How to Organize the Best Student Party: check-list

April 22nd, 2016
Planning a party is a responsible task. Very often the success of the entire event depends on how well you plan it. Therefore, if you want to throw a party you need to take time and think of some things ahead. Student parties can be memorable and fun as it is a great way for people to bond with one another. But there are also some risks you need to be aware of if you are the one organizing the party: safety, boredom, atmosphere, etc. It has always been the job of a host to make sure the guests have a good time and everybody feels welcome. Below you will find a party planning checklist containing the things you need to think ahead of time to ensure everything goes well during the party. The list may also provide some party planning ideas you can use for throwing a student party.

Party Planning Checklist

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Choose a theme or activity. Having a specific theme will help the party to take off. It doesn’t have to be something that everybody must stick to during the whole night. Here are some party planning ideas for picking a theme/activity: dance night, video games, poker night, movie marathon, etc.

Create and send out invitations. This should help you control the number of people that are going to show up. Relying on social media only can be tricky so it is much better if you make the invitations.

Choose a venue. The choice of venue may depend on the theme/activity chosen as well as the number of people you expect to have on your party.

Arrange the variety of snacks/soft drinks. As host, you have to think about snacks and nonalcoholic drinks in advance. There is no need to order large amounts of snacks and beverages but it would be good to have some in order for all guests to feel welcome.

Plan Logistics. Where will people park? Do you expect anybody who might need a sleepover? Do you have enough chairs? These things need to be taken care of while planning a party, not during the event itself. Otherwise, it may cause too much stress and unnecessary hassle.

Create a safety plan. Not every party goes smoothly. Sometimes serious issues can arise and you need to take steps to ensure you are prepared for everything. For example, what do you do if some unwanted guests show up? How about property damage? Underage drinking? Fighting?

Determine a date and time. Most parties are held on weekends; it is the best choice so that neither you nor your guests would have to think about school. Think about the date that would be convenient for everybody whom you plan to invite.



Final Remarks

Although student parties aren’t like birthday parties, they still require some planning. So developing a party planning checklist is a great idea. This way you can be more efficient when planning a party. Keep in mind that any party planning list is flexible and you can easily add some things to it if you feel necessary. It is like an outline of your essay – it should somewhat define what your future party is going to be like.

One last thing that needs to be said in addition to having a party planning checklist. It is a good idea to decide on a budget in advance. If you are the one organizing the party then most of the cost will likely be on you. Therefore, it is better to decide in advance how much you are willing to spend. It is absolutely okay to ask your friends if they would chip in. You are not doing it just for yourself after all.

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