of all the rules, would your children finally love and accept you?
  4. How are curfews on teens not a form of fascism?
  5. Do you think of yourself as a parent or sentient ATM machine?
  6. Are teenage-centered advertisements aimed at teenagers an effective strategy?
  7. Should children be allowed to perform complex surgical procedures?
  8. Why is your child’s doll using threatening language towards you?
  9. Don’t deaf kids have a legitimate excuse not to listen to their parents?
  10. Tweeting: How to be even less cool in the eyes of your children.

Healthy Lifestyle Speech Topics

  1. Is not eating food a good way to die?
  2. Can eating disorders make you attractive and popular?
  3. How much sleep do you need to miss morning lectures but still attend enough to not fail the class?
  4. Drinking vodka for breakfast: What are the health benefits?
  5. Is planning a workout regimen enough or do you actually have to follow through?
  6. Should marijuana be legally required?
  7. Which fast-food menu item makes you feel saddest? The KFC Double Down, right?
  8. If vegetarians love plants so much, why do they eat them?
  9. Everybody agrees that teaching while drunk is unacceptable, but is a slight buzz kosher?
  10. Should the legal drinking age be raised to 50?

World Peace Speech Topics

  1. Which country is the most peaceful and should they be invaded?
  2. Is launching all of our nukes and not replacing them the easiest way to get rid of all of our nukes?
  3. War: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing? Or is it more complicated than that?
  4. Will peace in the Middle East be achieved within the next 10,000 years?
  5. Does the 2nd Amendment cover the right to own nuclear arms? If not, shouldn’t it?
  6. Could peace be achieved through more hugs, or would that just lead to lawsuits?
  7. When Turkish guys travel to Odessa, is that sort of an example of world peace?
  8. Is conflict prevention a path to peace or does the person who suggests this deserve a patronizing pat on the head?
  9. Should we make war illegal and then jail the countries that break this law?
  10. Are exercising second Amendment rights effective against tanks and airplanes?

Poverty and Homeless Speech Topics

  1. Would hiding poor people in closets and under carpets eliminate the problem?
  2. If those in poverty worked three jobs instead of two, would that make them less lazy?
  3. Would panhandlers make more money if only they had golden singing voices?
  4. Is eliminating welfare programs the best way to increase poverty?
  5. If somebody claims they are rich but are making less than $1,000,000, isn’t that the same as being poor?
  6. Is getting a haircut and a real job the panacea for solving poverty?
  7. How do charitable organizations pretend to help homeless people?
  8. How to save money by not filing taxes
  9. Canada vs Iceland: Which homeless population is more polite?
  10. Isn’t the richness of a poor person’s soul a substitute for monetary wealth?


  1. If I cover my head in tinfoil, will it prevent the government from beaming signals to my brain?
  2. Should the US become the 11th province of Canada?
  3. Would signs that politely said, “Please don’t cross the border” eliminate illegal immigration?
  4. Since when did acting like a lunatic suddenly become a qualification to be president?
  5. Should the government be allowed to ban internet content deemed too boring?
  6. Which voting suppression tactics are the most compassionate?
  7. Isn’t creating legislation without any input from the other party the very definition of “compromise”?
  8. Which TV reality host should be the next president?
  9. When a terrorist group holds people, hostage, should governments be able to pay the ransom through PayPal?
  10. Should a president be allowed to serve a minimum of 10 terms if the people love him so?

Funny Topics for Persuasive Speech

  1. Why would Sally sell seashells by the seashore when beachgoers can easily find them for free?
  2. Will tweeting a celebrity 100 times a day make her fall in love with you?
  3. If Bill Gates is so smart, why does he not own all the money in the world yet?
  4. Is Earth actually in the shape of a banana?
  5. Should Disney make an origin story for those people at the Tatooine bar who did not like Luke Skywalker?
  6. Isn’t killing a mosquito the ultimate act of justice?
  7. Is the millionth joke about Mark Zuckerberg being an android still hilarious enough for you?
  8. Would the expression “Meat is Murder” still sound as catchy if “meat” were called something else that did not start with the letter “m”?
  9. Do people become pizza delivery workers with the expectation that their life will turn into a movie?
  10. Does the Burger King rule his people drama-free, or is his kingdom like in Game of Thrones?


Creating a great persuasive speech can be a great challenge. It is time consuming and requires a significant amount of effort. It starts with picking the right idea and supporting your arguments with solid evidence. Do not be afraid to give a speech on a controversial idea. In fact, those are the persuasive speeches that are remembered the best. Even if your first persuasive speech turns out to be a dud, you will still learn something. Of course, if you are really having a difficult time, you can hire a speech writer to create it for you.

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