Horror Movies to Watch

February 7th, 2017

New_Upcoming_Horror_MoviesYou adore watching scary movies that give you creeps but you are fed up with watching classy ‘Conjuring’ or ‘The Shining’ all over again? Great news for you! Next year, there coming new horrifying films, which you, as a genuine horror movies lover, should not miss.

The upcoming movies 2017

1. ‘Suspiria’, released: 2017

A remake of the original Italian ‘Suspiria’ starring Dakota Johnson as a young American ballet student sounds quite promising. Horribly beautiful scenes interweave with the supernatural and sinister series of murders. It is something we really do expect.

2. ‘The Dark Tower’, released: February 17, 2017

Among all the new horror movies to come, ‘The Dark Tower’ adaptation of the Stephen King’s eponymously-named novel is the most passionately discussed by author’s fans and horror lovers. As it is a fantastic western horror film, it will combine lots of gripping factors proved to be popular amongst fans of scary movies. Knowing the popularity of previous Stephen King’s books adaptations, we are looking forward to the release of ‘The Dark Tower’

3. ‘The Chair’, released: 2017

Another adaption, but this time of the Alterna Comics graphic novel. This movie shows a wrongly accused man who got stuck on the Death Row. While fighting for his life, his life story reveals the horrifying and decayed human’s ability to let the worst of them out in order to torture others and get pleasure in that.

4. ‘Insidious 4’, released: October 27, 2017

Another is off there soon! Although the plot details are still blurred and unclear, it has been aired by the horror prequel’s writer and director Leigh Whannell that, unlike ‘Insidious 3’ with the focus on Elise, ‘Insidious 4’ is going to explore the time and events between the first movie of the franchise and the third one. So much way to go here!
The list of movies to watch in 2017 is quite various, so get ready for new blood chilling films coming soon!

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