Funny Students Stories of Famous People

May 10th, 2016

steve jobs storiesWe perceive famous people as impeccable personalities. People tend to idealize their heroes while big people are just humans with humorous short stories from their school and university years, ridiculous habits and wishes. The famous people stories are good to explore for many reasons. First of all, the facts give inspiration and confirm that everything is in our hands. In addition, humorous short stories of popular personalities give us a chance to reevaluate these people and explore their career from the new viewpoint.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was born to a couple who sought the opportunity to place the baby-boy with the more successful and financially stable family. Paul and Clara (the adoptive parents of Jobs) were not the desired place for Steve by his biological parents. So, the couple took the issue to court with the requirement to place their baby with a different family. They finally reached an agreement when Paul and Clara promised to provide a college education for a kid. It is funny that when Jobs was enrolled into the expensive Reed College, he understood that his education was too pricey for his parents, who invested all their savings in his tuitions in order to keep the agreement they gave while adopting the kid. Steve decided to drop the college, but he still attended the single class. This was a course on calligraphy taught by the professor Robert Palladino. Later in his life, when he gave a commencement speech at Stanford University, Jobs told that Mac would never have the multiple typefaces if Jobs had not attended this single course of calligraphy at Reeds. The story of Jobs is funny but touching at the same time!

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the father of Facebook, studied at Harvard. However, similarly to many other famous people stories, Zuckerberg did not get a degree. From the very young age, Zuckerberg was interested in programming and psychology. The first achievement of Mark was the program Course Match that allowed making class choosing decisions based on the selection of other students. Later, Zuckerberg created a program Facemash. Short stories by students who lived with Zuckerberg say that the program was created for fun. This program allowed students to choose the most liked person from the set of photos. The site contained Face Books and the visitor had to vote, which face was the “hottest”. The site existed only for two days, after which it was blocked by Harvard College as it overloaded the network switch and prevented other students from using the Internet for educational purposes. Moreover, Zuckerberg met complaints from students who claimed their photos were used without permission. However, Mark did not abandon his idea of creating the “social website”. In January, 2004, Zuckerberg wrote code for the new website, Thefacebook, which was launched in February. Six days after the launch, Zuckerberg met the complaints from three Harvard seniors who accused him of using their idea to create the product. When Facebook became the bigger social platform, the three seniors pledged a lawsuit against Zuckerberg. They reached a settlement for 1,2 million Facebook shares costing $300 million. Thus, the website that was started for fun brought fame and millions to the Harvard dropout.

Bill Gates

Yet another Harvard dropout, Bill Gates, is also in the list of humorous short stories. When the professor Harry Lewis offered a series of unsolved problems at combinatorics class, Gates was the only one who developed an algorithm for pancake sorting (the name of a problem in a series). Gates’ solution was the fastest in the last thirty years. Later, the solution was published as an organized paper. Being one of the best students of his class, Gates, nevertheless did not finish his program and devoted his talent to the own business.

Elvis Presley

Believe it or not, but The King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley, was not successful at music lessons in school. When he was enrolled at L. C. Humes High School to an eighth grade, his mark for music class was “C”. The school teacher explained the low grade as pure no aptitude to singing. Presley did not give up! In order to prove his talent in music, Elvis brought his guitar to school and performed his hit “Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Me”. In short stories by students of his class it was revealed that the teacher just did not like Elvis’ style of performance, his voice, and manners. Maybe, the teacher even regretted the event being proud for teaching a star, who knows?

John Lennon

John Lennon was a promising high school student. He successfully passed the Eleven-Plus exam (very serious examination where only small percent succeeds) and was admitted to the Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool. Lennon was very easygoing, lively and humorous teenager. He loved drawing and even drew a series of cartoons for the school magazine The Daily Hawl (the magazine was initiated by Lennon). However, his marks and reports were terrible. The teachers regarded him as the clown in the class, the hopeless student who spoils the interest of other pupils in the class.

Barack Obama

The US President B.Obama is also in the list of famous people stories. Being a high school student, Obama was known as “O’Bomber” for his superior skills at basketball play. He even wanted to build the basketball field at the White House. Another interesting story about Obama is about his student loan. Everyone thinks that Obama is rich, but, in fact, he repaid his student loan only four years ago when signed the book publishing contract.

Jonnie Depp

Jonnie Depp dropped out of the high school cherishing the idea of becoming a rock musician. Two weeks later, he changed his mind and attempted to be admitted back to school. However, the principal told him to go forward to his dream and did not sign the approval. Jonnie Depp headed to Los Angeles with an aim to record their songs. The attempt failed. It was a sad lesson for a future star.
These were only few famous people stories. Most of them teach to be purposeful and go ahead no matter the difficulties and surprises of a life.

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