Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory

November 16th, 2017

Improve Your Memory

Is remembering someone’s name or number becoming an increasingly hard task to manage? Do you stand embarrassed with the feeling of helplessness because you just can’t recall someone’s name despite the fact that you were introduced to him/her some minutes ago? Do you come into the kitchen for something to grab and totally forget the reason what you’ve come in for. Could you boast of a good memory? If not, there are some simple tools, which can significantly improve and boost your memory. Increase your memory to avoid problems for a long time!

Simple ways to improve your memory

  •  Pick up a pen and write by hand

You may be surprised, but simply writing something down, no matter what exactly, for example, a shopping list, will HELP you to remember everything later. According to the studies, more regions of the brain are activated by handwriting. Handwriting plays a role of a visual cue for the brain, as before writing anything down, the information need to be processed and reframed by the brain.

  •  Say no to multitasking

Your memory might disappoint you only because you’ve failed to fully pay attention when you first got the information. When you are distracted with other thoughts while you are doing something, you cannot be focused on the thing you are doing. Take the example of sitting at your workplace and wondering if you’ve locked the front door. You should concentrate on one thing; otherwise, you’ll fail to remember it.

  •  Meditate

Stress is the bitter enemy of your memory, when you’re stressed, you aren’t able to get the information properly, and hence, you are more likely not to remember things later. The positive effect of meditating has been proved by the scientists at Harvard Medical School. It’s much easier for you to weed out everyday distractions when you practice meditation. Meditate and improve your ability to remember everything much better!

  •  Strive for variety and challenge

Standard brain games and crosswords are undoubtedly good tools to exercise your brain, but they will not help much if it isn’t challenging for you. No matter what you are doing, it needs to be above the level that is comfortable for you. Imagine that you are exercising; your muscles can’t be strengthened if you don’t lift a harder weight each time. The same goes with your memory. Don’t ignore the significance of diversity, as it also matters. Try everything that is unknown and new for you.

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