20 Kinds of Sports You’ll Definitely be Interested in

April 29th, 2016

Sports studentsWith such a struggle among students to secure sits in universities and job opportunities, it pays to utilize your free time by using it productively and equipping yourself with extra skills that will help you in your university application and CV to stand out from the rest. You can develop valuable skills and gain experience by participating in different games, and it’s never too late to start. This is a great way to boost your application while still having fun. Involving in sports can describe your personality to a dry CV.

A list of different sports you can engage in to spice up your CV

  1. Adventure Racing: This is an event that combines two or more endurance disciplines including orienteering, mountain biking, cross-country running, paddling, and climbing. This sport is also called expedition racing.
  2. Darts: this is a game which involves throwing small missile like objects to a target which is called a dartboard. The aim is to outdoor each other on who has a bulls eye.
  3. Aerobatics: This sport involves aircraft maneuvers that include loops, tail slides, rolls and stall turns or hammerheads.
  4. Underwater Wrestling: This is an underwater sport where two players are wearing masks and have fins wrestle underwater. Both attempt to remove a ribbon from the opponents’ ankle band.
  5. Bowling: This is a general term that is given to a range of sports where the player rolls a ball to knock down items. The most common one is the tenpin bowling.
  6. Aquathlon: This is a continuous race where a participant swims and then runs over dry land for a short distance.


Kinds of Sports -cycling


  1. Arm Wrestling: This is a type of wrestling where the participants place an elbow on the surface while gripping the other opponents’ hand. The main aim is to pin the arm of the opponent on the surface.
  2. Quadrathlon: This is an endurance sport that is composed of other four other sports mainly swimming, cycling, kayaking and running.


Girl playing tennis

Other common students sports in many schools include:

  1. American football: it is a team sport that is played on a rectangular field, and it has goal posts at both ends. Each team tries to advance an oval ball to the opponents’ side by running or passing the ball to other teammates. In other parts outside U.S, it is called Gridiron.
  2. Association Football: This is also called soccer or football, and it is the world’s most popular sport and it is played between two teams which are composed of eleven players each and a spherical ball. The game is occupied on a rectangular ground with goals on both ends. The object of the game is to score by hitting the ball with any body part other than the hands and arms to make a goal into the opposing team.
  3. Athletics: It is commonly referred to as track or field sports and besides, it also comprises of cross country running, race walking and road running.
  1. Backstroke: it is a swimming stroke that is performed on the back with the arms lifted on the water in a backward and circular motion. The legs are extended and kicking the water to push the body backward.
  2. Badminton: This is an indoor game where a shuttlecock is hit using a round racket back and forth across a net.
  3. Baseball: it involves hitting a ball using a bat and you score by running around the four bases.
  4. Basketball: The players attempt to shoot the spherical ball through the hoop on the challengers’ end, and they move the ball by dribbling and throwing.
  5. Diving: This is an aquatic sport where the athletes dive into the water from a raised ground using a launch pad. While in the air, they perform acrobatic movements.
  6. Field Hockey: This is an outdoor sport where the players hit a hard round ball using sticks with curved ends and aim to score on the opponents’ goal.
  7. Handball: This is another type of student’s sports which is usually played indoors between teams that are made up of seven players each. The team members pass the ball by throwing it into the goal of the other team.
  8. Karate: This is a martial art that was developed in Japan and it involves punching, elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicking and other open-hand techniques to block the opponent’s strikes.
  9. Table Tennis: It is also known as Ping Pong. It is a racket sport which is played with small paddles used to hit a lightweight ball on a rectangular table which has a net in the middle.

There are many more games that you can engage in to help you land a job easily. However, sports are not only meant to help you land a good job but also to improve your health by keeping fit.

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