How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Common Errors in Essay Writing

How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

There are millions of articles devoted to writing a good essay without much effort. Many of them suggest general pieces of advice that are only helpful if you really stick to them. However, in this way not only will you have a boring essay, but also your professor will be unimpressed with your standard approach. The main thing that you must learn is to be able to distinguish all the possible mistakes that may appear in your work. Even though it is almost impossible, you should do your best to avoid most typical errors and try to find the most efficient way of writing.

Common Writing Errors


Technical errors are quite common, but luckily, they can be easily avoided. Students do not italicize the title of movies, plays, novels and so on. Moreover, you should underline it in case you are writing it out. Apart from that, remember to use quotation marks for short works. For the consistency, it is important to follow the structural order, which your essay follows. Your thesis must coincide with what you discuss in the main body.


In order to learn how to write an essay correctly, try to focus on your written language. You should always preserve consistent narration in a single tense, because jumping from present to past is a huge error made by inexperienced students. While talking about the language, it is impossible to forget about the ambiguity in pronouns. You should precisely mention what you refer to, not to confuse you professor and yourself. However, the major mistake that is constantly made by new writers is the usage of the informal style in their essays. Under no circumstances should you use slang words in an essay. No contractions are allowed, regardless of their usage. Academic essays do not have such pronouns as “I” or “we” – only the third person can be used in your works. What is more, do not forget – proper transitions make text really colorful and attractive for readers. Do not limit yourself only with “and”, “or”, “because”. There are many other words that can find their places in your essay.


Many students mistakenly underestimate the importance of correct punctuation in writing. Indeed, it is sometimes rather difficult to find where the comma is put incorrectly. However, good punctuation is an integral part of a first-class essay. Therefore, to make a good impression on the reader, you need to pay attention to all the punctuation marks in your paper. For more information on common punctuation mistakes, feel free to refer to our Punctuation Mistakes section.


You may think that the English language`s spelling system is the most unpredictable and confusing in the world. However, although there are some words with confusing spelling, a vast majority of words do follow special rules and you can avoid common spelling mistakes by learning these rules. When your essay is written, we recommend you to look it through in order to find all technical errors in writing and spelling errors because they significantly compromise the paper`s quality. Make a list of misspelled words and learn how to write them. In such a way, you will boost your writing proficiency.


To avoid sentence fragments in your writing, you need to make sure that each group that you punctuate as a sentence is a grammatically complete thought and can stand alone as a separate sentence.

Incorrect: There are many interesting places to visit. For example, Milan, Barcelona, Paris.

Revised: There are many interesting places to visit. For example, one can enjoy visiting Milan, Barcelona, or Paris.

Incorrect: Researchers report no human deaths due to excessive medical marijuana consumption. Although medical marijuana does cause harmful effects on human psychological behavior.

Revised: Researchers report no human deaths due to excessive medical marijuana consumption, although medical marijuana does cause harmful effects on human psychological behavior.


Finally, mistakes that are even more common are the ones that refer to essay’s structure. You should always remember to summarize your paragraphs with a sentence in the end of each one. Simply make a small conclusion at the end of each paragraph.

As for the most common sentence structure errors in academic writing, one should mention poor paragraph division.

When making errors in structure, you will find it very difficult to convey your message properly. Pay attention that a good essay contains several paragraphs. The first paragraph is an introduction that is followed by several paragraphs of the main body in which the topic is developed and analyzed. Finally, the essay should contain a conclusion that will summarize the author`s ideas expressed in the essay.

It goes without saying that the flow of the author`s ideas should be logical. Jumping from one idea to another without using proper transition words, you will only confuse your reader. Try to avoid stylistic errors and make your writing clearer and more coherent.

Even if you are good in one field, you may make obvious mistakes in another, which will affect the overall grade for your essay. Take a closer look at the common writing errors mentioned in our guide and you will improve the overall quality of your paper and reach the anticipated outcome.

Also, checking our Writing tips section, you will learn a few helpful secrets and suggestions on how to improve your writing. A Common Problems section will familiarize you with the common errors in writing essays. Boost your writing skills and improve your academic performance with our help!

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