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The video “Women in Journalism” is a project that was conducted by the Washington Press Club to highlight the roles and the challenges that women journalists face in the newsroom. It was initiated in 1986 to push for equal rights for female journalists (WCPF). The project also worked with academicians, journalists, other donors and contributors to effect the Oral History. Thus, the following discussion of the interviewees and the interviewers, reasons for the interview, common and unique features between the interviewees, manner in which the questions are framed, and the lessons from the particular interview/topic will provide an understanding of the journalism field.

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The Interviewer

The interviewer in the film is a woman who has been in the field of journalism for many years and who is very experienced about the life of a female journalist. The interviewer speaks at some points to stress or add some content to the questions at hand. According to the Washington Press Club, there were many interviewees and all of them were rather experienced in journalism. In other words, they were knowledgeable of the areas that required an emphasis and collection of advice from numerous experts.

The Interviewees

In the video, the interviewees were the women who fell into diverse professional generations. It is notable that some of them began their job before the 1940s (WCPF). One of the interviewees mentions that she was looking for a job in the 1960s. Some of the women became journalists between the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the World War 11 (WCPF). It is also apparent that some female journalist got their jobs before the year 1964. The others had an age gap. For instance, there was an old woman who claimed to have been rather experienced in the journalism field. The woman shared her experience with the interviewee. In this, it is clear that the interviewees were all women who had adequate knowledge of the journalist field.

Reasons for the Interview

The women were interviewed to give the value of their perspectives and points of view to the various issues they might face. Besides, they also presented the significance of interviewing people from the diverse backgrounds: a situation that could be used to provide a synthesis close to the truth or obtaining objective information since it would be difficult to gain such from a single source. Based on the interview, it would be important to ask the women, most of whom were considered minorities, about racial issues. For instance, the women worked with men and were not believed to produce a good piece of work that could be as accurate as that of the men. Therefore, the interview pointed out that the women could do better job just like the men. The interview served as a guide to the people in the exterior world who, at one point of their life, wish to become the journalists. In this, the interview highlights the things to consider when choosing a profession of a journalist, as well as the challenges and expectations that might arise. It is also notable that studying journalism does not necessarily mean that one will be employed immediately. Judging from the video one can see that some women started their journalistic career after graduating while for others it took more than a year before they were employed.

Similarities between the Interviewees

One of the similar features of the interviewees is that they were all women who had sufficient experience in the area of journalism. Secondly, they all were real professionals do an excellent job in their career. Thirdly, all these women had the passion of journalism and wanted to choose the field among the other disciplines. Besides, they all wanted to choose a career that would appeal to people, on top of building significant impact on their life (YouTube video).

Differences between the Interviewees

Apart from the similarities, the interviewees had some differences that were based on their experiences as they grew in their chosen career. For one, it is notable that they came from different backgrounds, in that; they belonged to different races. Secondly, they had different elements that drove them to select the field of journalism. The video analyzes that some had always wanted to be journalists while others chose it because they wanted to get a well-paid career that would allow them to enjoy a life (YouTube video). Another interviewee said that she made such choice because it was better compared to the other subjects she had listed such as nursing, among others. One more interviewee in the video said that she chose the field because she believed she could do it better. Further, the others wanted to fight for the rights of the minority-women because they were perceived to be powerless. Some of them, however, loved journalism and thought that it was an interesting field. Finally, one of the women said that she chose journalism because she liked mixing with people and talking, while others liked writing newspapers since the high school times (YouTube video).

The Manner in which the Questions are Framed

From the video, it is apparent that the questions follow a classic manner. The interviewer asks them to guide the viewer from the period when one develops the interests in journalism to the period when one starts the career, as well as the experiences in the newsroom. The questions are framed to provide the synthetic answers that do not require an additional dialogue. Each of the interviewees is entitled to provide the answer that is satisfactory. Through the questions, it is simple to guide a new journalist through the process. He or she can understand the various roles as well as the expectations. At some point in the film, the interviewees said that they did not know what to expect (YouTube video). Eventually, some of them faced the difficult situations while others had a good experience. It is clear that the questions are framed to enable the viewer to comprehend each of the important aspects such as the manner in which one got interested in journalism, how they commenced their career, got early experiences in the newsroom, balanced personal and professional lives, understood the importance of the different perspectives in journalism, and the reflection of the diverse segments in the journalist career. All these aspects prepare those who have the passion of journalism, enabling them to approach each of the areas with certainty and confidence.

Lessons from the Topic/Community

Based on the diverse cultural groups, I have learned that journalism can be tackled by everyone who has the passion or courage to communicate with people and present the important aspects that are required. I have also realized that before one can obtain a career he/she certainly would face some challenges, as well as confusing times when one is new in the newsroom. Even though not all the people have these obstacles on the way, it is important to be prepared.

In conclusion, the video showed the significant aspects of journalism that everyone should be conversant with before indulging in the field. People should look back at the reasons for joining journalism and work towards achieving their goals. The manner in which they start their career matters because it depicts whether they can sustain the challenges in the field or not. However, they should be able to balance their career with their professional live to avoid further problems. A reflection of the different issues that encompasses the good and the bad times displays the victory in the journalistic journey.

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