Surprising Valentine’s Day Facts

February 14th, 2017

Surprising Valentine Day FactsThere are two types of people: sweethearts, who look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with all of its charm, and singles, who hate the idea of spending another day amidst the craze. Whatever type you are, you will find this article absolutely surprising, and, who knows, maybe you will change your opinion of this holiday.

Things you didn’t know about V-Day:

1. There is a reason why sweethearts share chocolates. Richard Cadbury, a chocolate manufacturer, gave his wife a box of chocolates as a present for the Valentine’s Day. This gesture initiated the tradition, which was eagerly picked up by couples all over the world.
2. Your cat can be your Valentine. No kidding! Thousands of people buy gifts for their pets on Valentine’s Day, why can’t you? However, the chances of getting something in return (besides unconditional love, of course) are pretty slim.
3. There are special romantic holidays in South Korea every month. If February 14 is not enough for you and you want to celebrate your love each month, go to South Korea. They celebrate such holidays as Kissing Day, Hug Day, Rose Day, etc. on the 14th day of each month. On the other hand, why go to Korea if you can invent a similar holiday yourself? There is no need for a special occasion to kiss your sweetheart and express your love.
4. Beware of the revenge of the jilted. Dealing with breakup is difficult, but it gets unbearable around Valentine’s Day. To suppress the pain, broken-hearted people (ok, let’s be honest here, mostly women) resort to different rituals, such as burning the photos of their ex-boyfriends. Some of them do not confine to photos and burn other things, like clothes or gifts that their exes presented them. Unsurprisingly, such things get out of control and lead to drastic consequences, that is why this tradition is officially banned.
5. There is an activist movement on February 14. Even if you have no partner to celebrate V-Day with, you can still show your care for other people. February 14 is also known as a day when people unite to stop gender inequality and violation of women’s rights.
All in all, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday. It reminds us once again that love rules the world.

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