Professors in Cinema: 13 the most Interesting Characters

May 5th, 2016

professor in cinemaMovies about professors are special! The personalities of professors in films are usually inspired by the real people. And most of them have some peculiarities, strange features, unusual habits and mentor skills. Films that depict professors are memorable for most students. So, if you are one of those professor movie-lovers, you will like our list. And, maybe, you will want to watch some films once more.

  1.  ‘The Rewrite’ (2015)
    An academy award winning screenwriter, Keith Michaels (Hew Grant), is rejected in Hollywood. In the search of new horizons, Keith moves to the East Cost to teach screenwriting course, where he founds his love with one of his students. The impeccable play and humor of Hew Grant are worth watching!
  2.  ‘Still Alice’ (2014)
    This professor movie is a complicated drama of Columbia University linguistics professor, Alice Howland (Julianne Moore), who is diagnosed the Alzheimer disease. Alice struggles to be a part of her former disease-free life and comes to a conclusion that her only option is to ‘live in the moment’. She tells herself: ‘It’s really all I can do, live in the moment. And not beat myself up too much.’
  3.  ‘Thor’ (2011)
    A superhero American film based on the Marvel Comics tells the story of the Thor (The Crown Prince of Asgard) and his love interest in the astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Jane Foster teaches Thor important lessons.
  4.   ‘The Great Debaters’ (2007)
    Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington), the historically black Willey College professor creates a debate team that is so successful in debates, that it initiates the debates with Harvard College. The film has rich social context, where the figure of Melvin B. Tolson is amazing. The team debates the social justice in relation to Black people rights.
  5.  ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ (2003)
    Julia Roberts received the highest $25 million record for her role of Katherine Ann Watson, Art history professor with creative approach to teaching. The professor teaches her students to be inquisitive and analytically creative and has many conflicts with colleagues.
    Her famous phrase in the film is: “Look beyond the paint. Let us try to open our minds to a new idea.”
  6.  ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (2001)
    Russel Crowe in the role of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics in a film of Ron Howard is the example of authentic creativity. Normal ideas and way of thinking do not work. Nash is unique and has unique beautiful mind.
  7.  ‘Wit’ (2001)
    Emma Thompson (Vivian Bearing), a professor of English Literature, is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In the last days of her life, the only person who visits her is her former student. Emma comes to the understanding that the human relationships and compassion are more valuable in life than intellectual wit. She regrets being so insensitive and demanding to other people.
  8.  ‘Good Will Hunting’ (1997)
    Will Hunting (Matt Damon), has a genius intellect and eidetic memory, but works as a janitor at MIT. Professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgård) notices the unique skills of Will and does his best to help the boy. Professor in this film is the true representation of a mentor, who sees the diamond in the piece of stone.
  9.  ‘The Nutty Professor’ (1996)
    Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy), the professor at Wellman College, is an obese beloved guy. Students adore him, and his only problem in life is obesity. He performs the research and constructs experimental formula of DNA that allows losing weight.
  10.  ‘Higher Learning’ (1995)
    The film shows the problems students face when they have to live together at the campus of Columbus University. Laurence Fishburne won the NAACP Image Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture” with the role of Maurice Phipps, political science professor. The professor challenges the class and teaches them the main skill of the life – the skill of thinking!
  11.  ‘Indiana Jones’ films (1981, 1984, 1989, 2008)
    Harrison Ford as Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones (2208), the college professor of archaeology, is the iconic character of all times. Indy is a hero of his own!
  12. ‘The Paper Chase’
    Charles W. Kingsfield Jr. is a professor of contract law at Harvard University that uses the Socratic method to challenge his students. The professor even humiliates those, who do not succeed. The brilliant play of John Houseman brought him the Oscar.
  13.  Drumline
    Orlando Jones as Dr. James Lee plays a role of a mentor who invites the Harlem street drummer Devon to play in a college marching band. They have multiple issues that end up positively in the winning award for the band.

Movies about professors have their own “educational charm”. Watch few of them, and you will get back in your college years with good memories and interesting events!

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