Eat What You Want Day

May 11th, 2016

While you are cooking the fried eggs with bacon for your breakfast, we are cooking something else! We are preparing the entertaining ideas of how to celebrate the 11th of May. You surely even did not know about any holiday in the calendar on 11th of May. But there is one, invented by Thomas and Ruth Roy from, called the Eat What You Want Day. This is one of the Wellcat Holidays & Herbs, created to celebrate life in all its aspects. The Wellcat Holidays calendar is not a usual agenda. It is a way to perceive your boring and fast life from the new viewpoint! You will find ideas of how to celebrate almost each day of the year. Isn’t it great to add colors, emotions and holidays in your daily routine? In our view, the Eat What You Want Day is just the perfect holiday you need on 11th of May. It is not the national holiday. However, it is so popular that Thomas Roy keeps receiving the royalties from trademark use, promotional campaigns and using the holiday in notices. This means that the Eat What You Want Day is in demand today, and really, it is not bullshit as many people suppose!

Health concerns in relation to the holiday

The holiday was invented in response to the extreme societal call for healthy food, gluten-free diets, natural and ecological products and the green movement. Yes, it is great to be in a good shape. We agree that many health problems appear as a result of junk foods consumption, overeating, fatty food and artificial foods. However, many health problems are also formed in our mind as a result of preoccupation with healthy food standards. People suffer, from psychological problems, psychic disorders and even from the horrible detrimental disease anorexia just because they are overwhelmed with the diets. Our advice is that it is good to find the golden mean! You can consume less fat, train in the gym and eat more fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, you may give a rest to your body and organize the small holidays. The Eat What You Want Day is the prompt way to relieve your body!tasty

Family dinner.

How do people celebrate the Eat What You Want Day?

The idea of the holiday is not to mess up your diet with tons of fat. The idea is to stop counting calories and thinking about the health consequences. Just release your mind from the healthy movement thoughts, close your eyes, and imagine the best meal you want to taste today. Tastes differ, so differs the celebration for every family. Some people would eat the gallon of ice-cream, some would prefer the double-cheeseburger. Some would go to Buskin Robbins and buy the biggest cake with tons of cream and glaze. Some decide to celebrate the Eat What You Want Day with the biggest package of Dunkin Donuts delights. Some would go to the Applebee and order the fat bloody steak with fried onions and potatoes. Some would order the king-size pizza, and never stop by eating one! It is your unique food party! This food party is your ultimate chance to clean up your mind and enjoy the life on a full swing! The key for successful celebration is to consume the meals that make you happy!tasty

The party food ideas for students

If you are a student, the best way to celebrate the holiday is to organize the thematic food party. You can send a questionnaire to your classmates and ask them to name their favorite meal. So, you would have many party food ideas to implement. It can be donut party, pizza party, hamburger party, Tacos party, cake party, Cola party, ice-cream party, steak party, hot-dog party or any other type. Study the tastes of your classmates, and choose the most wanted option from the existing party food ideas. Alternatively, you can ask your guests to bring their favorite food and drink to a party. Thus, your party will be full of all possible tastes and colors! It is a winning solution! The guests will indulge in a variety of tastes and dishes! Another fun idea for the food party is to wear the costume of your favorite food. For instance, students may choose to wear the suit of the hamburger, banana, pizza, salad, sushi, or ice-cream. You may also organize the beach party where every member wears the swimming suit with the picture of the favorite food. What are the benefits of the beach food party? The beach party is healthy and fun at the same time! You can swim and enjoy your body in a fun swimming suit. You can indulge yourself in your favorite food and drinks! You can pick up the best music that fits the Eat What You Want Day holiday! There are many songs about food, including “Stay Hungry”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Sex and Candy”, “Pork and Beans”, or “Peaches N Cream”.

Enjoy the 5 delicious recipes for the celebration of the Eat What You Want Day
    1. The meal that can be cooked in 10 minutes

There are many meals that can be cooked in 10 minutes. We want to offer something unusual to cook at home – the chicken burrito. Wash the chicken breast, cut it into small parts, toss in some onions, peppers, garlic, salt, and turmeric. In fact, you can add any spices you like, just don’t forget about the salt and pepper. Fry the pieces of chicken breast in the burning oil. It will take no more than 5 minutes. While the chicken is being fried, cut the cheese, avocado, cucumber or any other vegetables you like. You can add tomatoes, onion, potatoes and generally anything. Wrap the burrito in the tortilla, and the meal is ready! Burritos are very tasty, and the preparation won’t take your time!

    1. Dish, which can surprise guests

We suggest you to cook the “Eat What You Want day” turkey. Your guests will be surprised by your culinary talent! So, how to cook the special turkey? First, you need to buy the biggest turkey ever! Wash it carefully and dry with the towel. Prepare the marinade that will be used to smear the turkey. You will need approximately the 8oz of honey, several cloves of garlic, mustard and salt. Mix all the ingredients, and smear the turkey. Then, pile the 2 oranges, divide them into parts and fill your turkey with the oranges. Cut the 3-4 apples and also fill in the turkey. Put the turkey into the turkey-sized baking bag, and leave it in the fridge for a night. The next day, when you are ready to cook, heat your oven and put the turkey to bake. How to find out when your holiday-bird is ready? The baking time is calculated as one hour for two pounds of bird. So, if you know the weight of your turkey, you can approximate the time of cooking. The “Eat What You Want day” turkey will surprise your guests by the fine taste and absolutely adorable look!

    1. The cheapest tasty dish

The cheapest tasty dish is the traditional hot-dog. It is one of the easiest and the cheapest party food ideas ever. Go to the nearest wholesale club (BJs, Sam’s Club, Wallmart, Costco), and buy the big pack of sausages and hot-dog buns. When you buy in big packs, you save money. What else do you need for the cheapest hot dog? Ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard! That’s all! You can find the pack of 30 sausages for $7. The cheapest 30 piece pack of hot-dog buns will cost approximately $10-$12. Count-off another $15 for mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. So, you will spend less than a dollar for the one hot-dog. Isn’t it a good idea for your loud party?

    1. Recipes for students

Recipes for students should meet several requirements. First of all, the meal should be easy and fast to cook. Students are busy. They have a lot of homework and tasks. Besides, many students have to combine studies with part-time job in order to pay the living. Another important condition is the affordable price. Sophisticated meals out of rare products are not the best option for students. So, here are several meals that may win the place in the menu of an average student.

    1. Simple Poached Tomato Egg Toast

Toast a slice of bread. Fry the egg and the slice of tomato. Smear the mayonnaise or butter on the toast, put the slice of tomato, and the fried egg on the top of the toast. Your tomato-egg toast is ready! Enjoy!
Spaghetti with cheese and tomato-basil souse
Boil the spaghetti in hot water for 10 minutes. Drain the water, add the shredded cheese and tomato-basil souse, and mix. It is a very delicious, cheap and fast meal!

    1. Traditional American dish: new recipe

Barbeque ribs is one of the favorite traditional dishes of American cuisine. So, how to cook the traditional dish in a new way? Glaze the ribs in beer, salt, pepper and your favorite spices. Grill them at your barbecue. You will surely enjoy this unique taste!<

So, now you are equipped with the best party ideas, meal recipes, and suggestions to celebrate the Eat What You Want Day! All you need now is the enthusiasm and a good mood!

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